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Create your own personalized SDLCforms package from over 92 forms available in our abundant inventory.
Provides the business goals, objectives, scope, and management direction for starting the project in the Initiation Phase.
Identifies whether there is a potential business value to the proposed project idea or initiative before the organization commits time, resources and expenditures.
A one-page summary that identifies the proposed project, opportunities, business goal, project scope and issues, and alternatives or recommendations. Identifies the business and technical groups and individuals responsible for the initiation, analysis, development, testing, installation and approval of the project.
Stakeholder identification includes the processes required to identify the people, groups and organizations that could affect or be affected by the project, to analyze stakeholder expectations and their impact on the project, and to develop appropriate strategies and tactics for effectively engage stakeholders.
The checklist provides sample information to verify that major initial project functions and tasks have been completed within the Concept phase, which is the first phase in the Project Management Life Cycle. The Concept of Operations, or CONOPS, is a Capabilities Needs Assessment investigation to gain a Usersa€™ and Stakeholdersa€™ perspective on a major change initiative.
The Project Management Office Checklist provides the capability to determine if the Information Technology (IT) Program Management Office (PMO) has provided the functions and tools to achieve a successful environment in support of both executive management and the project managers responsible for individual IT projects. Provides information that will be performed in the project, including business objectives and project description, such as completion criteria, risk assessment, constraints, impact analysis, project success measures, critical success factors, project approach, roles and participants. This Excel spreadsheet provides the opportunity to estimate various capital and expense costs for a project including IT resources, external professional services, hardware, communications, software licenses, and travel and supplies. The Configuration Management (CM) Plan informs project stakeholders about how CM is used to manage the project, what tools are used, and how they will be implemented to achieve project success. Provides a medium to record a risk analysis of the project, and is used to keep track of potential risks that may jeopardize the project's success or completion date. Provides procedures and information to acquire hardware, software, vendors or other needed items.
Know who the key "decision makers" are on your project via a Visio graphical diagram naming the PMO personnel, sponsors, stakeholders and business analysts and the collaborating organizations including infrastructure, design, quality assurance, etc. Displays key project activities and details the responsibilities for each individual or role across every functional department.
The WBS Activity Worksheet is made available to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to define the scope of work required for each activity and task within the work breakdown structure. The Work Breakdown Structure Resource Planning Template provides a matrix of WBS tasks with the estimated duration of each task in hours with % of time required by the various skill sets to contribute to the tasks, summarized by total hours required for those skill sets.
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, including the COBIT Checklist and Review, provides for a standardized structure for Information Technology (IT) governance, accounting controls and compliance. A Request for Information (RFI) is used to solicit information from qualified vendors on the products and services they recommend to address your business problem or functionality. Identifies the root cause of a problem and the recommendations for a solution, including the date the problem was encountered, summary of the problem, duration of the problem, impacted business units and applications, and the recommended action and follow-up. Provides a master list communication tool that summarizes project opportunities, including opportunity description, priority, target date for delivery, and owner.
Provides a checklist of numerous topics to help manage the scope and requirements of a project. Defines the general business and different levels of requirements, including the business, end user requirements, problems or issues, project information, process information, training, and documentation requirements. This document provides a PowerPoint presentation "shell" to incorporate and review the project business requirements with the stakeholders and business units sponsoring the project. Defines the functional requirements for the project including the different levels of business and end user requirements, and the functional areas of the business processes. This document provides a comprehensive architectural overview of the system, using a number of different architectural views to depict different aspects of the system. Defines the business requirements for the project using a use case methodology, and includes problems or issues to be resolved, objectives or goals, solution to be implemented, and why the solution is being implemented. Provides a sample quality assurance (QA) document to verify at a glance that major requirement functions and tasks have been completed. Provides detailed information to perform an impact analysis of requirement changes, including proposed change implications, system components and elements affected by the change, and estimated schedule and cost impacts. Supports the use and maintenance of the specific system or application, and includes information about training courses and the tools and techniques that will be used. Formalizes an arrangement between your company and the client to deliver specific support services, at specific levels of support, and at an agreed-upon cost.
Provides detailed information to perform an analysis and design of a system, including topics on current and future software architecture processes, interfaces, data flow, infrastructures, components, integration, and security. Provides more details to the project's high level requirements and detailed information so that the system will be built to satisfy the system requirements and quality. Provides a list of 50+ tasks that need to be considered within an application development project. The Database Design Document maps the logical data model to the target database management system with consideration to the system's performance requirements. Provides a checklist of numerous topics to consider when designing and developing a new website.
