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Picture Of Cheap DIY Lego Organizer Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. No matter what size bathroom you have, we bet it’s a nightmare trying to keep it tidy. With so many cosmetics, products and towels to store it is no surprise that sometimes our bathrooms look like a tip.
Mason Jar Storage – These jars make a fantastic place to store those cotton buds and other items that you need on a daily basis. Basket Wall – This clever way of creating lots of storage is not only simple to achieve but looks great. Razor Holder – By using some plastic ties and PVC piping you can make safe storage for your razors in the shower or bath.
Rustic Towel Rail – Update your bathroom by using old recycled materials like an old reclaimed pallet and metal bars, you could make this neat towel rail that gives your bathroom that country feel and look.
Magnetic Bobby Pin Strips – If you are forever losing your bobby pins and need a new pack every month, check out this DIY that will allow you to access them easily every time you come to do your hair.

Update A Tired Bathroom For Under $200 – This detailed tutorial shows how to transform your tired and ugly bathroom into a chic new and fashionable bathroom for b=very little money.
Beautiful Storage Shelves – With some pretty decorative brackets and simple shelves you can make these really cute shelves that add some style and personality to your bathroom.
Ladder Shelves – By rescuing some old and worn ladders you can create new from old and turn them into a fantastic shelf for your bathroom. Towel Storage – Towels are such a pain to store, with so many potions an lotions in our bathrooms it is difficult to find the space, but for under $20 and 5 minutes you could have a fantastic solution. Fancy Hooks – Hooks are a great simple solution to add space in a bathroom, but why not make them into a style statement and go for some classy vintage or super modern hooks. Chalkboard Art Storage – Create a practical piece of art with this great DIY and make any bathroom look effortless stylish and quirky. Apartment Bathroom Makeover – This inspiring tutorial should you give you the creative drive to complete your own mini makeover in your bathroom, these tips are especially great for small spaces. Cosmetic Storage –  A really interesting way of storing your favorite make-up items using magnets giving you easy reach when looking in the mirror.

I'm Charlotte Tryforos, and I write about creating a full, rich life and a beautiful home without living beyond my means. With this in mind we have selected some of our favourite DIY tips for bathrooms to make them once again a place to relax and chill out. A great location for storage letting you get the most out of your bathroom no matter what size.
Well this simple DIY uses an old file box which lends itself quite well to store your appliances with no trouble.
It’s simple to achieve and can be a real style statement depending on the background design you chose.

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