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I love this collection of great ideas – I have a small craft room and am looking for some new storage ideas- thanks!!
I have a small space I would like to turn into a crafts room, right off my guest room 6×12 feet of space with entry door into that room and a second door that goes into my guest room.
I would like to get some ideas as to how I might store all my fabrics, gadgets, rulers patterns, and various threads for my various sewing projects whether it’s quilt, embroideo, serging or making articles of clothing. I had to share this little area due to the fact that stool almost matches my fabulous vintage chair that I identified on gumtree! This is my samsonite case that I empty out and refill with what ever craft supplies I want for a project I am functioning.
I know this is a shop… but I thought the ribbon storage and fabric on bolts was a really inspiring way to display your fabric and ribbon stash.
I actually really like how these Alex drawers have been put on a table to make them at a far more manageable height!
Snapware storage bin through iHeartOrganizing is a great way of storing lots of craft supplies if you have been wandering around the property and move your crafts from area to space.
This post was from me, making use of Cath Kidston tupperware, washi tape and parcel tags for ribbons, trims and seam binding storage.
This is a rather marvellous custom built (by a household member) storage rack for all these tickets! Barbara Picnic (remarkable name) has a blog with an incredible name – The Picnic Basket, I enjoy her organised counter.
Trish at ‘Uncommon Designs’ gives us a craft room tour, and you can get so many good ideas!
Heidi at ‘Honeybear Lane’ has another craft pegboard tutorial, but what I found really clever was using these dowels on tiny cup hooks for basically anything with a hole through it! I hope you all had a great weekend, we did, but we are exhausted, we ran many errands and we continued to decorate the craft room.
We started by mounting one piece of wood to the wall, this piece was used as a frame to hold the pegboard and to create a distance between the pegboard and the wall, so the hooks would fit. I have to admit, we couldn’t find a stud on the wall with our “stud finder” and while looking for one, we could only find “electricity”. Before you mount the second piece of wood, make sure they are leveled by using a level and please use a stud finder that detects electricity too, to prevent any serious injuries or start a fire. Then you will need to mount the pegboard to the two pieces of wood using a screw gun and washers ( I used the extra washers I had from an IKEA furniture), make sure it’s leveled before you do so. As seen in this picture, we started by adding the peg hooks to the board, we have many pieces available from the peg hooks assortment kit we bought last week. I started by lying the peg hooks on my desk, this helped me identify the hooks I have and which ones I would need to fit the different tools I want up.
Just to let you know that I pinned this on Pinterest last night on the DIY group board and it has been repinned 67 times since. Another idea — I bet you could make this table with 4 file cabinets and 2 doors cut down a little. The top is wood and was getting pretty banged up, so I had a glass installer make a piece of glass to fit over the top. I’d love to know if the mega desk is able to be separated into two separate pieces later? This was such a great idea – I just posted my own but it sure pales in comparison to your space! Here are so awesome storage ideas for a small craft room or space! Suggestions below were taken from this thread on the Craftaholics Anonymous® Facebook Page.
I really really like these small white drawers underneath the desk and I believed the palette style wood on the wall with hooks was a fantastic thought for hanging storage.
Magda Mizera is a fantastic scrapbooker and crafter and has beautiful craft storage on her desk. Initially I thought these have been spray painted vintage bread tins but they are containers from the Land Of Nod. I think I actually prefer it with out a lining because you get to see all of the stunning wallpapers!