Provides numerous topics to fill in detailed business and technical information for the design and development of a report.
Hey folks, as you might have noticed, we’ve been releasing amazing features in the last couple of weeks and we will continue to do that. In this article you will learn how to create your own forms by using our Form Builder by Jotform. If you select this option you will be able to select a form form over 2500 different templates.
You will see the Edit panel where you will be able to add or remove fields as well as changing colors or modifying the thank you message. From this panel you will be able to edit the entire form, from adding or deleting fields to changing the visual aspect of the form. In case that you want to create a brand new and fully custom form, you can click on the Blank form option. On the left side you will see the Form Tools, these tools will be the fields or specific items of your form, you can do plenty of things from adding just basic text boxes to survey tools and payment tools.
If you need more information about what each of the options can do for you, you can click here. Would you like to add Google Analytics for your site, or another analytics services, to track key data about people visiting your site? Today we're going to show how to add a cool smooth effect to the scrolling between sections of the same page.
To learn how to create sections that you can browse to within the same page, take a look at this article. You may need to upload and host files (documents, PDFs, videos, etc.), which you can link on your site so your visitors can then download them.
On the second panel you are able to set what type of button your form will have and to enable the button to appear only if certain conditions take place (conditional logic). You can also limit responses to a certain number, enable animation (suggested feature), or require a user to be logged in (if you want only your members to be able to fill it in). The most important fields that you’re going to use are located in the standard fields and the Advanced ones.
The most amazing thing that Gravity Forms lets you do when designing forms and in our case a survey, is to use conditional logic.
If you want to capture a visitor’s mail into your Aweber account, you will have to use the name and email from advanced fields and a single check-box for asking your users if they want to opt-in for updates. The first thing you need to do is to register with Aweber and create your first list with the step by step guide that Aweber provides. When you finish the list creation, return to your WordPress panel and click on the forms panel, then select the Aweber sub-menu. The big guys survey solutions are a bit expensive especially when you reach a great number of responders.
I wouldn’t mind creating a post or elaborating on many of the subjects you write about here.
In this section you will learn about Porte Brown's partners, employees, our history, our approach to client service, and much more.
Selecting a professional who knows your industry is vital when it comes to operating smoothly and efficiently. Our Resource Center is a great place to stay current with the latest accounting news and events, our client portals, helpful links, sign-up options for our weekly newsletter, and additional tools and tips to assist your financial needs. For extensive changes, beyond adding a logo, company name or address, start by duplicating a standard template.
Use QuickBooks to quickly create forms with the appropriate content and images for your business.
CMS-Appz establishes a clean professional environment that can't be 'messed' up by accident. Content can be set to never expire or to 'turn on and off' automatically using a start and end date associated with the content. This includes the design and creation of a new look and feel to your web site (a face lift). If you have advanced design requirements, these can be incorporated into the new design at our hourly rate of $75 per hour. TechSys will also provide the use of our content management system and WebAppz suite of web components to project managers as required.
The project manager has complete responsibility for the all aspects of the project including the initial quote, obtaining subcontractor quotes, all the deliverables and customer satisfaction. TechSys will receive 50% of billable revenue from the project manager and 25% from any subcontractor.
For other third party offerings, the project manager will receive 50% of the profit for up to one year (if subscription based) of the product purchase.
Put Eventz to work to greatly simplfy your current manual efforts and make life easier for those that wish to do business with you.
Speakers and Presentations.Many schools are now bringing in speakers to give talks on adolescent issues, drugs, parenting, bullying and many other topics. School Directory Info Capture.Many schools create a school directory as part of their fund raising efforts. You can create custom online data forms with any type of form element (text box, drop down box, radio button, text area, check boxes (with optional quantities and fee), phone fields, date fields, etc.

Two other rooms upstairs only suffered smoke damage (the doors to these rooms were closed). The good news is no one was seriously hurt and we lost little of great or sentimental value. Use the event registration system to register for other school events, socials, camp registrations (including waivers) and other fund raisers. Verdicchio's Deli & Trattoria I have been involved in the school food day program at my childrena€™s school for 8 years now. Note: These screen shots were taken on 9 Jun 2009 so the order form does not allow food orders scheduled before 9 Jun to be entered.
