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As a medical simulation champion you know how tricky it can sometimes be to explain to friends, family or non-healthcare professionals what is is you exactly do in the sim lab. Institutions can demonstrate how their simulation program investment helps to provide highest quality training practices.
Host links to local news articles as well as community engagements and educational programs.
Host marketing material for business development opportunities (including photos for potential film productions).
Demonstrating to future students the educational opportunities available at the host institution. Host link to your online donation account (usually organized through host institution’s foundation). The best part about building a website is that you can start today without a great deal of work and still have an immediate impact. Usually simulation programs are directly associated with one or several universities, hospital systems or other over-arching institutions.
If your program is NOT associated with an over-arching institution or they refuse to support your website without a budget line item, things can get a little more complicated but are still definitely accomplishable. If you do not have instutional support, you will need to also install a template for your website. Once the webpage infrastructure is in place, have a meeting with the team members of your simulation program to build a site outline.

By examining other sites and reflecting on the possibilities for each of your department leaders you can quickly come up with a navigational outline plan for your new website.
By pasting a small piece of code on the body html of your website your administration will be able to track the number of visitors to the website over time. From here, have staff from all sub-departments to provide two paragraphs about how the space is used, two photos and a bullet list of equipment utilized for all major rooms in the center.
Be sure the individual responsible for the website updates the CMS and other backend systems on a regular basis as well so that it does not fall victim to hackers.
Stay tuned for part 2 of this article we will touch on how to bring professional media content to your website!
This entry was written by Lance Baily and posted on February 15, 2013 at 3:20 pm and filed under Education, Facilitators, Healthy Simulation Website, Learners, Simulation Centers, Simulation Technicians. Although Sharp's solar cell division has benefited from booming demand in Japan, its panel business in the U.K. The Japanese electronics giant confirmed the move this week, saying it would cut 250 jobs and not renew 365 agency workers' contracts, according to the BBC.
Sasoka added that the Wrexham facility would continue to produce microwave ovens the company was looking at additional products to produce at the site.
By contrast, Sharp's solar cells division has performed well this year due to booming demand in Japan.
A structured outline will help make sure all departments, rooms, resources, and programs are represented on their own unique pages in an easy to understand model.

The unit experienced a dramatic turnaround earlier this year after posting losses in the first three quarters of 2012. Simply log in or register, enter the information you want to appear and we'll publish it for you! Website content should always be reviewed and approved by the lead program administrator before being published to the public.
Review the ENTIRE website with your simulation team frequently to make sure that key information remains current.
Smartphone Web users increased 19% last year to 994 million, while those using tablets grew even faster—up 45% to 450 million. Thus, no matter how big or small your simulation program is, staff should communicate with higher institutional leadership about the importance of an online website. Again, because the website can be edited at any time, content can be changed and navigation may be altered at a later date. Make each department leader responsible for their own section but then have the whole team provide general reviews.
As you can see, we usually dip in December since most folks are out of the sim labs for the holidays – which would make it a bad time to launch a new marketing campaign.

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building a website questions

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