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Kitset Sheds Ltd is able to supply custom built sheds that fully meet all of your personalised requirements whatever the purpose may be.
When we customise a shed to your personal requirement we work with you and our structural engineer to give you what you want at the best price. Made to order barns can have horse stables and workshops, garages may have sleep outs and commercial buildings, offices and accommodation.
Custom built sheds are made to order, prefabricated off site and erected by experienced construction teams.

I helped Tim Burkholder assemble this shed for a client when I was in BC building sheds for him this year. Once in a while we like to stop by a year or so after we build a shed to see what the new owners have done with their landscaping.
Drawing on over 25 years in the construction industry, our builders and engineers are up to any project. This way the integrity of the building is upheld and the costing is confirmed before the quote is prepared.

MINE ARE BUILT MORE LIKE YOUR HOME THAN A BACKYARD SHEDI CAN BUILD WHAT YOU WANTDon't settle for a lightweight dropped-off-the-back-of-a-truck shed. The french double doors let it lots of light and the cedar shakes add a lovely country charm.

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custom built sheds arizona 2014

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