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All of A1 Garden Sheds products are made to order at our factory in Varsity Lakes and standard sizing is based on the width of the high tensile 8 rib corrugated steel sheeting used in construction.
When producing custom size products it is necessary to go up to the next biggest size and cut down to the desired dimensions. Custom sized Flat and Skillion roof sheds can only have a maximum depth of 1890mm but can run to virtually any length. A1 Garden Sheds quote and build most pads and bases to suit and when laying concrete pads a rebate is standard to prevent water seepage.

All of A1 Garden Sheds products are pre-assembled into panels for super easy installation but if required we can install for you. Driveway gates are a cost effective solution to securing your property and also allowing car access. The 8 rib sheeting allows for a high degree of product customisation in relation to sizing, door placements and the mixing and matching of colours. Some limitations apply due to the fact that the steel corrugations form the corners of all products which requires that cutting takes place at one of the 8 ribs.

Other pads and bases can be made from either timber or pavers depending of the situation and product. We can construct them to any size opening and use either tongue & groove or feather edge material.

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concrete garden sheds essex

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