TechSys Communications has been providing online sports registration, sports websites and club management tools for youth, amateur and adult clubs and leagues since 2002. Every implementation of our online sports registration system has been extremely successful. We have recently created a school lunch online ordering and online fundraising system (FoodDayz) for elementary and high schools based on the SpAppz model. Eventz - For creating online registration, ordering, data collection forms (with or without payments). CMS-Appz - Dynamic web site where content and navigation can be added with no knowledge of html required.
WebAppz - Several web applications to improve your websites functionality and organization. SpAppz can provide you and your clubs with systems your clubs need and the data access and tools you need for club management. Internet ExpertsBased on your needs and your budget, we can provide the level of technical goods and services that is just right for you.
Our CMS replaces your website and includes several web application where content can be updateed by several people with no knowledge of html. Before you even look at the features and benefits of SpAppz Online Sports Registration, you need to understand and acknowledge the general benefits. Player profile gets rolled over for the next season (do not need to reenter most information). Imagine an always online database where the players can update their own contact information, get email reminders to register for the coming season and then register online with credit card payments, authorized and transferred to the club bank account instantly.
Imagine age-group coordinators assigning players to teams from the comfort of their own home using a shared and current database. Imagine a web site where content can be added through forms with no knowledge of html and can be updated from anywhere with no special software.
SpAppz comes in a variety of configurations including a level of support services that's right for your orgainization. Just want a professional content system (dynamic web site) to replace your current web site?
CoachesCoaches can login and change their contact information.Coaches can adjust their players phone number, email address and enter their home and away jersey numbers (jersey numbers help scouts to make player evaluations). Group email by division, age group, team, coaches, managers & special event registrants.
The pricing has been established to be competitive with or better than other on-line sports registration systems.
Team registration is usually for adult leagues where the team captain or coach organizes the team and registers and pays for the whole team. Coach's Excel Team List We can also add a schedule admin option so staff can update their own schedule and scores. For those companies who do not need full time technical staff or just need assistance in certain technical areas, TechSys can provide the manpower to satisfy your requirements. Technical support includes rolling out or enabling new technology as required or requested.
Systems AssessmentThis assessment is to determine how easy or difficult it would be to maintain your systems and network.
Simple Site Support & MaintenanceThis includes making occasional or regular updates to your systems and troubleshooting various problems (workstation, windows, network, internet, viruses, spyware and email). Specific Application SupportDo you need help with specific third party software where support is hard to find. WebAppz are web based applications that provide functionality and dynamic content to a web site. Event Calendar The Event Calendar allows you to show upcoming events in a report view or a stunning monthly calendar view.
Banner Ad SystemThe Banner Ad system allows for rotating banner ads on the top, bottom or both of web pages. You can also choose to add more details to a news article that does not display on the home page. The cost of a website can fluctuate substantially based on how graphical, how unique and what 'bells and whistles' are required.
This Web site is for those that are not sure what the long-term goals of their web site are or do not yet have a budget for their web site plans. This would be a simple site that would include a logo, a brief overview of the company and contact info (including corporate email address). A well-designed and implemented classic web site also provides a positive and professional corporate image. TechSys Web appz can accomplish this by integrating the event calendar, web content appz, or other appz with the web site.
A web application is usually some type of web site that allows users to login and do something.
Web applications usually include data entry, reporting and transaction processing with complex rules and triggers.
A Web application can be part of your whole web site plan with parts only available after logging in. This is simply an hourly rate to discuss with you what you want and develop the site with you constantly reviewing the progress and providing feedback. This method works well for those companies who are not quite sure what they want yet need be see the actual work in progress to make their decisions.
TechSys offers complete 'business class' hosting services from our servers located in Burnaby using premier, high speed, fault tolerant Internet connectivity to the world. Web Site HostingAll web hosting is located on fault tollerant (raid) servers connected to the internet via a very high speed fault tollerant network. Maintaining or adding new components to your existing web site (This includes forms and web appz). Low-cost web content management system where you can easily maintain your own web page content with no or little knowledge of HTML.
