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If you have an old wooden sheds out back that is just holding a bunch of junk, why not get much better use out of it converting it into living space. Cleaning up and painting the outside is just as essential as the inside so make certain to do this as correctly. Once you are finished with the shell, you will be adding your own private touches in relation to what you will be utilizing the space for.
There are multiple distinct uses you can convert it into, like an artist studio or a playhouse for the minors.
If you dona€™t see any signs of insects or rot, brush on a light stain or water sealant to truly make your wood far more stunning.

If you are fortunate enough to have a concrete foundation, you can leave it as is or you can stain it.
Pegboards and shelves are a fantastic place to commence and function nicely for most purposes. According to the architects, “the project involved the conversion of a barn into living space supporting a variety of activities and guests. You wouldna€™t want this for storing purposes and you sure wona€™t want this to take place now that you are converting the space. SHED both designed and built the project, often living on site for extended periods of time. The familiarity with the site, building and client resulted in substantive refinements to the permitted plans that capitalized on unexpected potential as well as the execution of numerous details responsive to existing conditions. Working within the existing envelope of the barn, the design solution attempted to imbue each space with its own character through the use of natural light and its orientation to the landscape.

The primary design interventions were the creation of a utility pass-thru separating the bunk room from the main work space, and the carved entry connecting the apartment to the workroom. Some of these materials included the re-use of the original barn siding for interior paneling, re-milling of salvaged floor joists for stair material, trim and countertops. In a very real way, the barn was turned outside in and then wrapped in a new cedar board and batten skin that would weather and show its age well. Emphasis was placed on durability and directness of design solutions with the aim of creating practical and unique results.

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converting shed to living space furniture

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