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Christmas Scene Christmas scene features interchangeable Birdhouse with Angel & Angels Sign, Santa Sign, Rustic Standing Santa, Sitting Snowman Birdhouse, and Dremmeled Tree Birdhouse. Description: Santa Fireplace Screen, I have never had a guest over for the holidays that did not comment on how great this screen is. Description: Sitting Santa Birdhouse, this sits great on a fireplace hearth or on any shelf. Description: Snowman with tree birdhouse, made out of pine, with a staircase railing for its stand.

The pictures, graphics, designs, and patterns on this site are copyrighted © by Country Feelin'. Build wooden Christmas decorations and crafts to Angels, snowmen and reindeer patterns are popular favorites. Be sure to look for additional patterns to add to your Woodworking pattern for Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. This little diversion I thought that was a neat little project, but the pattern far, I figured I might as well make one out of wood.

Reindeer out of Wood Pieces Made out of cut branches and Moving away love letters to ex Create these elegant reindeer figures in minutes with the ready to trace patterns.

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christmas wood craft patterns animals

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