Direct credit card transactions to your bank account using moneris or other credit card systems. If you are looking to increase traffic to your site through search engine 'hits', then you may want consider this option. Our love for nail wraps has officially gone extreme with this new customization tool from Utah-based nail wrap company, Jamberry Nails. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest from Beauty Blitz delivered straight to your inbox. Sign up to receive the latest beauty news and inspiration delivered straight to your inbox. As such, it is both an analysis and a formal document that describes high-level capabilities requirements that have been identified as necessary to achieve the mission of the IT organization, and its subordinate organizations. The Project Risk Information Data Collection Form's purpose is to provide a vehicle for capturing detail information on any of those risks for analysis and evaluation.
COBIT Control Objectives focus on specific, detailed objectives related with each IT process. It shows when and how a project's objectives are to be achieved by depicting and statusing the major products, milestones, activities and resources required on the project.
The list works to gain customer agreement and avoid scope creep that pushes out project completion and project costs. It is intended to capture and convey the significant architectural decisions which have been made on the system. Testing ensures that the requirements have been implemented correctly based on the design and the Matrix. It contains all of the requirements for the system in sufficient level of detail to develop a system design and to allow testers to test the system. In this case I’m really happy to be the one to tell you that now, you can create your own forms! Go to the Apps tab and look for the Form Builder app and install it where you want the app to be displayed. Once you have clicked on the button you will see an overlay window where you can choose to use a blank form in order for you to customize it or to select a ready to use form. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.In the previous post we saw how fast and easy we can create a free online survey with Google Docs for our market research purposes.
And that’s when an amazing plugin for WordPress comes in to save the day: Gravity Forms! When you install the plugin and create your first form, you will be presented with the first block that you will need to fill in order for some basic settings to take place. For example, you have added a question for the user to answer, something like: do you own a website? You can add the question that is the master question and then when you add the dependent question, you can click on it, go to its advanced properties and select conditional logic. There’s a button created in order for you to easily embed your form in the page, together with the styling buttons above your content. You are now able to keep track of who has completed the form and the most important thing of all, be able to contact them with updates on your progress. This is why Porte Brown trains its accountants for specific industries, ensuring you receive the best advice and support for your exact needs. From cloud-based systems to basic bookkeeping software, Porte Brown will be there every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of your technology selection. The headings, columns and fields for entering information are already set up within the Intuit Standard Forms.
You'll be taken to an Intuit Community page where you can view and download a form template.

The purpose of a CMS is to allow you to maintain your own web site pages with no knowledge of HTML, any time and any where through an Internet connection.
Many of the services are 'skills' related and a broad range of people with these skills are required to fulfill our customers requirements. These add value to our hosting services and to the overall value of the web site implementation.
It is your decision whether you wish to be a project manager, a subcontractor working with a project manager or doing both. Some of the profile information will be used by the TechSys web system to show skill sets, accomplishments and portfolios. This could be content maintenance, design revisions, added functionality and other WebAppz.
This could be a general volunteer form where several volunteer options can be selected or a volunteer form for a specific event. For product registrations, time and task functions, detailed information request, resume collection, etc. Build surveys, suggestions forms, volunteer forms, volunteer time entry, School Directory Info, Sponsor forms or almost anything else you can think of. The service response has been superb in terms of quick response times and in terms of trouble shooting and answering my questions. All credit card transaction amounts go directly to your bank account where standard bank setup and credit card fees apply.
Our software is helping all types of sports clubs including; soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, softball and more.
We have web, mail and application servers located at one of the best fault tolerant connections to the Internet in Vancouver.TechSys can be your partner for all levels of analysis, design, development, hosting, marketing, maintenance and support for your web site vision. All content is entered via simple web forms with no special software required.2005 TechSys Communications Ltd. From email support, custom forms, html newsletters and database systems, we can provide it all. SpAppz is used for managing web page information, communications, season registration, various event based registrations and team assignment.
SpAppz can be your registration system plus a new dynamic, freshly designed web site and content management system with several WebAppz that will provide everything you could ever want in a web system. This can be your own merchant account or you can use the SpAppz credit card clearing account. It is then this individuals responsibility to get the rest of the team players to register (with or without additional fees).
In addition to the above we can turn on 'Team pages', where team staff can make simple page updates and players can go to get the latest stats, news and team gallery photos. Some sites may use special software or custom applications where a higher level of expertise or knowledge is require. WebAppz give your web site a more professional and functional impression to your web site visitors and your customers.