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It doesn’t take many craft supplies before your home can feel cluttered and supplies are lost. This is full tutorial, and includes some more great craft storage ideas as well, so check out her post! Ok, there was a time when my kids were little I had a LOT of fabric laying around… usually in plastic bags. This photo of her storage system include a simple bookcase and desk that take up little space.
No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project. Don’t forget, when you go to the hardware store, the size or color of the pegboard you want might not be available.
I suggest you start by this step (paint the pegboard) before you install it on your wall, or you can hand paint it after it’s installed.
If you search about this step online, they suggest for you to build an entire frame, since we only had two pieces of wood available and no budget for two more (I’m not spending my little money on this!), we only used two. I used to keep all these tools all over our house and they ended up in our dining room table.
Thank you Josee I know let see how long this clean craft room and pegboard will last I will try my best to keep it up ha!ha! It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house and definitely the room I spend the most time in. But I also didn’t want to close up that space completely, because the light flows from the front of the house to the back through that space and also, if we ever sold the house, maybe someone would want a formal dining room. And, yes, it is expensive, but I think totally worth the money because of the quality and the piece is a great size! I’m looking into the mega desk and I’m curious to see the dimensions of your room? I bought my house with the express purpose of turning my formal dining and living rooms (which are very often adjacent or open to one another in floorplans here) into my quilting studio. I was trying to look through Ikea’s website to find the cabinets and came up with zilch! If you did not use the dining room it was a waste of space and this space works wonderfully. I hope I am not too late to join the party!I love your craft studio, that big desk is awesome and the color scheme so refreshing. Now I want to do that to my french doors I can't wait to look at all of the other craft rooms for inspiration too. My craft room is in the basement so I have to wait until everyone else is doing something to get to go down there.
I have had plans to make one of those flag banners (like the pottery barn kids) for my twin boys room.
I'm working from a teeny tiny space in Brooklyn where my sewing room is a corner in my bedroom and my cutting table is the kitchen table covered with a mat. The glass top was a GREAT idea and if I had that under the glass would be full of inspirations, photos, etc BUT I am betting you like the clean sleek look!
I just wanted to let you know I featured this post today in my Weekend Bloggy Reading round-up. On a Walmart bookshelf, I used floss organizers for all my loose stuff and made a ton of Jamie Cripps silhouette organizers for all my inks and sprays and washi tape. You can buy those at Walmart, Big Lots, or bedding stores and use space underneath for storage.
Welcome to Craftaholics Anonymous® where you can find all sorts of craft tutorials and creative ideas for your home, kids, and holidays. We are daily publishing decorationg ideas, interior design ideas ,home design tips, creative ideas and very useful tips for you. You know you can get mirrors and small drawers for the leading of dressing tables, surely you can acquire desk tops as well?!

The small shelving units and lots of drawers are outstanding and very necessary in any craft room. I’;ve been trying to get those papers sorted recently ^_^ I am receiving excited already! Love the pegboard on the back of the door, and the rolling cart you can move out to where you are creating. The desk even has a fabric skirt to hide anything large you may need to tuck under… a sewing machine, perhaps? As promised on my previous entry, I would write about how to install, organize a pegboard in your craft room and how to style it.
Don’t worry, most hardware stores can cut the peg board to size, or if you are more handy and you have the necessary tools available you can do it yourself. It should’ve been lower but our “stud finder” apparently thought that the entire “electrical” of our house was behind that section of the wall    So, as to not burn down the house, we mounted it at a shorter distance. Before you start hanging your tools, make sure you know how you would like to place them on your board. When you close the door behind our entrance, you can directly see our living room and dining table, so you can imagine it was not always a pretty picture to see. The problem was that we are very casual people and only used the room maybe 2 times a year. I love that I can be working on a project and have my kids in there with me doing their homework.
My husband and I have been talking about doing the same thing, as we never use our formal dinning room either. I can't wait to have some time this weekend to click through some of these awesome links!! I learned that when living in a dorm and continue to do it with my craft stuff in a 500 sq ft apartment.
You could do this with glue, paint, glitter… anything with a bottle and not too heavy! As for the color of the pegboards, I’ve only seen them available in two colors; brown and white.
And let’s face it — that room is always a mess with all of the projects I have going on LOL! And if we have a big poster or something like that to work on, it totally fits on that desktop.
My paint color is Martha Stewart Beachgrass green, though, which is a bit subtler than your color. But, ours is wide ope to the foyer and great room, so I didn't want my mess being open to those areas. I also used part of my closet they have lots of things to get for babies and I would use like the hanging shelf for craft instead of putting sweaters in. Again, nothing to worry about, you can easily spray paint it in your favorite color or a color to match your color scheme with one simple coat of paint. Have you seen all these craft rooms with pegboards pictures on Pinterest and dreamt yours could look like them? But, you have given me something to think about, by dry- walling in the area and installing large french doors to keep the open feeling. Plus, it’s right next to the kitchen, so I can work on dinner while working on a project.
OK, let’s get real, these well designed pegboards; don’t just happen, you need to organize them.
I’ve been trying to pin this pegboard but for an unknown reason I have not been able to upload my own pictures to Pinterest, thank you very much again!

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