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Salvaged building materials allow you to improve your home inexpensively — but might require an extra investment of time and energy. If you’re looking to improve your home on the cheap, consider using salvaged building materials. According to the Building Materials Reuse Association, recycling is becoming more common in the construction industry. Salvaged elements may not add to a home’s appraised value, according to Chicago appraiser Tim McCarthy, president of T.J.
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Prices and merchandise shown on this website are suggested and retailers are free to change or alter prices or substitute with other merchandise. Making simple changes, like replacing your light bulbs with ENERGY STAR compact fluorescents (CFLs), conserving water, or incorporating green building design in the plans of your new home, save you money and help the environment. Make your building energy-efficient first, then add renewable energy technologies, such as solar water heating or solar electricity systems. Housing in Florida currently totals more than 7.3 million, so energy-efficient improvements to existing homes would have a tremendous impact on Florida's energy consumption.
Since Florida builds an average of 160,000 new homes each year, and Census Bureau data reveals that Florida will rank third in terms of population in 2010, the construction of energy-efficient buildings alone would significantly reduce Florida’s energy consumption.
There are lots of reasons for building green, none necessarily better than others," says Alex Wilson, Executive Editor of Environmental Building News. MyFlorida Green Building was designed and is maintained by the Florida Solar Energy Center . Besides being less expensive than new materials, secondhand features can add character, quality, and value to your home. That means reclaimed building elements like doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, and wood flooring are increasingly easy to find.

The best is often flooring: careful shoppers can find used floor boards from quality old wood that’s difficult to come by these days. Salvage yard staffs may be able to recommend someone; other sources for ‘green’ contractors include online sites like Angie’s List. Now she writes about how to make the world a better place for newspapers like the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. Purchase a minimum of $600 in DuPont™ Tyvek® Weatherization System Products.* Ends June 30, 2016. Choose the promotion that saves the most based on your selection of wood species or finish. Others follow green building practices and appreciate conserving resources and keeping materials out of landfills. Habitat for Humanity’s nationwide chain of ReStores sells recycled items, and many cities have architectural salvage yards. Using recycled building elements is like shopping at a thrift store: You can’t be certain you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Older paint doesn’t mean the pieces are unusable, but the paint must be thoroughly removed or sealed—never scraped or sanded. Sat Jiwan Ikle-Khalsa, a green living consultant in Takoma Park, Md., scoured a local salvage yard and found maple, white oak, and rare heart pine flooring at a low price for his renovated 1940s-era home. An appraiser probably won’t include a home’s reclaimed heart pine beams in the kitchen or the bathroom’s antique plumbing fixtures when calculating the house’s value.But that doesn’t mean the seller can’t use those amenities as selling points and boost the asking price accordingly. Nonetheless, the time-consuming legwork of finding good pieces generally falls to the homeowner.
Please take some time to review our products, services and access helpful information on advancements and important updates in our industry. Occasionally merchandise may not be available because of circumstances beyond the retailer’s control. And still others are looking for quirky elements that will break their homes out of cookie-cutter molds.
Online, neighbors advertise unwanted items on community bulletin boards, such as Craigslist, and national directories of recycled materials, such as EcoBusinessLinks, can be great sources for hard-to-find elements.
Anyone interested in a good deal to spruce up their home—an ornate wood mantelpiece or a set of Victorian doors, for example—has to be willing to compromise on some of the details and commit some time to the endeavor.

He estimates he saved more than $2,000 over the cost of new flooring.Other useful finds are doors, particularly those already on a frame, and plumbing elements.
Not all salvage yards deliver, and those that do aren’t necessarily cheap: the cost of getting materials across town could be $100 or more. To make the process easier, spend time thinking about and researching online what you want before you begin to shop. Feel free to contact us with questions, concerns or ideas on making our site more useful to you, our valued customers and partners. Antique light fixtures can be a great bargain, but check whether they’ve been recently rewired before you buy; otherwise, you may have to do it yourself, or pay an electrician for the service. In higher-end neighborhoods, homebuyers may be willing to pay more for authentic elements that give a house personality.
Retailers are not responsible for pricing errors and may withdraw any offer containing some. Many receive multiple new shipments daily, and some, such as Seattle’s Second Use, post their offerings online.But in most cases, there’s no substitute for regularly showing up in person to check out what’s available. McCarthy recommends talking with a local realtor before making changes; they’ll have a good sense of the housing market’s current demands and should be able to tell you whether a vintage element will boost your home’s market value. If you’ve got something particular in mind, plan on spending a few afternoons at the salvage yard trying to track down what you’re looking for. The same is true if you’re exploring online: locating the right piece may take longer than you’d expected. It’s useful if you can allow for some wiggle room: unlike big home improvement stores, the items on sale are usually one-of-a-kind pieces.
So while a recent truckload might have dropped off a beautiful old mantelpiece, the size might not be an exact fit; know in advance if you can manage with a slightly larger or smaller size.

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