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Aussie backyard living is changing as our houses are getting bigger and bigger while our gardens are shrinking. Before the 90’s the Australian’s backyards were significantly bigger, quarter-acre or even larger blocks were very common in most areas. Being a kid was a lot different back then and the time that is being spent in front of the computers nowadays, was mainly enjoyed in the backyard.
As a result of our changing demographics Australian’s homes are getting bigger and their backyards are decreasing.
Most of the suburban homes have large concreted or paved areas and their small gardens are very low maintenance.
For homes with a small green block, the slim line garden storage units are the most ideal storage solutions to keep gardening tools and backyards equipment safe and away from the sun. Our Absco Spacesaver slim line storage units and some of our YardSaver models are the most popular sheds in medium and high-density urban areas. When it comes to adding cover to your outdoor area or to your property, you don’t have to pay the high prices demanded by most contractors. With DIY kits, you can easily put a cover over the pool, give your car a shaded parking area, and increase your available covered space with a functional carport, shade cloth or gazebo. Before you start looking at custom options, here are a few cost-effective alternatives you may want to consider.
You could have a professional come out and build one for you, but that can take some of the fun out of the hands-on aspect of owning chickens.
Cheap Sheds has supplied more outdoor storage buildings to Australians and New Zealanders than any other online retailer and one of the most challenging parts of our business is delivery. As a culture, Australians love their garden sheds but yearsa go if you didn’t have one already in your backyard, or didn’t build one from scratch yourself… you had limited, to no choices for easy storage solutions. Cheap Sheds has been serving customers for over 7 years and just like any business we have our challenges and boundaries to deal with.
With Summer fast approaching and outdoor garden activities increasing there are many people on the look out for the best garden sheds to add to the home. If one of your friends or family members is a passionate gardener you know that when those occasions roll by like birthdays, christmas, special events etc, gifts that support their passion of gardening will always be a winner! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Made right here in Queensland using the highest quality steel, these sheds will withstand anything the harsh Aussie climate can throw at it.
But mostly you can still opt for a Steel Garden Shed if you are not right on the beach. This can make a big difference to firstly protecting your shed if you do live directly by the beach.
Also make sure you have a solid foundation to anchor your shed to, to protect it from high winds. If you live in an apartment and need a shed but cannot fix it to the ground, there are storage options for you too! We have many types of sheds available at Cheap Sheds that come in multiple sizes, designs and colours, we are sure to have shed to suit your home. We also offer a huge range of alternative storage solutions, such as deck boxes that are all made out of resin and suitable for coastal areas. Winning this award is amazing recognition for us as a small business, especially since we beat Kmart, one of the mega department stores here.

Trust between your customers and you as a business is probably the most important transaction in the online industry and it’s certainly at the core of our business and its success.
We have participated, been finalists and won other awards relate to turnover or profitability or customer service, but to be voted by our customers as the most TRUSTED retailer is the only award which truly speaks to our heart. Cheap Sheds is not just an Online Retailer, we are problem solvers and have been helping Australians find quality storage solutions for 7 years. As voted by our customers, we are one of the The Most Trusted Retailers in Australia, but let us share with you why and you will certainly have to agree. We have been operating purely online since day one and have continued to provide a unique and excellent shopping experience for our customers (and always improving). Just like everyone else who has had a bad shopping experience online, we too have had them and it is exactly why we have made the customer our core value and improving their experience comes first and beyond anything else.
We have previously been featured by the Australian Government for our excellent customer service which is not an easy feat for online retailers. But we have nailed it because our hearts are in it. We have also been featured in many times in the media including our customers who are our heroes. The sales are keep growing and we could run through our achievements, but the evidence is in the stories from our customers. The Australian Trust Awards was created as a celebration of the most trusted, respected and loved businesses in Australia.
Organiser Michelle Clarke of Talent Dynamics said the awards sought to shine a light on the firms that are promoting values and delivering on them.
Michelle Sperinck is a young and outgoing professional who has worked across many industries and contributed in many ways to the community through her work.
Growing up with a large family, her fondest memory was the countless hours spent in the backyard having adventures in the Garden Shed.
Its only natural that with Michelle's professional background and passion for backyards that she is now a valuable member of the Cheap Sheds team.
Houses built after the 90’s are taking up 40-50% of the blocks and an average land size is well below a quarter-acre. With lifestyle changes todays’ people are way too busy to look after their lawn or garden, and they want to spend their free time with different type of actives.
As a result of the transformation of our demographics the demand for the smaller size garden sheds have increased as well.
They can be placed right against the wall to save even more space in the already tiny backyards and the roofs drive the rain away from the house sloping towards the front of the shed.
You can go with a functional little rectangle that keeps your feathered friends safe and dry, or you can enhance your outdoor space with a cool design that’s functional for the birds and visually appealing for you.
If you’re really crafty, then you can find the chicken coop plans online, buy the supplies and build it yourself. They’re more affordable than professional services, and they’re far easier than trying to construct one from scratch.
Instead of just using it for storing tools and knickknacks with no place in the home, it is quite simple and easy to transform that simple little outbuilding into a really cool space. Before the DIY Garden Shed Kits hit the market many years ago, there were only Panel Sheds available to Aussies and these garden sheds looked good, but had many challenges… So let’s take a look at why.
We recently noticed some interesting activities by small competitors or so called ‘no gimmick’ one-man shows which potentially could disadvantage YOU as a customer.
If you don’t love gardening or do event have one you may be a bit stumped for idea of bit of a what kind of gifts to give a gardening enthusiast.

Cheap Sheds is the most trusted and largest online shed company and we are actually based in Queensland!
It will be safe and last a long time as they are the best on the market and can endure all weather elements. If you have space for it away from potential spray or wind coming off the water it will make a difference to the upkeep of the shed.
Or have sure you have room for you to lay a foundation if its concrete or a pre-made flooring kit from Cheap Sheds.
Deck boxes are very versatile and they not only store your belongings but also can seat 2 adults comfortably. Click below to start browsing the largest range online and you are sure to find something to meet your requirements. Please keep in mind to check with the Gold Coast City Council as you may need a building approval or permit for your shed. Cheap Sheds  has been named “Australia’s Most Trusted Retailer” in the inaugural Australian Trust Awards!
We are the largest and longest standing online retailer in this market and it comes down to the TRUST we have in the community.
Our customers trust that they are getting the best service and top quality products (not inferior imports) from us and we deliver exactly that.
It’s hard to share one out of a hundred stories, so please take a moment to see for yourself. Shame we will probably not buy many sheds in our lifetime, but you bet we will be telling our friends about you”. Smaller gardens, low maintenance plants, less work and therefore less gardening tools are needed.
These units come in flat pack made for the do it yourself market and can be easily assembled within a few hours. I never forget that when the idea of Cheap Sheds was born back in 2007, anyone I shared it with told me to reconsider. So today I would like to share with you some insights about the online garden sheds industry, so you can make an informed decision when you buy your storage shed.
We are nationwide business rapidly expanding internationally with our headquarters in Forrest Lake. You can solve your storage problems very easily and affordably with a shed from Cheap Sheds. Tip, make sure you allowed an extra half a meter in your calculations so you can get your items in and out the shed. Please note that you need to order your shed before you can pick it up as we ship the products to the depot straight from the factory and we don’t keep stock there.
Due to such delight around one shed, the family extended the fun by building a fort, adding a cubby house and tree house.

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