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Capital Steel is an international company currently operating in eight countries and expanding rapidly. Each of these buildings has been designed, supplied and erected by Capital Steel Buildings and our suppliers. Our state of the art design software gives us the capabilities to offer a number of layout combinations.
Quality, strength and durability are paramount when it comes to designing our steel horse stables, that's why we design each building specific to your proposed location to ensure the correct wind, usage and shielding factors are applied.
Ahrens Steel Buildings' range of steel stables are made with BlueScope Steel and Australian materials. Our stables are fully customisable in terms of length, span, width, height, colour and layout combinations. Our designs have been crafted specifically for the Australian environment and are made using BlueScope Steel.

Get the best advice for your Rural Steel Building project and connect with one of our shed professionals here at Ahrens Steel Buildings.
Key infrastructure and large industrial buildings are specialized projects which CSB can procure efficiently and economically. CSB can design non-standard industrial building projects to specification and prepare all the required documentation in preparation for submission to council or ministerial office.
A complete set of CAD details and engineering are produced and prepared for submission and non-standard building requests can be designed if required. Our buildings are designed to meet UK and International standards, and we are fully CE certified. We put extensive time into designing our commercial structures to ensure our customers, are purchasing a secure, realiable building that will last for many years.
It is the leading producer of cold rolled steel buildings in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Our buildings are built to last with a wide variety of cladding options and extras available to create the perfect building for you. Contact one of our shed professionals on 1800 272 272 and they will take you through the design process and help you come up with a layout that works for you.
When it comes to horse shelter then our steel structures are the best choice for those who do not want to compromise on quality.
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capital steel buildings tulsa ok

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