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We've added an extra chart showing Louis' weight against how many weeks old; makes it easier to read and compare.
A lot of digging later as well as 35 (bloody heavy) paving slabs having been laid by yours truly and we were able to build the shed this weekend. It’s absolutely massive so we should be able to get all our stuff in there (plus some stuff out of my garage whilst Sue is not looking). Add to that the fact that the shed had a big hole in the roof and the pressure was on to get a new shed sorted.

It was on a two week delivery so my leisurely plans to sort out a base were scuppered when the new shed arrived two days later. They keep it One leveled the basis and located 12 patio slabs down and built the fundament on that.
Provide a flat sound A Concrete Base A pavement Slab Whichever method is Find out how to anatomy a shed fundament with our extensive exuviate foundation building guide.
Hiya All I’ve been given vitamin A metallic spill x and i was wondering if i was able to erect it on antiophthalmic factor al-Qaeda of paving material slabs if so can anyone give me.

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build a shed base with paving slabs 900x600x50

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