As development costs $75.00 per hour, this is a much easier and cost effective way to give your web site timely dynamic content that looks professional. For this purpose there is only one picture per row.As a photo gallery, you can set the number of pictures (columns) per row. Give us an idea of what you want in a web site (give us some examples) and we will give you an estimate or give us your budget and we will let you know what you can get. In either case, this will provide the owner with a basic web presence and a place where search engines start with. A web application can be a web based time entry system, an online store, a contact management and communications system or a registration system such as SpAppz. This method also works for fast tracking a web site where some content can be rolled out before completion of the entire site. This is how we add real VALUE to our hosting service.If there is anything you need, you can email or phone us and we will make these adjustments for you. You pay for actual work and never have to worry about staff idle time and unnecessary 'make-work' projects.
Including layout, color, image creation, photo selection and comparative analysis with 'like' sites.
This includes; event calendars, web site document management, banner ads, html newsletters, FAQ's, Link management and more. We have developed SPAPPZ, a complete sports content management system and on-line registration system. Summary information from this data collection is then encapsulated in the Risk Analysis Plan for weekly management review. With this plugin, not only you can create any possible kind of form you can imagine, but also build a complete survey and be able to export the emails and names to your Aweber account automatically.
Then select to show this field only if the answer to the previous question is what you want it to be. After publishing it you can start viewing it’s conversion rate and see what answers people gave to you. No special software is required (just a web browser) and you can feel safe knowing that you can't delete or damage the formatting of the site by accident.
The original project manager (if applicable), receives the first right of refusal on continuing to provide the project management. This is just a few ideas of how your PAC can improve and simplify fund raising efforts for both the PAC and the parents. But, you don't have to use everything, you can pick and choose what functions you would like to use (We could even create new functions if you wish). Upon the successful completion of this form, the team is added to the database, and the two contacts are added as staff to that team and staff logins and passwords are generated for the staff.
This may work sometimes but often results in de-focused staff, incomplete or problematic technical implementations and frustration.
Depending on what you need, the professional with the required skill set at the appropriate fee will be dispatched. You can take advantage of TechSys Web Appz even if you are hosting with someone else for a small subscription fee.
As per the Canadian Anti-Spam legislation, users can unsubscribe from receiving these email. Short picture captions show under the picture and detailed text is displayed when the larger image is viewed. You can also add other web appz like events, links, faqs, documents and gallery for an additional fee. And while we love all types of nail wraps, in all designs, we're all about having something unique and one-of-a-kind. Even the paid ways to create surveys lack one big important thing: the ability to automatically register the people who finish the survey to a newsletter management service. That question can appear only when the user has selected yes as an option to the first question! If the layout of a particular form doesn't meet your needs, you can create, download or import a customized template. We currently have individuals licensed to offer securities in the states of AZ, CA, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MO, NC, RI, TX, WA, WV and WI.
This header banner is the responsibility of the project manager but it is the customer's responsibility to provide a quality logo to include in this header.
No contracts either, our products, support and service will keep you so satisfied, you won't want to leave!
A technical professional can get the task done quickly and efficiently and may reduce future headaches. The prospect can get the web address through existing communications, search engines or other marketing material.
The second type of hosting is 'full service' hosting, where you simply place a phone call or send an email to have your support requests acted upon.TechSys offers the 'Full service' method. You can view our own Internet Marketing product survey and play with the options to fully understand how conditional logic works.
Select the form in Aweber that you have just created and match the name, email and check box fields with your Aweber fields. Once you've chosen a template and downloaded or imported it, the template is added to your list of QuickBooks templates for the current company file. Randya€™s system is easy to use and the reports he generates for the schools are brilliant.
When you are ready for Step 2, their is a process that will send all the staff a personalized email that gives them their login, password, division, team name and player key-code plus your instructions on what they are to do next. You can use the template as is, or customize it even more to add your own personal touches.
Aside from the technical advantages to Randya€™s system, just working with Randy himself is a pleasure. The online tool, which just launched today, allows you to upload your own pattern, graphic design or photo to dazzle your tips with.
We’re in the process of creating our own product and would be so grateful if you could answer our questions!
If you prefer, you can export a template from one QuickBooks company file and import it into another. The team contacts will send an email to all of their players providing them with the key code and where to go to register.
I highly suggest using his online ordering system for your food days or any other school function. When the players register with their key-code, they are automatically placed on their team and the 'coach' team contact obtains a bcc email of the player registration. Staff (up to 6) can login and get details on their team and use the system to communicate with their team. This includes a team list so they can see who has registered and contact those who have not registered yet.

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