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With some basic tools and materials you can build this mini-skate ramp for never-ending sessions. Check out these step-by-step instructions on how to build a mini ramp with pro skater Billy Rohan.
This ramp was built to enable a war hero, navy veteran, age 95, be able to walk in and out of his own front door. He was unable to get one of his legs over this particular step without tripping, as it had no handrail.

Well, long story short, I built it, the HOA thought it was a great idea and allowed it, so he is now able to go in and out without issues. This is A BMX inspired ramp designed By Solution Action Sports with optimal training in mind. All Rights Reserved © 2016 Solution Action SportsAll Information provided in this website are owned by Solution Action Sports.
This kit comes with a second layer of plywood to increase the strength and durability of the ramp.

Since he had another step to go up at the door, which he could easily navigate, he wanted this to be a temporary ramp, able to be removed if the HOA didn’t like it.

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build small ramp shed

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