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There’s a lot of awesome stuff to mess around with in Fallout 4, but easily the biggest surprise to players has been the ability to build your own houses, shelters, and even mansions with the new workshop mode.
Some of you have probably ignored the entire workshop mode in lieu of playing the main story or side quests.
The Castle is probably one of the settlements you’ll want to build up when you discover it, but there are some obvious and glaring problems with it.
This setup at Sanctuary Hills isn’t as grandiose as some of the other setups, but it uses the terrain and existing buildings well.
One way to ensure that your Sanctuary Hills settlement is safe is to secure the bridge that leads into town with a massive gate house. Very interesting use of trees and the idea that placing stairs first can lead to the use of surrounding landscape. I call it that because the front entrance looks like you can only get there from the bridge which is stacked with automatic defenses. This quest objective is part of the mission helping Preston Garvey build a safe settlement for his men.
Workers assigned to Defense-producing objects will also assign themselves to new Defense objects (up to a maximum of 6 Defense total). Settlements in Fallout 4 are places you can claim as your own to build stuff in, store items or create mini cities. In this guide we will concentrate on providing a list of all places that can be made into settlements as well as some tips on how to use settlements on the basic level (check out our guide how to power up the house) – as help for you adventuring through Commonwealth. The one thing I wish I knew at start is that for some of the structures to function (defense and shops) you need to assign settlers to them. You should know that some more advanced structures require you to have certain perks in various trees, so you probably won’t be able to build all the available stuff until much later in the game.
Info: Just south of Sanctuary has lots of workbenches alreeady available and you find your dog companion here. Info: There is a moral dilemma you will have to face when attempting to acquire this settlement.
Info: A lot of minuteman quests take place here and it is filled with various pre-existing equipment.
As a player that is not into a lot of micro management you might be wondering how can I use Settlements to improve my character and make my adventuring easier. Workshops in settlements are used for creating items from Junk Items you picked up during your questing.
Other thing you can do in your settlement is build a closet or perhaps a safe and store your items in there. For this to work you will have to have at least 6 Charisma value, several perks in the Charisma tree, high enough level and some spare settlers.
I never cared all that much for building settlements in Fallout 4, but since installing the Wasteland Workshop DLC I’ve at least enjoyed turning them into the post-apocalyptic world’s worst zoos. It’s a bit disappointing that there are no stories or missions built around these new settlement options, but the new tools in the toolbox do make Fallout 4 a more creative game. I suspect Wasteland Workshop’s designers intend for you to conduct capture operations between other adventures so you’ll have something waiting for you when you return. Wasteland Workshop adds some neat new cosmetic window dressing to Fallout’s settlement-building systems, but the piecemeal additions didn't include enough new gameplay applications to hold my interest.
Wasteland Workshop adds some neat new window dressing to settlements, but the good ideas aren’t fully fleshed out.

