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Good ventilation will remove the hot, moist, air from the building, keeping it dry year round. 5) Complete Construction ServicesChoosing a reputable builder who you can trust to construct your building is critical. Talking with past customers and touring their building is just as important as researching a company. Our experience gives us insight into what horses and their owners want and need in an equine facility. Chicago’s River Point skyscraper, which shares a lot in common with the tallest building under construction in downtown Houston, has landed a tenant with big history.
The new building, which is being co-developed by Houston-based Hines, will consolidate 300 employees from the company’s downtown  Chicago headquarters and 50 customer service center employees in the Oak Brook suburb. Morton’s planned upgrade of its office space follows an update of its logo last year when the Morton Salt Girl celebrated her 100th birthday.
Made some good progress over the long weekend, got the ceiling and lights up on the big side of the shop, got my air compressor wired up and started getting some of the trim up. You will be very pleased with their construction and if anything goes wrong, ever, they will make good on it.
As soon as the building is done my #1 priority is going to be getting my 76 bronco project done. They are 3 2x6's laminated together, the lower part that goes into the ground is pressure treated. So if I am looking at this correctly, when they put the laminated post in the ground the three 2x's are staggered. I wasn't home at the time the lower posts were set, but I can tell you the uppers and lowers were both pre-made from the factory. Once they measure and find out where the trusses will go, they cut a piece of 2x6 to fit between the top of the center 2x6 from the factory and the bottom of the truss.
I haven't had much time to work on it the last few weeks because John Deere thinks I need to work 11hr shifts 6 days a week right now. New guy around here, been lurking for a few months and have gotten a lot good ideas from this site.

The posts come pre-made from their factory, it looked to me like they must have been matching sets cause they lay'd them all out and were picking and choosing which upper post went where. I don't think I ever saw an answer to the question, 'Do they build partial so the owner can finish it?' Or does it have to be a turnkey? Is it strictly going to be used for housing horses or do you plan on storing equipment or hay in the building? Morton buildings are constructed by skilled craftsmen and meet local snow and wind load requirements.
Both buildings were designed by architecture firm Pickard Chilton, broke ground in 2014, and will contain 1.05 million square feet. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.
Another benefit from this type of post is at the top it creates a pocket for the truss to slide into.
I am assuming that they don't worry that the heights are all exact from one post to another post. Its my understanding they try and be pretty precise when the dig the holes and if need be they adjust the overall height by cutting the overlap down in the middle where the two join. I plan on building an outer box around it that will have replaceable paint booth exhaust filters in it. Its not explosion proof, but I am planning on building a shroud to keep the motor out of the direct path of the paint fumes.
A little about me, I was a collision repair tech at a GM dealership for a little over 8yrs when I grew tired of dealing with insurance company estimates, parts issues, and just the lack of job benefits, so I made a drastic change and went to work in a factory as a production painter, painting big GREEN Ag Equipment.
It will have a 12x24 paint room, 2 stalls to work out of and a 12x15 workshop area for my tool boxes and motorcycle lift table. Was very impressed by the driver, he would back up using only his mirrors grab a load and take off. The concrete guy was able to get the floor prep'd this afternoon and will be pouring it first thing in the morning.
I just reread the entire thread and either I can't find or missed the sizes of the drive in doors.

By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. For any one considering a Morton Building, they are true professionals, easy to work with and seem to take a lot of pride in their work. I am going to build pockets to hold two more rows of intake filters inside the upper half the door. But when they put the longer laminated post onto them, they build them on site and set the center 2x6 all at the correct height at every post? I'm looking at a 40 X 60 with alot of special options, so maybe thats why it takes so long.
The couple of issues I did have were corrected quickly and to my satisfaction without any excuses or run around.
The walls are going to be covered with white FRP wall panels, for those not familiar with FRP, it a fiberglass product designed to used in bathrooms that comes in 4x8 sheets.
I now primarily do automotive restoration projects in my free time out of my 24x24 garage.
If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. My biggest compliant was the building being 6-7 weeks late, but that was mostly due to their factory being way behind schedule and not getting material delivered on time.
It gets the job done, but continually having to jockey projects around to get them inside and not having a dedicated paint space finally made me bite the bullet and build a new shop. Do they try to keep the concrete in all the holes at the same depth or is everything controlled from the post dimensions cut at the correct lengths from hole to hole?

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