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At its most basic core, the inspiration behind WordPress is, put simply, to make designing and building onea€™s own website a much more efficient and generally easier process.
Luckily, for you, there are plenty of WordPress platforms with customization as the number one goal in their offerings.
As the world of WordPress continues to grow, so do the number of WordPress developers looking to push the envelope of whata€™s possible in a uniform design world. With so many new options for customization being cooked up every day for WordPress sites, ita€™s pretty easy to go very quickly from being bored of the uniformity to being overwhelmed by the endless possibilities of WordPress design. After all, what better way to stand out from the crowd than to build the whole site from scratch yourself? There is one thing you should keep in mind though, especially if you are looking to hire a WordPress developer for a new project built from scratch. A truly good designer will understand the best practice principles and be able to innovate within the acceptable framework. By using a WordPress theme or framework, you run the risk of your website looking very similar to another WordPress site built off the same model.

On the contrary, this notion extends to just about the entire realm of web design, in which there is currently a general consensus on which web design principles are accepted as best practice. There are certain colors and schemes and designs that simply look better to the human eye and will elicit positive responses which thus drive traffic up. For example, Eleganta€™s recently-announced Extra theme offers a number of customizations for your website, be it a magazine or a simple personal blog.
This is especially true as the market for start-from-scratch WordPress sites continues to grow.
Ever notice how most social media platforms have a predominantly blue-oriented color scheme?.
There is a visual hierarchy implicit in the way content is organized and presented to viewers.
This is true even on the most structural level, where one can generally categorize a design template into one of a small handful of general WordPress themes.
Some will say this aesthetic uniformity is a result of the growing influence of Web 2.0, which cites simplicity, unobtrusiveness, and ease of use over high customization as the ideal guiding principles of good web design.
The builder is also coupled with the standard CSS plugin feature if you want to customize it even further with your own coding.

Indeed, more and more WordPress developers are opting out of the pre-built frameworks and themes and building their whole site from the ground up, citing trueA customization as the impetus. Many developers go one step further and still utilize their coding skills to build a site from the ground up, without the aid of any particular engine. But it doesna€™t mean that the underlying principles of these trends arena€™t still viable. And if things are done out of whack, it can very seriously turn viewers off to the content.
A whole lot of websites out there look very similar, which makes it tough for yours to stand out from the crowd. And the order in which information is given and in what format ita€™s presented are of paramount importance.

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building a web 2.0 website

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