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Our company are expert manufacturers at making bespoke wooden boxes, wooden crates and Wooden pallets designed to your specification.
We have Heat Treated timber for sale on our yard at all times, So if its for Exporting Anywhere in the world, We can make your wooden box or Wooden crate to meet exporting Standards ISPM15.
We are based in South Wales Lanelli and we have our own Haulage company, so we can deliver Wooden boxes or Wooden crates anywhere in the country you like, We also believe we Cannot be beaten on price. New in our warehouses, Pallet collars are a very cheap alternative to wooden boxes and cases, we have 1200 x 800 or we can manufacture 1200 x 1000, we also manufacture the euro pallets and lids. Welcome to a company which we have used on a weekly basis, not only do they offer fantastic priced playhouses and summerhouses they will also deliver anywhere in the Uk for FREE, try garden sheds for sale today and see what luxury garden guilding you can pick up for a fantastic price.

It could be a 1000cm long or it could be 20 foot long, we`ll make a wooden box or crate to how you want it. We Also have Drying rooms and a Big kiln on site so if you need Anything kiln dried for exporting we can also do this too.

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cheap garden sheds hull daily

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