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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Building a community website using Drupal Presentation held by Niels van Mourik and Ronald Huizer on FOSDEM 2009. One of our latest projects at Anansi Web Development was to build a real estate website with a simple CMS.
This step is more about enhancing the existing WordPress admin rather than building a custom bespoke CMS. As we have the designs from our client, the next step is to develop the frontend for the WordPress real estate website.
The last and final step of building a Real Estate website (or any other website, for that matter) is test, deploy and release.
I have to say it saves us a lot of time using WordPress as a CMS compared to building a custom application and we were able to deliver the website with a complete CMS (using WordPress) at a very low cost within a week.
If you are trying to build a similar real estate website in WordPress, have a look at Elegant Real Estate WordPress Theme. If you are interested in hiring us to build a real estate website in WordPress, please contact us to obtain a quote. I’m interested in buying templates but it would be good if I could see a live site and how smoothly actually the site works. I love WordPress, however I have a hell of a time integrating an easy-to-use backend for Realtors. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive tips, resources and special offers related to web development & design. This is part 5 in a series of blog posts that will explain how to use a free website template to build and publish a complete website.
Since the title (as well as the header tags of the website content) are important factors when search engines index your website, it is a good place to describe the content of your site. To learn more about writing good descriptions, keywords and titles, make a Google search for any topic that you are interested in and study the meta tags of the top results. Now, finally, it is time to edit the main content and turn the template into a real website! If you compare the code above with the code you see in the code editor, you will be able to identify each tag. Before you start adding your own content, you need to delete the sample text in the template while keeping the HTML tags. Just make sure that images are not wider than the width of each column (461 pixels), as inserting bigger images than that will break the layout. And finally, there is a bonus feature in the Variant Duo template that may be useful for you. It’s kind souls like you on the internet that make life so much easier for people who are not so savvy with website development.
I wanted to know if the free templates you offer can be modified to include blocks on the sides if they don’t previously exist in the template. However if you have a tutorial for e-commerce website also then kindly provide the link for the same.
FeaturedBulgaria - A responsive, Bootstrap-based template with full-width slideshow and portfolio feature. Following a company rebrand, we were asked to design and build a brand new website for TT, with an eye on future growth. TT Solutions and Interiors, Swindon, UK, design and manufacture furniture for various commercial and public-sector industries. Using ExpressionEngine we were able to design and build an easily editable site, which they can grow over time and promote their business effectively to both new and existing customers. There are always benefits and challenges of using microsites to promote yourself or your products, but they are one of the most cost effective ways of getting the message out there, and which stand a very good chance of being ranked highly. Having already designed and built their website just over a year ago, it was a pleasure to be asked to re-design their logo and branding, along with their printed marketing materials. Eden Blooms are constantly looking to keep things fresh and up-to-date, so this year they decided to re-design their logo and branding.
Knowing that a lot of brides use mobile devices to browse websites like Pinterest and Facebook for wedding flowers ideas and suppliers, we also knew that we had to make the site Responsive. Using ExpressionEngine as the tool of choice to run the website, we were able to give Eden Blooms a simple-to-use CMS for publishing and editing all their site content. To help ASAS reach as many customers as possible, we designed and built a completely new Responsive website.
To help ASAS promote their electric gates, CCTV and access control products and installation services, we have been able to include their extensive library of photos and useful (search engine friendly) content at the core of the website, to drive new customers to their site. The website utilises the flexible power of the ExpressionEngine CMS, to run the backend database, and to empower ASAS to edit the site's content themselves.
As part of a new sales and marketing drive, we designed and developed a new website for them to promote their products and services. The key requirements were to show-off the cardboard conveyor system products and services to the world, using the latest Responsive design methods, to reach as wide an audience as possible across all Desktop and Mobile devices. We believe we've managed to create a bold, yet easy-to-use design interface, which compliments the brand, and which shows-off the products using some of the nice system installation photos. We used our favourite Content Management System (CMS) software, ExpressionEngine, to enable the website content to be fully editable by Avanti, so they can keep their existing and prospective customers up-to-date with all the latest news and product developments. When we started Oracle Storage back in 2005 we looked at various website designers - looking at their design ideas, their CMS on offer and how their sites worked for SEO.
