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This article outlines how you could use a garden room as extra living accommodation by making a few modifications. If you want to add extra living accommodation as perhaps a spare guest bedroom or even a guest house then the first thing to consider is the type of building that you are going to need. Planning laws surrounding sheds and outbuildings state that any single storey building with a floor space under 30m² is allowed without planning permission. For more detail about planning permission related to garden buildings please see our guide to planning permission article. Of course some local planning offices do alter slightly so it is best to give your local planning office a call to double check the restrictions. To use a building as sleeping accommodation it needs to comply with building regulations; this helps ensure the building is safe for sleeping in and the same rules apply to converting a garage or small brick building into an annexe. Any building whether it is made out of bricks or wood must be insulated for it to be considered liveable. For garden buildings it is best to insulate as much of the room as possible including the roof and floor. You can connect a log cabin, summerhouse or insulated garden room to your home electricity supply however you need to contact your electricity supplier for permission and get a qualified electrician to connect it properly. New building regulations state that double glazing is a must have for sleeping accommodation. Council tax is something else you will need to consider before using your shed or outbuilding as sleeping accommodation. We hope that information helps answer a few questions about living in an outbuilding and the rules and regulations involved.
A Tempest Is brewing in Shakespeare’s hometown after a historic building at the cottage where his wife spent her childhood was turned into a snack kiosk.
The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, responsible for the upkeep of the cottage, gutted the Grade I listed thatched barn earlier this year without planning permission. The barn in Shottery, Stratford was used as a pea shed in the early part of the last century until it was converted into a snack kiosk and cafe for tourists in April.
But an investigation into the building work has revealed that the trust, who is responsible for the upkeep of the Shakespeare houses in and around Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire, failed to apply for planning permission to change the use of the barn. The site of the cottage which includes the barn in question was where Ms Hathaway lived as a child and where Shakespeare courted his future bride.

Council request: After failing to apply for planning permission, the trust has been requested by Stratford District Council to apply for retrospective planning permission, which if refused will mean the building, pictured with new renovations, will have to be returned to its original state.
Roy Steele, programme manager for the trust, said today that the shed was converted because they did not know it was Grade I listed. But it was revealed that the trust violated planning laws when Stratford District Council informed them that because the shed was inside the site of the 12-bedroom cottage which was built in the early 1460s and so part of the curtilage listing. The Grade I classification means the building is of exceptional interest, sometimes even considered to be internationally important. The trust has until November 5 to make a final application before the matter goes before the council’s planning committee. If the council rejects the application, the trust may be forced to transform the shed back to its original condition. The plans: When the trust did the planned renovations, pictured, they were 'confident' they did not need planning permission. Anne Hathaway lived in the farmhouse in Shottery, Stratford as a child and it is believed that Shakespeare courted her there. Some historians speculate that the marriage was an unhappy one and that the couple were forced together by the pregnancy.
It has been claimed that one of Shakespeare's sonnets, number 145, makes reference to Ms Hathaway with the words 'hate away' as a possible pun on 'Hathaway' and another line: 'And saved my life', in Elizabethan pronunciation, would have been indistinguishable in pronunciation from 'Anne saved my life'. Ms Hathaway died in 1623, aged 67-years-old, and is buried next to Shakespeare's grave inside Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon.
Utter tosh Ann Hathaways cottage is not Shakespeares legacy his body of work is.A pea shed is definately not unique and does not need preserving it needs utilising.What if it was to be used as a Bnp recruitment booth ? It's grade 1 listed and at a time when they're ripping up greenbelt land to build new lego estates for new Britons, it should be protected.
What was once a building used for storing garden tools, lawn mowers and occasionally as place for a man to hide, the garden shed is now being used as a space to work, to spend time with hobbies and even as accommodation. However it is possible to use a garden building or shed as extra sleeping space if it is adjusted to suit building regulations. Not only is double glazing much more durable, it helps to add further insulation to your building, making it in the long run cheaper to run. Council tax will apply to your garden building if it is being used as sleeping accommodation.

Some planning and building regulations tend to change across the UK so be sure to give your planning office a call to check before you purchase a building. This meant it was subject to the same strict planning restrictions as Grade I listed properties. While the grade does not mean the building cannot be altered, it does require building consent within government planning guidance.
It is believed that at the time of their marriage, Ms Hathaway was 26-years-old and pregnant and Shakespeare was just 18-years-old.
I understand that those who aren't English don't understand and in many cases actively despise our history so the responses were to be expected. Smallwoods, the quarterly magazine from the marvellous Smallwoods Association, has an interesting feature in the new autumn issue on planning permission for sheds in woodland.
When choosing a garden building make sure that you have a look at the double glazing options. To check how much your council tax will increase, give your local council office a call and they can talk you through it. It appears that the couple conceived the child out of wedlock and so rushed to get married despite the fact that marriages were not traditionally performed at that time of the year. Four years later, Shakespeare wrote Hamlet, a play which has been suggested to have been inspired by his grief at loosing his only son.
Previously used by Montague Island Diving (Boat and Business for sale also for $79,000) The shed has been partly renovated, has 3 phase power, alarm system. He restored a pond that had been neglected for very many years and erected a 6x8ft tool shed (which he thought was well hidden) without first notifying the local council.
Shed is under licence agreement from Department of Lands with annual renewal with $4000 licence fee per year. Due to the nature of tenure being licence agreement, it is not possible to use the shed as security for the purchase.

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building shed without council approval last

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