Also, respect for building a basketball hoop in the crib room to teach your kid that ball is life. You should try to keep your defense value at least as high as the sum of your food and water production. They have a wide variety of uses and all of it begins and ends with a Workshop being present. A more in-depth guide will be created that will go into how to build out your settlements and create really impressive structures and configurations. After you do the second main story mission in Concord you will have your first settlers in Sanctuary (list of crafting ingredients and how to get them). Some settlements require you to clear out the place of enemies to tain access to the Workshop.
Good spot for a farm because it already ahs some plants and with little investment you can make this your primary food source. We recommend that after every big questing period you pick one settlement as your home base and go there to store Junk items and other items you don’t want to be carrying around all of the time. Drop whatever item you want to scrap onto the ground (from your inventory screen you have an option to do that). You probably shouldn’t dabble into this until at least level 14 (required level to unlock one of the perks needed for this). These shops will generate passive income over time and are a great way not to go broke in the Commonwealth.
These will provide a steady supply of purified water, which can be sold for profit or used as a healing item. However you can only open the workshop UI from within the ring so it’s sort of useful. It includes some fun ways to mess with the creatures and residents of the Commonwealth, though not much more than that.
It’s amusing to capture raiders and deathclaws, imprison them in your settlements, and then force them through gauntlets of elaborate traps. But that doesn’t really make sense for where Fallout 4 players are right now, more than six months after release.
The traps and creature-capture mechanics are briefly enjoyable but not fully fleshed out, which quickly makes them deteriorate into disappointments.
After a few more quests you will be tasked to build some defenses and provide food and water for your settlers. Others require you to do a quest that will make the current occupants allow you to use their place as your settlement. The thing with robots is that they require no food or water to operate so all you need is some defenses and you have a functioning food producing farm ready.
If you plan on actually settling this place with people you will have to have food supplied from another settlement. Once you do you will have access to open water, somee power infrastructure and huge area to build stuff on. Plus, the aesthetic effect of a pack of deathclaws wandering serenely through the early morning fog in Sanctuary is pretty cool. Having already done most of what Fallout 4 contains at this point and wanting to experience Wasteland Workshop as a way to refresh the experience, I would have appreciated a better way to accelerate my trapping than manually sleeping at a bed for several nights before a new beastie showed up.
Now go to the structure that needs a settler manning it and issue the Assign command for the structure to become active.

You provide these resources by building stuff in your settlement or by establishing trade routes that will provide these items for your settlers. You should also check out our guide on how to establish supply lines between settlements in Fallout 4 on this page. A big reason why is that, considering capturing creatures doesn’t really make your character more powerful, some of it is just a hassle to use. There is a huge amount of information that can be shared about the settlements and just building a base is a game of its own in Fallout 4.
Presto – your inventory is lighter and you have various crafting materials available for building your base. Monster cages are the most interactive new element, but the process of creating and using them is unnecessarily cumbersome. I was briefly amused sending captured beasts through gauntlets of automated defenses like hallways full of spinning blades, but there’s no challenge in it and nothing to gain from it. We recommend you choose at least one as your base of operations where you’ll stash your stuff and if you are really into building some of these will be heaven. They’re expensive to build, so expect to spend a lot of time foraging for materials (or just break down and cheat). Likewise, there’s no real reason to use the new arena markers that let you pair teams of settlers, companions, and pets in staged battles.
Make sure you have enough food, water and power supply to keep your settlers happy (here’s how you can increase happiness in setlements). And once you do build them, the act of trapping a monster isn’t interesting or quick – you just have to place them and wait until a monster appears in them.
If you’ve messed with console commands to spawn enemies at all, you’ve already seen all of these fights. You can trade with any settler and provide them with armor and weapons to better defend themselves. Plus, if you didn’t invest heavily in the charisma attribute, you’ll miss out on the essential creature-subduing device.
There’s no way to exile someone from your village, so if you have a problem with anyone, you should look into how to kill settlers without alerting everyone. I’d have appreciated a non-lethal option, or even better, a reason to risk the lives of our followers, like wagering on fights. It’s also a letdown that there are so few ways to use these creatures after you’ve captured and tamed them. After Automatron’s introduction of customizable robot servants, I wish Wasteland Workshop would have gone all-in and allowed me to enlist my domesticated Deathclaws as Dogmeat-style companions in my wanderings in the Wasteland, or at least give them names and tasks.
Alas, they’re limited to mostly serving as settlement security, which was already pretty well covered by turrets. In that vein, we also get a handful of new traps and defenses with an Indiana Jones-inspired aesthetic to them, though the floor spikes and spinning blades aren’t particularly practical unless attackers can be funneled into narrow corridors. The neon lighting looks really cool, and using some bug-exploitation trickery I learned how to make glowing letters float in midair.
Creative experimentation is at the heart of Wasteland Workshop’s best stuff, but it’s also part of the problem: with so much emphasis on just providing materials, there aren’t a lot of accompanying systems granting measurable rewards to reap from the work you’re doing.

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