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He admitted he was surprised to win the Boat Roofed Shed category in Best Unique Shed section of the annual competition as he has never built one before.
The shed is built entirely from recycled materials, with the roof made from a clinker, which is a method of shipbuilding where wooden planks are attached to a hull so that they overlap each other. Families of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster declare "justice has been done" after an inquests jury finds fans were unlawfully killed. Tardis builders – index, A hobby prop-building forum for the tardis and other doctor who props. Doctor who custom cubeecraft templates – deviantart, Custom cubeecraft fan art templates of characters originally from bbc series doctor who and torchwood. Tonnes of timber spilled from a Russian cargo ship is expected to wash ashore in the coming days but, as BBC News finds out, it may not provide a windfall for those who claim it. But when the 1,500 tonnes of timber spilled from the stricken Sinegorsk cargo ship washes up somewhere along Britain's south coast, it is likely to prompt a rush among scavengers.
Almost exactly a year before the Russian-registered vessel hit trouble, much of the 2,000-tonne load shed by another timber carrier - the Ice Prince - began washing ashore along the Sussex coast. The beach at Worthing, in West Sussex, proved a magnet for chancers seizing the opportunity to make a quick buck by harvesting the unexpected crop for sale, or to use at home. It was quickly closed for safety reasons, as the authorities feared a repeat of the scenes at Branscombe in Devon a year earlier.
There, hundreds of people had ignored safety warnings to flock to the beach to collect items. The booty ranged from BMW motorbikes and electrical goods to King Edward potatoes and casks of wine, spilled from the deck of the grounded MSC Napoli. The report of a Devon County Council inquiry, published on Tuesday, suggested that police felt powerless to intervene and recommended the creation of a land-based "all-powerful commander" to prevent chaos when similar incidents occur in the future. However, while some of the Branscombe scavengers have managed to hold onto their finds, others quickly discovered the law was not on their side. Under the Merchant Shipping Act 1995, it is an offence to "wrongfully carry away or remove" any part of a stranded ship's cargo. Someone could legitimately argue that they are recovering the goods to protect them, because they would be in a poorer state come four or five tides' time. However, they must then report the find to the official Receiver of Wreck or risk a ?2,500 fine and having to pay the owner twice the value of the item.

The historic post of receiver dates to 1854, when a previous act set out the rules on picking up flotsam and jetsam, and it is a role that involves reuniting the owner with the property. Depending on the value of the goods, their condition and the effort involved in recovering them, the finder could receive payment for their salvaging efforts. In the case of the Kodima, which shed its timber cargo off Cornwall in 2002, the insurers waived their ownership rights, having concluded it was not worthwhile to collect the timber and pay a reward to the salvagers.
In such cases, or if the owner does not come forward within a year, the cargo becomes property of the Crown and will usually be sold off or auctioned. However, there is a chink of light for those hoping to profit from their beachcombing endeavours.
Even if there is no financial reward, there could be a surprising social benefit to what initially seems like a disaster, as the people of Worthing are discovering.
News of the Sinegorsk's travails reached Stefan Sykes, chairman of Worthing Arts Council, just as he was preparing for the unveiling of a stained glass work of public art on the town's pier. The event marked the beginning of the Ice Prince Arts Festival, funded by a ?5,000 grant from the borough council to commemorate the effect the ship had on the town. The result is a week of specially-commissioned film, sculpture and music events, all inspired by the Greek vessel's untimely end.
However, organisers were forced to draw the line at creating a work based on people's tales of what they did with the wood they pinched, for fear of the salvage merchants pursuing legal cases. The Govan Shed offered the height required to create an impressive set for this Red Bull BMX project.
The Shed provided an interesting industrial backdrop for this BBC Horizon episode, with vfx graphics digitally projected onto the building in post. The Govan Shed offered the height required to film downwards on the garden sets for this advert! A film based on the novel by Max Brooks, directed by Marc Forster and starring Brad Pitt, Bryan Cranston, Matthew Fox and Mireille Enos. A horror film based around the story of an agoraphobic father and his battle with gangs of feral children.
The following Set Report contains interviews and behind the scenes footage, much of which shows The Shed being used for filming. Local theatrical production by Fablevision, looking into the history of those who came from the Western Isles to work in the shipyards on the Clyde.

Panorama used The Shed for an interview with Graeme Pearson (Scottish Crime & Drug Enforcement Agency 2004-07). The Shed played host to a number of top level productions for Mayfest 1995, including the headlining dance event with Donnie Burns and Gaynor Fairweather, performances by Scottish Opera and the powerful and moving Britten War Requiem by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. Large scale production based around the story of the Battle of the Somme during World War 1.
The Big Picnic (1994 - Bill Bryden and Sebastian Graham Jones) from Stuart Christie on Vimeo.
Performers in The Shed included Emma Pollock, French Wives, RM Hubbert and Errors, all of who were brilliant! The large vehicle entrance is shown lifting for the team to drive out onto the distinctive industrial look of Clydebrae Street. The Shed was one of the few suitable locations with adequate height for the pendulum to be suspended around 12 metres up. Night footage within a double decker bus was completed in The Shed, thanks to the height and area available to build a blackout tent right around the bus, and get the bus into the building thanks to the large vehicle access door. All of the footage filmed on the Viking longboat, when surrounded by fog, was filmed in The Shed. The history of the Shed as an engine shed for Harland & Wolff Shipbuilders created a wonderful venue for such an epic production.
It is solar powered with a gas cooker, fridge, sink and sound system used for parties and he charted the development of his project on Facebook. Other walls are made of wattle and daub, a mixture of mud, clay, and straw stuck onto a woven frame.
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