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They can free up space – If your closet area is large enough to accommodate drawers for your folded clothing, you can free up space in your bedroom area by eliminating the need for a dresser.
They give you exactly what you need – Custom closets are built to your specific requirements. They give you many options – Regarding design, you have a number of different options with custom closets. They add to your home’s value – Adding custom closet storage system to your home will increase its value. Your budget – Before you decide to add a custom closet, take note of how much you can afford to spend. Think about what you want – There are a number of options when it comes to closet storage systems. It is a good idea to take some time and look at the various designs and options that are available before you consult with a designer.
At Cool Closets we help you and your family organize the closets and storage areas in your home, in the most efficient and effective manner, and to provide you with closet organization help. Every woman want to keep her home neat and clean that’s why you can find walk-in- closets in most of the house of nowadays.
In this article you can find information about installing closet organizers as well as other important information related to the closet organizers from Lowes in detail.
If you are thinking what are the features of closet organizers from Lowes that make it necessary to have it at home then here is your answer. Let me share some important tips for taking full advantage of spacing in closet organizer from Lowes. Copyright © 2012 Free Downloads Link, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Two-Toned Walk-In Closet OrganizerMixing woods in a custom closet system is a great way to add a splash of subtle color and modern flair to any storage space. Traditional Wood Stained Walk-In Closet OrganizerThis elegant walk-in closet features a granite topped island with drawers and a sitting bench, raised panel and glass doors, custom shoe fences, built-in dresser and covered hanging storage space. Simple and Functional Walk-In Closet OrganizerThis clean, crisp walk-in closet organizer is done in white with flat paneled drawer faces and contemporary style hardware to match. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Corner Shelving and Custom LightingThe corner unit of shelving in this walk-in closet allows for deeper shelf space and ample room to open the drawers on the left and right sides. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Raised Panel StylingA mocha veneer with raised panel drawer and door fronts add a rich tone to this functional closet system. White Contemporary Walk-In Closet OrganizerCloset accessories add function to this contemporary closet organizer.
Dark Brown Walk-In Closet Organizer with IslandDark rich tones, surface detail, granite and opaque glass doors make this closet space unique and inviting.
Large Modular Walk-In Closet OrganizerModular closet organizers are great for modern tastes. Walk-In Fur Coat ClosetThis specialty closet houses fur coats as well as plush fabrics and pillows. Modular Walk-In Closet OrganizerMix and match great modular closet organizers to fit your needs.

Walk-In Closet Organizer with Shoe Storage SolutionsThis red-toned melamine closet organizer has a little bit of everything including different shoe storage options. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Crown MouldingThis example is a beautiful walk-in closet with ample space for hanging clothes, shelf items, drawers and cabinets. Walk-In Closet Organizer on Back Wall Behind BedCustom closet organizers can create quite the impact on small spaces as well. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Vanity AreaA great idea for a large space: a vanity area in the closet.
Walk-In Closet Organizer with Tall CeilingCustom closet organizers with high shelving provide extra storage space for seasonal storage, display items and draws your attention to the elaborate moulding on the ceiling. Modular Walk-In Closet Organizer with Mid Level DrawersIf there is enough room between a higher hanging pole and lower hanging pole, mid-level drawers can work.
Traditional Walk-In Closet Organizer with Glass DoorsA deep brown tone works well in this nicely lit closet system with light colored flooring. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Various Hanging SectionsThis closet features examples of double hanging sections for standard hang items, a medium hanging section for suit jackets, a long hanging section for dresses and a garment lift near the top for seasonal items. Long and Narrow Walk-In Closet OrganizerThis long walk-in closet makes use of it's narrow layout by designing the hanging area on one side and the shelves and drawers on the other; this will allow more open space once the items are placed inside.
Walk-In Closet Organizer with Pull Down Closet RodsThis light maple colored walk-in closet features walls of pull down closet rods to make use of the high ceilings. Walk-In Closet Organizer with Back Wall ShelvingPlacing adjustable shelving at the end of a narrow closet allows for easier access to the hanging clothes in the corner and makes for functional closet storage. A limited storage area doesn’t mean you can’t create a wonderful walk-in closet design idea. Sign-up for FREE and stay up-to-date with the latest news and great offers from Closet Pages. Most find that closet space is simply not adequate and long for ways to improve upon what space is available. Understanding the advantages of these storage options will help you to know if a custom closet is right for your home. Custom closets help you to maximize the space that you have available and will help you to keep your storage more organized.
You can choose from various wood finishes as well as styles, accessories and other designs to help you to perfectly match your home’s decor and your personal style. This is a luxury that many homes do not have so if you ever decide to sell your home, this is something that will help you to get top dollar.
This will help you to get the right closet system and ensure that you do not spend more than you can actually afford. It will take a bit of time to get the measurements, budget the system and have it installed. You should take a bit of time before you plan the installation to check out the options that are available.
Once you have a style direction that you like, it will make the process a bit easier when it comes to choosing the actual system that you will have installed. We showcase many closet designers and provide you with closet design ideas and inspiration.

The reason of popularity of walk-in closet among the women is that they can keep all the unwanted stuff or the stuff that is needed on temporary basis at one place without spreading mess as men don’t bother about it. The main reason of having closet organizer is to maintain all the mess at one place which can easily be arranged in order in the closet. It has similar features as any regular closet organizer have like it has many drawers and shelves.
Take out all the stuff from the closet and then divide it into different groups such as unwanted or useful accessories. In this closet you can easily place all the stuff in and easily find your accessories without any hassle when it is needed as you know its place. This 2 foot deep closet organizer makes use of small decorative additions to make a plain white closet pop!
If you do decide that a custom closet is right for you, there are a few other considerations that you should keep in mind.
Custom closet systems can range in price from just a few hundred dollars to several thousand. The process can take anywhere from three to more than eight weeks to complete depending on your specific preferences and the company that you are working with. These options range from design to color, cabinets, materials, finishes, hardware, drawers and others.
Having a lot of drawers or shelves means you can store all your seasonal clothes as well as other accessories in it. Check out all the groups of accessories and throw all the useless stuff which you might have not noticed for many years and it is just occupying space in the closet. With the help of closet your accessories can be organized in a better way and due to sufficient space you can add all the necessary accessories in it. When you have a custom closet installed, it gives you much more functionality and organization and can add value and beauty to your home as well.
Knowing what you can spend before you choose a closet company will help you to stick within your budget. It may be difficult to throw the stuff but believe me or not you can find more space in your closet which you have never imagined. Not everyone uses their closets in the same way so it simply makes sense that each homeowner will have different needs when it comes to closet space.
Beside this your shoes can be placed in shoe racks and even all the ironing clothes, coats or anything which you want to hang can be easily hung. You just throw all the unwanted stuff for creating space and it is important to do it because it is just a burden of accessories on your closet. Custom closets allow you to gain the storage function and organization that meets your unique needs. These can help you to decide what specific design options you want and knowing what you want will help you to get a better overview of the cost and time involved in creating your custom closet system.

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