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INTENT MediaWorks' ad-supported model enables consumers to get high-quality, legal copies of album tracks for free, while creating new revenue streams for artists and labels.
INTENT MediaWorks will help Public Enemy distribute high-quality digital media files via P2P networks, using its proprietary technology for distribution management. INTENT enables clients like SlamJamz to manage the integrity and consistency of their brand across multiple Internet channels, rather than being limited or restricted within a specific marketplace.
Public Enemy (PE) is accurately credited with changing the Internet's music distribution capability by being the first major artist to release an entire album in the MP3 format in 1999, a music file practically unknown by the general public at that time. INTENT MediaWorks is a leading distributor of digital media and advertising via P2P file-sharing networks and other popular Internet channels. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.

Consumers are able to download free and legal files off the new album released this week, in exchange for watching brief advertisements that appear next to the files. SlamJamz Records has partnered with INTENT MediaWorks since 2006, making it a good partner to manage some aspects of digital media distribution for Public Enemy's new album, which marks their 20th anniversary. INTENT will be able to deliver downloads and serve advertising content for users across P2P platforms, but also through websites, social networks, mobile, and other channels - as consumers share their downloaded files with friends and other Internet users.
Content owners are able to determine how content is presented, what keywords are associated with their files, or what advertising or promotions are served with the content -- all in one place. The song is not only known for introducing a whole new sound to the rap genre, but for giving the group their name. SlamJamz works with artists to ensure they retain the rights to their works, and allows for them to own the master copies of their recordings as well as their own publishing rights - just a few of the qualities that have made SlamJamz a pioneer in indie and digital distribution since its inception.

INTENT enables owners and distributors of media content to safely manage and monetize content across all digital channels, while providing unique advertising and branding opportunities for both content owners and online marketers. Starting today, Internet users will be able to download any of the tracks from the album free of charge in P2P, in exchange for viewing brief ads associated with the files. INTENT currently manages a catalog of more than 3 million unique digital media files, serving an average of 1 million legal file downloads per day in P2P.

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create a website to sell digital products

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