Out of the four we looked at - of which two were from London based website designers - IC360 ticked every box for us. I can honestly say, that I don’t think our business would be the success it is now, if it wasn’t for Oli & IC360.
This ecommerce website has been designed to sit alongside the other product & service focused websites by Oracle Storage.
As well as enabling customers to buy products directly from the website, with an easy to use interface for the shopping basket and checkout, we have also used Responsive coding for the HTML and CSS to make sure it can be easily viewed on all devices and screen sizes.
The underlying CMS used for the site is ExpressionEngine, running the CartThrob ecommerce module. We've hosted the site on one of our own Hosting Packages and have provided the SSL Security Certificate to make sure all the customer and order data is processed and stored securely. A brand new logo, branding and website for this brand new camping pod manufacturing business. We have designed a new logo for them to use on all their digital and printed marketing materials - as well as a Responsive website to act as their main marketing platform. Helping the club present a stronger visual Identity in the Basingstoke area to recruit new playing members. The logo was the first step - this was created by another club member - so I was able to base the colour scheme on this. Being a Responsive site, means that anyone can easilly view it on a Desktop, Tablet or Mobile device. The site is hosted on our Linux servers and uses ExpressionEngine as the CMS (content management system). Creating a solid search engine friendly website to generate more business for this storage systems company.
Shelf Space, near Brighton, East Sussex, are specialists in providing shelving and racking storage systems. This particular site focuses on their pallet racking systems, so we were able to be quite focused in terms of the site content. To make sure customers can view the site easily across all devices, we have used Responsive design & coding techniques to present a unified identity across the Desktop, Tablet and Mobile web browsers. We have employed ExpressionEngine as the content management system (CMS), which provides a very powerful and flexible backend system - and which we know our clients find very easy to use to update page content.
This completely new soap retail business called for branding design as well as a new ecommerce website. We knew that most of the customers using this site would most likely be female, so we have designed it with a soft and elegant - and fun - look & feel. The site has been coded in HTML5 as a completely Responsive design, so that customers can use any device to get the best shopping experience possible. The ExpressionEngine CMS has been used to great effect on most of our customer's sites, and this one is no exception. A rebranded Salisbury builder required a new website to generate leads and promote their work. Having undergone a comlpete rebranding, this building contractor from Salisbury, Wiltshire, required a new website. When choosing a building for a project - whether domestic or commercial - the most important things people like to see, are previous projects and the key personnel.

By incorporating a nice photo gallery and slideshow we hope customers will be able to get a good feel for the skills on offer by Saul Bros. The Contact page has some nice photos of the staff and there a regular Newsletters published to the site, both of which help develop a level of trust and familiarity with the company.
In parallel we've been able to design and build a Quote Request page, which links to a Job management system for their in-house day-to-day project management use. This all runs from their website hosting platform, provided by our Linux servers, so it can be accessed by any member of staff, from any location.
The whole system uses ExpressionEngine at the core, which is a flexible, powerful development tool from our point of view and makes an easy-to-use interface for the company staff.
Swindon plumber Kevin Rolfe, promotes his plumbing and heating services with new branding for his website, van graphics and stationery.
Kevin's website has been up-and-running for a couple of years now, which has succeeded in bringing in new business enquiries, for plumbing and heating services in the Swindon area. We have just created a new, more up-to-date logo design and branding for all his marketing materials, as well as his van graphics.
Over time, the site will developed and enhanced, to improve the performance on the search engines.
As part of a complete rebranding for the school, we have developed a whole new website to help both staff and parents. We have been delighted to be an integral part of the Winston Way Primary School rebranding, by way for developing their new website. Getting a new business noticed amongst other businesses is one thing, but promoting yourself as a charity is another challenge entirely. Again, we've chosen to use ExpressionEngine as the CMS (Content Management System) which controls all the page templates and manages the site content in the database. A completely new website overhaul for the Mary Hare School for deaf children, as well as 360 Virtual Tour production. The Mary Hare School in Newbury, Berkshire, is a leading and forward looking school and sixth form for deaf children. We were asked to code and build the new website, from supplied design visuals, and implement all the required coding and functionality to give them a vastly improved web marketing platform. A large aspect of this project and the services we were able to provide, was regarding the CMS (content management system) for the website. Design to run in parallel with a new radio advertising campaign, this website has been design to appeal to members of the public and to generate leads for the business. Boiler repair & replacement is a very competitive marketplace, so we knew the visual design of this site had to appeal to people of all ages.
