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Ugly wood siding requires quite a bit of maintenance, as it needs to be repainted every few years. Cheap vinyl siding has ugly cracks and splices, which detracts from a home's charm and appeal. Yea, I can hear it; "This guy is in business to paint exteriors, so naturally he's going to say "Paint it".
Helping local residents with painting one's exterior or interior for that matter, we gain a tremendous degree of satisfaction helping our community, transforming a dried, faded, and sometimes flaking paint, to better than new condition. Painting exterior siding on a regular 10-15 year basis, opposed to never painting siding until it is so dilapidated it must be replaced will cost much more in the long run.
Re-painting older siding is a real plus, extending the life of that current siding you already have in place. Cannot stress enough, where ever you live in the country, painting your exterior should be top priority, instead of thinking of new siding whenever that may be. Right, vinyl siding can be painted, lasting years, having a fresh new exterior house color, as we have painted many. Never painting exterior siding, there is zero painting costs associated with this, including scraping, caulking, priming, and weatherizing your exterior.
Siding replacement costs are a direct result of not painting exterior siding or sheathing on a regular basis. This is where I mentioned above, any new siding replaced is required to receive new exterior paint immediately after replacement, adding to the initial cost of replacing the siding. If siding is maintained properly, there rarely would ever be cost involved for replacements. In business painting homes and offices in Denver and Colorado, also providing siding contractor services for an affordable paint and siding cost estimates, enjoying this type of home improvement as a career, and even more so a passion, feeling Eco Paint is your number 1 choice for exterior painting and siding repairs in Colorado. Saving our customers thousands in home improvement costs is a real pleasure, just like a Doctor can make recommendations saving one's health, or a mechanic can make recommendations extending the life of one's car. Getting off my soapbox, I look forward to any comments you may have below, and if in the Denver and Colorado area, look no further than Cal Phillips and Eco Paint Inc. Hope you enjoyed reading how important it is painting one's exterior siding, saving thousands of dollars in the process. If interested in a Free Exterior Paint Price, and Siding Repair Cost Estimate for Colorado, Eco Paint, your leading exterior painting contractor for Denver and Colorado. Is it all becoming an issue regarding price, not things that matter such as quality and professionalism?
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Well, from a painting contractor's standpoint, "A gallon of paint, is worth thousands of dollars".
Starting back right out of High School, partnering up with a H.S buddy I'll name Carl, we remodeled a local Disco, named J. Many who never paint siding, have also not thought that once siding is replaced, it must be immediately painted, costing even more than replacing siding alone. Let me repeat; If you do not re-paint current siding, your siding will deteriorate, sometimes beyond restoration, requiring replacing with new siding, thereby costing much more in the long run. I know there are some who never change motor oil in their cars, as I have met only a very few. However, installing vinyl siding, the cost is so prohibitive, one would need to live in their home 35-40 years in order to pay for it's self, not having to ever paint the exterior again.
However, you will be replacing, or having us or someone else replace your siding if you elect not ever painting it, becoming deteriorated that no paint will magically improve.

