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In this video tutorial, you will learn how to use div tags and css to create a simple responsive website using Dreamweaver. For this illustration, I have used Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 as my html editor, you can use any editor you have.
What we are going to be doing is creating external stylesheets, the reason we do this is, it comes in handy further down the line and also when creating websites having extensive number of pages, we can update a single stylesheet and changes will take effect side wide rather than having all of our css within a single document and having to update them all individually, it is also benificiary because it makes our code all the more clean. If you go to the design view, what you can see is just a container, because there are no css written at this point of time, we see this blank box, because there is no css there is no rules to tell the webpage how to display the div tags hence the requirement to use css to mould and design our page.
We will be calling in this style sheet based on a condition, and the condition is that if the webpage is being viewed in a device that is less than 800 pixels width, in other words, anything that is viewed more than 800 pixels this stylesheet will not be used and anything less than 800 pixels, this Mobile.css stylesheet will be used. You can now launch the index.html on a web browser and see that this layout with reduced to a mobile size the layout also changes, so now we also know how to make a webpage layout responsive.
As you can see above, I have created 4 main navigation menus ie: Home, Services, About and Contact. Now if you save this css and then launch the index.html on a web browser, you will see that the website layout is now ready with a custom css menu and we did this by creating divs and css, this is also responsive.

You now know how to use div tags and css to create a responsive website layout and custom css menus using dreamweaver. This is part of the tutorial on designing the below layout and converting it to a functional PDF and CSS Website using Fireworks CS4. You can export each page separately as a CSS page with its own slices or copy the first page to create the other pages in Dreamweaver(if the pages are the same as seen in this layout).
To export as css and images, you need to add slices to all the images and leave the editable text part without any slices.
Open the File in Dreamweaver and you will see that Fireworks has created a css style sheet, an html page and the images folder with the images. No portion of these materials may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever, without the express written consent of Entheos.
I am using dreamweaver CC and like to create an album but I can't fine the "create web photo album" on the command button. When you go to the design view you will see that you have created a website layout using divs and css with dreamweaver.

This export feature is really cool as the text is editable text when you open the file (not like the old export of html and images where everything was converted to images). Any unauthorized use, sharing, reproduction or distribution of these materials by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise is strictly prohibited. You can now optimize this file if needed and copy it to create the other pages and link them together in Dreamweaver. I have added slices for the site name, the graphic on the left, a background image (set as background image in the Properties inspector) and navigation links.

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create website dreamweaver step by step

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