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Shed Windows and More is your one-stop shop for all the shed and barn finishing accessories you need to make your DIY project have a stand out finish. Within our website you will see some of the outstanding examples of our DIY builders finished projects, we display them proudly, our cutomers are a talented group of people.
Our clients are worldwide because our DIY builders can find hard to find sizes specifically made for shed and small barns on our website. The beauty of America is the hundreds of cultures that have settled here and blended their styles, traditions and customs from countries all around the world. When it comes to a melting pot, French Creole culture and architecture is truly the perfect definition. French Creole style homes were a special design that suited the hot, wet climate of the Mississippi Valley, and especially Louisiana. Usually simple in design, a French Creole home is small, typically one-story high and consists primarily of wood.
There are other varieties of French Creole architecture that include grander styles and are considered French Colonial. Creole home designs provided ways for the homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without being fully exposed to the harsh elements due to the wet, humid and hot conditions where these homes were typically built.

Although many of the original French Creole home designs are no longer in existence, this unique style has left a lasting impression that has been translated into some of the modern styles of today. With the rebuilding efforts that have occurred in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita within recent years, several homeowners have incorporated the beautiful and distinctive style of French Creole into their new, stronger built home designs. We carry some of those hard to find shed accessories such as; shutters, flower boxes, vents, skylights, lighting, and weathervanes that give your DIY that great pulled together look. Our products can also be easily used for all standard construction, but since we stock some smaller to scale items we are the first choice for many DIY builders when they consider building a backyard project.
Architecture is no different; each culture has brought their own architectural style to America leaving beautiful impressions from countries all across the globe. Creole describes a mix of heritages that include Spanish, African, Native American and others.
But, French Creole style can be found all across America’s South including Florida, Southern Alabama, the Carolinas, Texas and many parts of the Caribbean. This style always features porches and balconies that extend across the entire second floor. Galleries, wrap-around deep covered porches and strategically placed windows for cross-ventilation all created an interior environment that is more enjoyable as well as usable outdoor living space that surrounded the home.

This encourages that the unique architecture style known as French Creole design will remain a part of America’s landscape for many years to come. Those architectural styles have made the landscape of America truly unique from region to region and give each area of the United States a snapshot of the places these homeowners have left behind. French Creole architecture, also known as Acadian, also borrows traditions and styles from France, the Caribbean and many other areas of the world while blending with American Colonial style developed in the early 1700s. And, there are several types of Creole architecture that include styles such as the Plantation Home, Creole Cottage, The Shotgun and Southern Colonial styles. Another common element of these homes is they are raised off the ground level on piers to avoid floodwaters. Then, following the Haitian Revolution, many Creoles came to New Orleans after spending years in Cuba.
The dwellings built by this group of people included tropical elements such as the galleries that promoted cross-ventilation in the interior spaces.

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builders sand shed base

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