Additionally, although it was launched to run alongside a radio advertising campaign, we had to make sure it would provide good content for Google and the other search engines to get their teeth into.
We site is running the Expression Engine CMS, to enable them to update the site content as, and when, they require.
Phil tells us all about the fun and adventures he had, while writing and recording with many famous artists and musicians. Since 1977, Phil Spalding has written and recorded bass guitar with many famous bands and artists - and he has lots of stories to tell about the fun and adventures had by all, during those days recording and performing. This website designed specially for Phil, provides a platform for revealing some of the antics and stories which Phil and his friends & colleagues have experienced. Additionally, there is info about hiring Phil today for session work, lecturing and clinics. This website runs using the Expression Engine CMS, so Phil can edit and update the site himself.
By slightly modifying Oracle Storage's branding, we have refreshed their websites and breathed a new lease of life into their online sales & marketing.
Read part 1 for an introduction to the tutorial, part 2 that describes how to download and unpack a template and finding an editor for your operating system, part 3 that explains how to get started with editing index.html and part 4 that explains the anatomy of the HTML element, attributes and how to replace and resize the header image. If you have followed the instructions in the previous parts, you should now have a template with your own site title, your own slogan and your own header image. Again, do not edit this – unless your website will use another language than English. The description should be short (below 155 characters is recommended) and work as a summary of what the website is about.
It can be used to let people who visit your site know that you are the author of the content, but this is not required in any way and does not affect search engines in the way that the other meta tags do. To read more about meta tags and how they can be used, read the Wikipedia article about meta tags. It is possible to include several stylesheets and display different stylesheets depending on what kind of display that the website is shown on. For example, if you build a site about your favorite dog breed, then including the name of the breed in the title will likely give your website a better position in the search engine results when someone searches for that specific breed, than it would have if you just write the name of your dog. The Variant Duo does not include any styles for aligning or positioning images, but it can be added by creating a few CSS classes if you need it.
At first I thought it was easy but then as you get deeper into them, it gets a lot more complicated.
These include Libraries, Cafes & Bars, Veterinary practices, Offices and Retail outlets. By sub-dividing the website into relevant industry sectors, we could easily show-off the right info for each product.
When people are searching for something, they will tend to search for one thing at a time, so having a whole website which focuses on a single thing will generally out-perform websites which cover numerous subjects. This meant we were also able to create some new designs for their printed marketing materials - as well as apply the new branding to the website design.
This means the code used to build the site, will re-jig the layout of the interface and content, depending on what screen size you are using, to make it present well in all circumstances.
This includes everything from key services info, gallery photos, wedding venues, blog and partner company info.
In the last couple of years Responsive websites have been the key to making websites look great and function in the same way across multiple devices - Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles.
It's central product lines are office and industrial storage products, for buying online. This software combination is extremely flexible when it comes to creating exactly what's required for the site, product management and order processing. Having played as a member with the club for a couple of years, I was delighted to be able to offer my services to design and build a new website for them. The overall design for the website came from a need to make the club's image a little brighter and more attractive, in the hope of attracting some new members. In a bid to generate more business from natural search results, rather than relying on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, like Google Adwords, a new search engine friendly website was called for. The thought is that the site can be re-purposed for other arms of the business, once they are ready to roll those out.
As the product photos are really the main element that sell the products, we wanted to keep the overall website design clean and uncluttered.
The layout and the images all resize according the screen size that the site is being viewed on. We authored a complete User Manual for them - even though ExpressionEngine is extremely easy to use - and gave them an initial training session on how to use all the tools and features. They also offer numerous other services include courses for parents and professionals in the field of hearing loss.
