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Your decision to be involved in the self-storage industry with your own mini storage building is one of the best investments of time and money that you may ever make.
Despite the great opportunity available in the Mini Storage industry, building mini storage units is a complex and hoping customers will come is a thing of the past.
MRD specialises in all types of home building design projects with 1000's of satisfied clients since 1978. Since the late 1960's, when the self-storage industry began, thousands of companies and individuals have discovered this profitable business.

In order to make good decisions, savvy investors consider important items such as feasibility studies, pro-formas as well as controlling construction and operating costs to increase their competitive edge.
However, with increased competition it has become critical to your success to purchase a quality steel frame, mini storage building at the right price. While some areas of the country may be overbuilt with such commercial buildings, many communities have a need for additional mini storage building facilities. Consumers' endless desire to acquire combined with escalating rents that place families and businesses into smaller homes and work areas are increasing the industries customer base.

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building units plan qld

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