National average wood siding costs per liner feet to remove, dispose, and replace new siding, which includes fasteners, vapor barrier under-lament, trim boards, labor, proper siding equipment and tools. Maintaining this external sheathing is best achieved by you guessed it, keeping it freshly painted. With the advancement of paint's chemistry by Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Glidden and Valspar, exterior paints are lasting much longer today. Knowing the term "Saving" is money not spent otherwise that would eventually cost you much more. First, knowing how exterior paint reacts to the outside, and different weather conditions from intense Sun, to Rain and Snow is very helpful. I don't care if you have just purchased the most expensive, double life time exterior paint made, if you carefully read the back of the can, limited manufacture's warranty does not include paint fade.
Whether we paint your home or office is not near as important to me, as you having the knowledge knowing how important exterior painting is to one's siding. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Barn Wood Siding Barnwood Cheap Butcher Block Salvaged Redwood Shelves Recycled Timber Formica Barn Boards Cost Of Counter Top Block Island Colors Barn Hardwood Oak Beams Rustic Dining Reclaimed Wood CountertopJoin the discussion on this Barn Wood Siding Barnwood Cheap Butcher Block Salvaged Redwood Shelves Recycled Timber Formica Barn Boards Cost Of Counter Top Block Island Colors Barn Hardwood Oak Beams Rustic Dining Reclaimed Wood Countertop using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. What I will tell you is, I'm hear to help my local community with one service many do not like doing themselves, applying paint coatings professionally, seeing many exteriors not getting painted, being way overdue, thereby deteriorating beyond restoration, needing replacement, costing much more than keeping up with a fresh quality paint coating for one's trim and exterior siding. What many do not understand is the exterior sheathing is the outer layer which keeps and protects the contents and occupants inside. Having a quality painting contractor apply a professional exterior paint coating is much cheaper, that the alternative, removing old, replacing with brand new siding, saving thousands in the long run.
Those same people never give another thought of painting the exterior sheathing or siding of their homes either, getting back to the infamous cliche mentioned above.
Matter of fact, when we paint an exterior, our first SOP (standard operating procedure) is to power wash.
Therefore, if someone asked us to paint this siding above, sure we could do it, for a price. All exterior siding is required to have a fresh pliable paint coating to protect the wood fibers underneath. So only needing 3 exterior paint jobs from today, fast forwarding to 2056, your exterior siding should not need replacing any time between now and then. Being proactive in your home improvement protection is key to saving real money in this day and age, and professionally painting one's exterior does just that. In business to save you time and money, hope this does just that, anywhere you may be in our Great country. This outer layer receives the brunt of all weather conditions your area dishes out, rain or shine.
Yea, most would conclude, some saying this is profound, but I wanted to put some actual numbers to this philosophy, showing in black and white, in a clinical blog table, if everything is the same. But for now, this chart below does not include vinyl, only original quality wood siding that came on your home when it was built. With siding crumbling off in one's hand, a light power rinse would tear this type of siding up to smithereens. Only difference is, if we were to paint this siding, no warranty would be issued, not even a week, no matter what type of exterior paint we would use. Once new siding is replaced, the next important step is painting it, so you don't have to replace this expensive feature of a home again! Any movement of siding caused by winds, temperature changes, will cause this aged paint to crack, peel, chip, and flake off, exposing the wood underneath.

Initial external paint costs may seem to hurt the pocketbook in the beginning, but your pocketbook will look much more handsomely 45 years later. Saving over 400% of your money, I can't think of a better way of preserving one's home, saving thousands in the process.
Yes, all paints have a tendency to fade, and exterior coatings fade much more quickly than interior ones, because of the extreme temperature changes, and UVA, UVB rays. What many top paint manufactures do warrant is the paint's ability to adhere properly, as long as substrate is cleaned and sound.
Painting countless homes over the years, also seeing many areas of wood, and exterior sheathing or siding deteriorated, we've also replaced this, as an added feature of our painting services, again helping our local residents, having this knowledge of home improvement. Same siding, same exterior paint, same contractor, same everything, only expanding the size of home, as naturally a larger home will cost more than a smaller one. And yes I've outlined in my table a comparison using 45 years from an exterior paint standpoint, knowing the fact every home must have some sort of siding, and protecting to last this long or longer, fresh new paint is key, and not installing vinyl siding to cover-up the initial problem, knowing at some point, your vinyl siding Will be painted, either by you, or the next owner of your property. Life-time paint will crack, peel, and flake off just as quick as 15 year paint, knowing the siding has that Apple Pie Crumble on bottom.
Once this happens, moisture is allowed into wood, thereby causing swelling like a sponge, deteriorating beyond repair.  If siding is painted on a regular interval, this deterioration will never happen, and subsequently never having cost associated with repairs, being zero.
As you can probably guess, I'm against vinyl siding, as it is flimsy, moves with the wind, cheap plastic that hardens and cracks as it ages over time. Never feeling like I know too much, always like to be on the cutting edge, eager to learn more.
This is why most decide painting new siding, over primer; To protect the new siding for many years to come. Therefore, keeping a fresh elastic weather-proof coating prohibits moisture from penetrating siding underneath. Knowledge gained is free, and helping our local community in house painting, siding repairs or replacements, or information I can relay, trying to work with everyone's budget, is what we do best, getting the most enjoyment.
In the picture above, moisture did just that, through nail shafts, as the exterior paint first faded, then broke down, becoming flat, loosing it's sheen and luster. By having to scrape and repaint their siding, a homeowner is wasting valuable time and energy. Sure there are much larger homes, and siding costs goes up proportionally for painting and or siding replacements.
Moisture staying inside, not drying out, Masonite™ siding opening up like a sponge, becoming brittle all within a few years, with nothing to do but replace it. It also has the tendency to rot, so replacing the boards is necessary.Fiber cement is another type of siding material, which is made from Portland cement, silica, and wood fibers. In addition, working around silica can also be hazardous, as applicators should wear a respirator to avoid lung damage and silicosis, which can be a fatal lung disease. By doing this, ABC Seamless has created a clean, seamless look that will last for many years.
You can feel confident telling your customers they will save money in heating and cooling costs by installing ABC Seamless steel siding.

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