There are all the usual things you expect to find - information about the school policies, classes, prospectus, contact details and enquiry forms - but there are also nice touches like pupil diaries, videos and events listings. We captured key locations around both the Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form areas of the school, across both their sites in Newbury. There are plenty of relevant and targeted key-phrases on the site - and there is plenty of room to expand as well. More stories will be added in time, so be sure to come back soon, to check out the Music & Mayhem. The amount of members has been shrinking ? and FNV Bondgenoten wants to attract younger people (18-35).
Our consulting partner created a proof of ? concept setup comparing Drupal, Typo3 and Joomla. It is also shown when the page is bookmarked, and as the main title in search engine pages. The description is usually shown on search engine result pages, so it is an important text that should be written with a lot of care. For example, mobile devices can show one stylesheet while regular computers can show another stylesheet. But don’t fill the title with keywords just because of that, keep it short and simple.

The purpose of it is to define the width of the entire design, and it is done in the variant-duo.css file where the corresponding ID is called #wrap. Once you have the left column content ready, proceed to the right column and add the content you want to use there. I will use three pages in the example in the next part of the tutorial where the navigation menu will be created, but you can of course use more pages if you want to. We have also allowed the Blog content to be easily Shared using some of the most popular Social Media sites. This is an expanable system, so whatever requirements they have in the future, we know we'll be able to grow the CMS to accommodate those needs on an ongoing basis. We authored a complete User Manual for them - even though Expression Engine is extremely easy to use - and give them an initial training session on how to use all the tools and features. The good thing about WordPress is that you can basically have a different look and feel for every single page on the website using Template. The keywords used to be important for making websites easier to find in search engines, but today most search engines index entire websites so keywords are extracted from the website content rather than just from the meta tag. And if you want suggestions or feedback on proper descriptions, keywords and titles for your page, don’t hesitate to contact me for guidance.
Since all areas of the design should stay within the width I want to use, all content of the template needs to be inside this div.
If you do so, your content will fill the entire width of the main content area in a single column. Headstart in social networking features out ? of the box, like groups, buddylists, profiles and blogs. Still, you should write down the 8-12 most important words that describe the content of your website here, separated by comma signs.
When you think of creating a website for yourself, you certainly want your content to reach out to the relevant traffic worldwide and a substantial role in it is played by website’s name because it is the identity and the foremost impression of your brand under which your product or service will be sold or shared. A large number of websites such as GoDaddy or BlueHost provide domain services at reasonable costs.
You might have to try different names as the one you already have in mind may not be available. A site plan:After you have come up with an idea of selling, promoting or sharing a particular product or service and a unique name for your web presence, you should construct a plan that will demonstrate just the broader outlook of how your site will function or what pages will it contain? It is always advantageous to plan your site rather than diving straight into a design application.4. Content – Be Genuine:Always take some time in order to collect and create content related to the product or service you are going to offer.
It may take days or even months in some cases, but this will help making the design process a lot easier because you will then just have to copy, paste and manipulate it in accordance with your needs.5. Website design software:Now you should start exploring and scrutinizing the wide spectrum of your mind’s creativity in order to get things done just the way you want them to be. The products could be digital, such as high-resolution JPEGs (like screensavers) or PDF reports that are unlocked upon payment. Here you will be playing with fonts, colors, graphics and all those animations which you see on most websites today.
If you choose to accept payments directly on your website, you’ll also need to purchase an SSL certificate to make data transmission from user to your web server (and back) more secure.ExamplesWould you like to see some examples of this deployment in action? Flores is a web developer through 10K Webdesign, which focuses on websites for progressive organizations and membership groups.
The key to success is just to keep moving and never giving up.WHY MUSE?As aforementioned, setting up a potential existence on the internet is a backbreaking job, if not Herculean.
However, selecting an appropriate application for it comes even beforehand for the reason that you’ll invest time, money and headwork in building that existence. If unfortunately, desired result is not achieved, you’ll either quit or switch to another program.
