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One of the most common things we hear in the collector car hobby is, "I don't have any more space for cars." The average house has a two car garage, and with local coding issues, neighborhood covenants, and construction costs, adding new garage space can be a daunting undertaking. We are now offering storage at our newly expanded facility in Brentwood for your classic, collector, and exotic automobiles.
We provide secure car storage for a vast array of different classic cars at Classic Car Storage North East. Having seen a huge number of different makes and models over the years, the majority of the cars we store, most will agree, are obvious classics and have a very respectable price tag to go with them. With 1.8 million going into production for a decade from 1982, the Mercedes 190 was a particularly popular car. Less than the price of most new cars, the Esprit is one of those classic vehicles that is teetering on the edge of rocketing in value. Absolutely iconic in shape and with the first generation having a particularly powerful 2 litre engine, turning heads wherever you go will become the norm, all for well under half the price of a new Ford Mondeo.
A particularly popular car in the UK, the Saab 900 was first introduced to the market in 1979 and a huge amount of the population fell in love with it instantly.
The first car in the 6 series range which is now a hugely popular model range for BMW, the E24 has everything you’d ever want in a vehicle. Able to find some models for around the ?2,000 mark, it’s highly unlikely that this car will decrease in value and the sheer beauty of it should make it a real classic for the future.
However, they’ve made a number of other beautiful cars over the years and the 944, which was in production between 1982 and 1991, is a perfect example. However, as we’ve shown by these five cars, there are some absolute steals to be had and you simply have to ensure you utilise the most suitable classic car storage facility to keep the vehicle in the best condition possible over the coming years. Carcoon - the ultimate classic car storage system - designed to protect your precious investment. Over the past few months, it seems as though there have been more fantastic classic car stories in the news than ever before.

And this piece, too, which looks at some absolute classics that are currently for sale, but which have been terribly neglected over the years. Just two examples of some of the great stories we’ve come across in 2013, today we want to reach out and ask you what your favourite classic car story is. As many classic car owners will no doubt be able to sympathise, we have a huge passion for vehicles of a certain age. In Arizona, it’s not uncommon to see hobby or vintage cars grace the streets at any given time of the year.
Maybe you’re downsizing to a smaller garage, or looking for an air-conditioned space to keep your precious car safe. Tip: If you go with the outdoor parking option you might consider purchasing a weatherproof car cover that will keep the car protected from the elements.
If you are planning to store your car for more than 30 days, it is recommended that you get the oil changed. Unfortunately when a car is not exercised properly, the battery will eventually lose its charge. With at least two daily drivers thrown into the mix, something is going to be stored outside.
With its unique patented “active airflow” process and other advanced features, Carcoon sets a new standard in car care.
Northerners might select cars based on weather performance, but around here we don’t have to worry about those restrictions.
It’s not just something to look at, a classic car is something to take care of and failing to do so can result in the car’s demise. So go ahead and break out the boom box, order some pizza and give your car the royal treatment. If you can arrange for someone to start your car and take it for a spin every few weeks while it is in storage — great! Our experienced team specializes in safe, claim-free, door-to-door shipment of every type of vehicle—from every day and specialized cars, trucks, and motorcycles to boats, airplanes, buses, and military vehicles.

You better believe it's not going to be your impeccably restored classic, or low mileage exotic. Louis area customers have been asking for this for some time and we are here to deliver in 2013 with a secure, clean, video monitored car storage community. The original Carcoon was designed and produced by George Page in the mid 1990s to help combat problem areas encountered with automobile storage in his Classic Car restoration business in the United Kingdom. We’re a car-centric city whose attraction to classic cars is what makes us one of the top five classic car cities in America. That’s why it’s important to take the proper steps before you store your car for an extended period of time. We offer non air-conditioned, air cooled or air-conditioned storage spaces that are individually-alarmed and fully enclosed, as well as covered outdoor parking. If not you’ll want to invest in a battery tender, a device that provides the battery with electrical power to keep it from dying.
Today, Carcoon is the clear market leader in car storage systems in the UK and is furiously gaining praise and acceptance from American car collectors. Waxing the car will not only make it squeaky clean, but will keep it looking shiny throughout its stay in storage.
Trust your classic auto to the car storage and enclosed auto transport experts — Horseless Carriage Carriers. The Carcoon is a lightweight yet extremely durable “bubble” which is inflated around the vehicle to be stored. Two low voltage fans keep the Carcoon inflated and maintain a constant flow of re-circulated air around the vehicle. With a running cost of approximately 2pence per day, who can’t afford that kind of protection?

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