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External timber cladding is the perfect natural choice for finishing the outside of a garden building.
Many different species of wood are suitable for exterior cladding but the most superior cladding option is Western Red Cedar. Over the past few decades Western Red Cedar has been the most desirable external timber claddings due to its rich and variable colours, high resistance to decay, durability and natural preservatives. Western Red Cedar timber contains its own natural preservatives that are harmful to decay-causing fungi. All Oeco garden structures include high quality Western Red Cedar tongue and groove cladding as standard. This timber frame house built by Ivan Hoetzel in Metchosin is a fine example of using a traditional building method to achieve a living space that is truly beautiful, practical, and rewarding. Timber Frame Raising SlideshowThe Hoetzel Clan celebrated their long awaited house raising as their new timber frame home took shape during the snow flurries on January 8 & 9. Eight years ago Ivan purchased a large load of very old salvaged Douglas-fir beams from the Yarrows Dry Dock in Esquimalt.
Finally the weekend approached, and the pieces were moved into position by a group of strong local young men.
Looking back on the two day house raising, Ivan said: "I was amazed and really appreciative of the effort people made to get here and support this project. Thank you to everyone who helped on this project, both on the building crew and all our supporters who have provided enthusiasm over the years and at the raising, for the phenomenal support we have received with this project. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Western Red Cedar battens contributed simple clean lines that fit right in with the strong geometry in the design.
Louise first came across Silva Timber in a magazine and found out about our range of contemporary fencing solutions. It was the first time that Louise used Western Red Cedar in a project and she was not disappointed.

Western Red Cedar Slatted Screens create an architectural look that provides visually interesting shadow lines and texture within outdoor spaces.
The client was thrilled with Louise's design as well as the way that Matt Belt of Greenbelt Landscapes translated that design into the finished product. Louise Harrison-Holland trained at the Pickard School of Garden Design in London graduating in 2005 before setting up Blue Tulip Garden Design in Cheshire. Greenbelt Landscapes creates predominantly bespoke designed gardens for discerning clientele, aspiring to execute and perfectly re-create the vision of clients, landscape architects and garden designers.
Cedar Batten privacy screen trellis with grey stone pots buxus balls and Jura Limestone paving. Slatted screens are becoming an increasingly popular solution for transforming regular gardens into contemporary outdoor living spaces.
Ben Lannoy Landscapes, Hampshire, recently completed a project for a client who wanted a 'slick London garden in a small townhouse' and needed to find suitable products to match the client's taste and relatively small budget. Ben suggested a number of elements to provide the modern look, with Western Red Cedar Slatted Screens offered as a potential backdrop and fence for the rest of the garden. Ben commented, "The client asked for a modern city garden from a standard new build development. Western Red Cedar screens are a cost effective and stylish option for fencing, providing a beautful natural product with warm tones and a striking appearance. Western Red Cedar also takes and retains finishes very well due to it's flat grain and even texture. Timber cladding offers the most attractive finish to the exterior and provides the main protective layer against the elements.
All timber cladding is supplied in superior tongue and groove (T&G) format to ensure complete water tightness.
Western Red Cedar has always been one of natures more versatile, adaptable and attractive species of timber for external timber cladding. As Western Red Cedar has a natural resistance to rot and decay it requires no additional chemical presevatives.

Everybody worked with enthusiasm and excellent team spirit, and most importantly, nobody got hurt". Louise from Blue Tulip Garden Design, was asked to lighten up the space and create an entertaining area. A well designed and carefully built screen can provide a wonderful focal point for an outdoor space, so choosing the correct material is paramount. The Western Red Cedar battens contributed simple clean lines that fit right in with the strong geometry in the design.
Having originally qualified and worked as an interior designer, Louise is now an experienced, award-winning garden designer creating original and exciting designs to perfectly complement your home, with each garden styled to suit the individual client. With Western Red Cedar being light in weight yet incredibly stable, it offers the ideal timber to work with on site, allowing the user to create wonderful fencing in no time at all. Rystix Exterior Sealer was recommended by Silva Timber, as the customer wanted a product with a long maintenance-free life.
Alternatively call 0151 495 3111 (Widnes) or 01895 271 300 (W.London) for more information. The rich warm brown, red and pink colours and texture of Western Red Cedar gives any building a touch of individuality and can be relied upon to give long and trouble free service under all conditions. No other material compares to Western Red Cedar in terms of appearance, with beautiful warm colours and tight grain patterns providing a stunning natural material. Applying a finish will lengthen Western Red Cedar's life, protect against weathering and enhance the natural grain of the timber.
All the structural elements and intricate mortise and tenon joinery of the beautiful fir frame are exposed on the inside to be enjoyed and appreciated.

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