Thank You!Arturo Mar 29 2011I love drupal, and I pretty much could build my portfolio site with drupal but I do not think this is the best fit for it, I mean unless you have a great amount of content. One tool that has always prompted me to stick to web design is Adobe Muse as it contains and associates with all the imperative elements I need for creating, publishing and managing a website. Here are a few out of many reasons which might drive you to pick it as your first or next site building software.1. Preeminently for Designers:Until the last few years, building a website on their own had become a ball and chain for designers as it demanded coding and programming skill set. Thanks for clearing that up!Dale Brendan Mar 29 2011Built my professional portfolio website on Drupal 7. However, a tremendous growth in the urge of having online presence for every small and large business across the globe has latterly given rise to a large number of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ tools which have presented designers with an opportunity to explore the web design sector. But most of them are either expensive or not durable.Adobe Muse, on the other hand, is a cost-effective and dependable solution. It has proven to be conducive in producing stable, visually appealing and flawless websites without coding.
Even if the website has been created, there arises a need to format or edit some of the elements which, if not done carefully, might result in application of formatting to wrong objects and can ruin the design. Under such circumstances, Layers feature helps to put the content in order and to re-organize or re-stack the objects. Flores :is there any advantage of using aquia drupal than normal drupal 6Craig Apr 14 2011You have shared very descriptive steps to create portfolio in the website using Drupal.
Built-in Progressive Workflow:Majority of website design applications overwhelm the designers by offering zillion functions which eventually becomes exhausting especially when one doesn’t know where to begin. I remember taking a look at the pricing and it was up there with Magneto which is just outrageous!
The interface and workflow of this software is such that all the essential elements a designer could possibly need to build a website are organized and visible at once, right in front and nothing is hidden. What You See Is What You Get:Most of the times, web design beginners get carried away by the phrase “create websites without coding” and they do not consider focusing on technical aspects – whether the application they are going to choose is capable of delivering the look and performance they desire in their website.
Sooner or later, due to continuous unsatisfactory results, they end up squandering the valuable resources, as I once did. However, this snipe hunt of mine ended with Adobe Muse which is, in actuality, a true WYSIWYG tool. For accurate preview of the designed layout, Muse has incorporated a WebKit rendering engine. The one which is used by major web browsers such as Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
Apart from this, a designer also has an option to export the site as html in order to test the finished draft across different browsers and operating systems.Yet another impressive feature in terms of previewing the site is the ‘preview page in browser’ feature. When you have a large number of pages on your website, it becomes a bit weary to export the whole site (as it takes longer) just to see if the objects on a particular page are rendering correctly.
Responsive and SEO:As more and more people have started using mobiles and tablets to access the internet, it has become indispensable for web designers to create responsive layouts for enhancing user experience across multiple devices and screen sizes.
Google has decided to penalize those websites which are not configured for such devices and to boost the ranking of those which do. And luckily, Muse has been updated to these changing usage patterns with the introduction of two most significant features namely ‘Breakpoints’ and ‘Scrubber’.
Once you’re done with the initial desktop layout, simply move the scrubber to a lower screen size at which the design starts to break or looks erroneous.
Add a breakpoint at this position, adjust the design elements as you intend for that screen size and continue dragging the scrubber until the design breaks again. Repeat this process till you have your design for the smallest commonly used screen width which is 320 pixels.
It’s as simple as that.Moving on to Search Engine Optimization, in simple words, it is a channel that takes your website from your computer’s hard drive to a number of viewers worldwide looking for content just like yours. Out of tones of white-hat methods that can be implemented in order to acquire traffic on a website, Muse takes care of few of the most important ones namely metadata, level tags for text and alternative text for images.5. Business Catalyst and E-Commerce Integration:Although, Muse is comprised of a wide range of instrumental features, still there are some components which, at this point of time, cannot be created using this tool such as blogs and customer database. It also has a limitation in setting up an online store as it currently offers PayPal system only. Due to this, Muse is regarded as a front-end application.However, this doesn’t mean that all these essentials will not be achieved if you’ll choose Muse.
Whether you are a small business or large or just starting out or want to create a website for your client, it offers different pricing plans to choose from. My recommendation to you is to compare Adobe Muse with other web design applications in terms of pricing, features and control over design and decide whether it is a good fit for you.

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