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Available in a variety of colors and shapes to enhance any architectural or environmental style, they are durable and virtually maintenance free.
Integral color and structural integrity mean our high quality pavers last year after year in a wide variety of weather conditions.
The dense structure of concrete pavers enables them to resist cracking caused by freeze-thaw cycles and salts, and their smooth, uniform surface allows for easy snow removal without damage to either the equipment or the surface.
When properly laid in an engineered sand substrate and a compacted aggregate base, tightly interlocking units are uniquely effective in transferring loads laterally. Built to perform under any harsh circumstances, Paver Driveways in Los Angeles not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your house but ensure to provide you a lifetime of service. At Eminent Constructions, we offer only the best to our clients and it includes everything from service to materials. Whether you call them pavers, interlocking pavers, concrete pavers or brick pavers, they are all made under extreme climate settings so that they can retain their looks when installed in any area of extreme temperatures. The Driveway Paver Stones are designed to withstand extreme environment conditions without cracking, chipping or buckling. Paving stones are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs and colors that give homeowners freedom of creativity and plenty of choices for creating a unique driveway for their house.
The first step is excavation that includes removing the unwanted grass or loose soil and leveling the driveway area. The interlocking pavers are set upon a strong base surfacing material (usually sand and gravel) in the design you wish.
Concrete has a proven record for strength, durability, and cost effectiveness for a variety of applications including floors, walkways, patios and driveways. One of the most popular treatments for concrete is stamping, wherein a stamp or mold is applied to wet concrete. Shallow cuts can be made in existing concrete surfaces to suggest tile grout lines or simply create geometric designs and patterns to separate colors. Chemical staining is a coloring process that involves a chemical reaction on a cementitious material. Pigmented powder or liquid agents are used with pattern stamps to reduce friction and facilitate their removal from fresh concrete surfaces.
Exposed aggregate concrete is a decorative style of concrete suitable for use as a driveway, sidewalk, or patio. Architectural concrete is a general term given to a number of different treatments in which concrete is cast into a custom mold to create patterns in concrete, or to create usable finish structures or even sculptures. Concrete can be molded into almost any shape imaginable, and architectural concrete can be used to create sturdy, functional and beautiful objects of all shapes and sizes, such as benches, walls, barbecues, steps, and other decorative structures.

Belgard product complement any landscape while adding beauty to both new and existing homes. Visit our showrooms in Charlottesville, Zion Crossroads, and Culpeper to view a full line of interlocking pavers in rich, granular stones and light, smooth textures that are an attractive choice of hardscape. It gives out the first impression and why not make it the best impression with paver driveways. Paving Stone are bound to give maximum returns on your investment as they are durable and can be used in any climatic condition as well as high traffic area. We understand that home improvement is not only an up gradation to your existing place but also an investment. Paver driveways are environment friendly as the materials used to lock them together is made from a special mixture of sand.
They provide long lasting service and tend to be cost effective with little or no maintenance on your part.
You can choose from the different colors and textures that will complement the look of your house and landscape with Pavers Driveway Designs Ideas in Los Angeles. Our team of experienced contractors is ready to transform the exterior of your house by creating a superb and unique driveway which would add a charming and unexceptional appeal to your home. Concrete can be given a number of specialized treatments that can give it a complex and decorative treatment. Concrete floors are found in a variety of residential settings, from high-rise condominiums, to basements remodeled for extra living space, to slab-on-grade construction. A solution made with water, acid, and inorganic salts reacts with minerals already present in the concrete, the result of this reaction is color. Integral color is added to a batch of concrete to create a uniform color throughout the concrete.
The appeal is in the finish, which exposes the smooth textured small stones and pebbles that are part of the concrete.
Permeable pavers are not grouted, and are set on gravel instead of concrete, which allow surface water to pass through them. The concrete is colored, and the mold imprints a pattern on the concrete that closely resembles wood. This allows for heavier loads which can avoid the need for high cost, heavily reinforced concrete. Our highly skilled and experienced team in Los Angeles offers top class services that add real value to your house.
They are more environment friendly as they help cool or sometimes even irrigate the surrounding green spaces.

Or, the outer skin of concrete can be removed to expose the aggregate underneath (a finish referred to as exposed aggregate.) Permeable pavers can also be used for flat surfaces. Mike Pearson Construction is one of the foremost experts in the field of concrete installation, including the demanding and highly specialized field of decorative concrete. This impression can create the appearance of brick, stone, or many other interesting and attractive artistic patterns. Unlike the other methods described here, these pigments do not penetrate the concrete surface and must be protected by sealers or wax finishes. A number of options are available to heat your concrete floor with a radiant heating system.
The final product can be used to construct sturdy and long lasting structures such as rail fences that will last significantly longer that their wooden counterparts.
You’ll join thousands of design-conscious readers to get gardening inspiration and innovative design solutions for enjoying outdoor spaces. Belgard interlocking pavers, paving stone, and garden wall products have a long history of successful applications.
It creates beautiful colors on concrete, mostly earth tone browns, reddish browns and greens.
Radiant heat systems involve laying electrical or hydraulic heating elements underneath a concrete slab to create a highly effective and energy efficient heating system for your concrete floor.
Exposed aggregate provides some visual interest by creating random patterns, and a variety of colors. We see fences constructed in this manner all the time, in public parks for example, and often don’t realize that we are looking at a structure constructed from concrete. Concrete can be treated with stains or colorants to create a rich variety of hues and textures, or stamped with patterns to mimic natural surfaces from marble to wood planks. A wide array of effects can be created using brushes, mops, sprayers, etc., or by creating patterns with leaves, sawdust, rags, or other inert materials. Whether the project calls for stamping, integral colorants, acid or water based staining, polishing, engraving, or a myriad of other finishes or treatments, Mike Pearson offers you expertise unparalleled in the industry. The resulting floor finishes combine beauty and creativity with the economy, durability, and practicality of concrete. Some concrete finishing options include: scoring, stamping, chemical staining, integral color, colored release agents, and many more specialized concrete finishes.

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