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This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for creating a custom ecommerce site with online credit card processing functionality, using eZ publish.
No programming experience is needed, though you may need the help of a friendly sysadmin to install eZ publish. To get an online business running with eZ publish you first need to have the application installed. After installation, you must run the Web-based setup wizard in order to configure your installation of eZ publish.
The screenshot below shows what the default eZ publish shop configuration looks like after setup. Our first customization is to change the look and feel of the site to a more appropriate design.
Another useful change is to make the lists of new products and most popular products display on all pages, instead of just on the product pages.
For the moment, we’ll use one of the products that already exists in the installation. To verify that the order was successfully completed, go to the administration interface and look at the order list, which you can access by clicking on the Webshop tab in the administration interface.
Shopping for test products is okay, but you’re probably more interested in getting your own products into the store. Most online stores need to accommodate products that have more properties than are available in eZ publish’s standard product type. Below is a screenshot of the class edit screen once you’ve added and filled in all the extra attributes.

One problem is that the product doesn’t look very nice within the default template, which basically just lists the available attributes. The Template Override list page displays the list of all the existing override templates for the full product view.
However, you can extend the process with as many steps as you like, adding steps before and after order confirmation as required. To learn more about how to change the design with eZ publish, try the article Build Table-less CSS Layouts with eZ publish.
Each attribute can hold information in a specific format, for example, text, XML, an image or a price. At the bottom of the class edit screen, you’ll see a dropdown for selecting datatypes.
It’s very similar to the standard product edit screen we saw earlier, but notice that you now have the possibility to fill in additional product options. The step that’s most commonly added before order confirmation provides users with the ability to select from a number of different shipping methods. But other integrations, such as sending the order information to another system upon order completion, or assigning the suer to a user group, could also be added. Information on how to properly configure this extension is found in the eZ publish documentation. The site functionality options define the kinds of content you can publish on your site; you can change your selections after installation if you wish.
By default, the menus in eZ publish are shown both at the top and on the left-hand side of a page.

Since we added an attribute of the type multioption, we can add one or more options to our product. Click on the Edit icon on the right-hand side of this list, and you’ll see the template edit screen shown below. By assigning users to a specific user group as their orders are completed, you can create a shop that is able to sell, for example, content or software.
If, as you develop and customise the site, you need additional help, visit the eZ publish forums, where you can find assistance for the installation, configuration, customization and development of all your eZ publish solutions. We can change this to create a double-level top menu, which contains our navigation in two levels at the top of the screen. Another step might allow you to show related products that the customer might also want to buy. Assigning a user to a group means that you can grant that user extra permissions, for example, permission to download restricted files or view restricted content for a limited period. In his spare time he likes to play with his daughter, and play the guitar, and is also into aquascaping. You can also search for it, as all content in eZ publish is automatically indexed by the built-in search engine. These workflow events are created via the plugin interface, using the PHP programming language, so you have the freedom to customize the shopping process in eZ publish.

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build and publish website for free

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