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Unframed prints are posted in a Poster tube, Framed and Canvas Wrapped Prints are posted in brown parcel paper and bubble wrapped to prevent any damage. Outfit: Light grey and white striped t-shirt with black tie, short pants like rin kagamine without the belt and ankle length black boots. Outfit: Same Light grey and white striped shirt, three quarter long black pants, ankle length boots. Hair Color and Style: Jet-black,with opalescent purple streak, Long that's shoulder length.
Outfit: Light blue and silver shirt with black tie,short and knee length shorts and ankle boots. Personality: dosent like others, spend most of his time alone, but a girl named leixy fuaun has a overload crush on him, he dosnt like her and finds her anoying so he useally just ignors her.

Outfit: long black pants with neon green strips from his knee down, what was a long sleved shirt is now a ripped sleaved black shirt, a neon green tie, neon green boots with black and red stripes running from side to side. Personality: Warm, Friendly, Cheerful, Silly, Fun to be around, Smart, and Easily hurt but forgives easily as well.
Outfit: Turquoise shirt (sorta like Miku's), Black tie, Black skirt with Turquoise strip on bottom, that little hanging loop thingy, Turquoise thigh high socks, black boots just an inch under the top of the socks, and the Black and Turquoise arm things with a bit of fishnets. Other: her voice is kinda mature,she always sings dark songs and some songs about her life and feelings.
Other: Kumo eats cherries (Thats her favorite snack) Her voice is high-pitched and slightly soothing. Outfit: A white romper, green knee-high boots with an insignia on a buckles, and some sort of sweater-jacket.

The canvas is hand stretched around a 38mm wooden frame made from quality fir wood, kiln dried to avoid warping.
This is where I will give you the following information to fill out about your very own fan-made Vocaloid. She wears black, thin suspenders, light gray tight fitting arm warmers, and brightly colored headphones with a piece missing backwards.
She isn’t very good at holding her ground, but she makes up for that with her gregarious behavior.

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create a name for your website

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