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Backyard & Beyond, LLC is a family business located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, owned and operated by three generations of Amish.
Some of our custom built garden structures appear on foreign turf and many of our products have been featured in outdoor and garden shows and expos. Using our modular kennel panels, you can build virtually any size and shape of custom dog kennel, dog run, or enclosure. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor dog, it’s easy to find a cheap dog kennel for sale online. The principle owner of Backyard & Beyond had previously made fine furniture and cabinets and has expanded the same traditional quality craftsmanship to all of our outdoor lines. Danny's Home Improvements has designed and custom built numerous outdoor decks and other outdoor build applications like custom handicap ramps, and outdoor firepit benches. Danny's Home Improvement's custom deck building and related outdoor living construction ranges from simple and functional to creative and elaborate.
Our experience includes the building of single level decks, multi-tiered decks, elevated decks, multi-level decks, patio and patio deck extensions, sun rooms and screened rooms, hot tub, gazebo, and seasonal rooms. Traditional long-lasting treated lumber wooden deck designs for single level decks, multi-tiered decks, elevated decks, multi-level decks, patio and patio deck extensions. Trex composite decking guarantees a long-lasting lifespan free from fading and retaining its quality natural look.
Danny's Home Improvements has extensive experience with wrap-around, cement, brick and step porch rebuilding, remodeling, and refurbishment services.
Firepit benches, custom hot tub shacks, sheds, pool utility buildings, and outdoor kitchens, Call Danny's First - You'll Love The Price!. Danny's Heat-Air & Home Improvements is a professional custom wood deck building and composite deck building company in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Danny's Heat-Air & Home Improvements provides home improvement custom deck building and remodeling services to the following Hampton Roads, Virginia cities and counties of Williamsburg, James City County, York County - Yorktown, Newport News, Poquoson, Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Isle of Wight,and Suffolk, VA. Add timeless personality to any setting with the classic barn-style shed which we call the High Barn. The added height of the hip roof line, combined with a loft features lots of storage space for those seasonal knick knacks that you’d like to tuck out of sight.

The optional ramp makes parking your garden tractor in this barn shaped structure an easy task! Pressure treated wood is a standard feature with any of our buildings because it will not rot with ground contact, and will increase the life of the building by a substantial amount. The floor joists are treated for the same reason as the skids mentioned above, because they are close to ground level and it protects against moisture, rotting, and in some cases even types of insects.
Standard on almost all our buildings, Dakota’s roof trusses and walls are framed 16” OC (on center) to give a building more support and resistance against regular everyday use or high winds.
Felt is the layer installed under roofing, and provides an extra protection underneath the shingles against the weather. Our buildings are topped with top of the line shingles to help protect your invest and offer a high-end look to your storage building. A standard option on all Dakota Storage Buildings, OSB Roof Sheeting is an economical and dependable alternative to traditional plywood. Dutch Lap siding is a vinyl material, and has flat panels overlapping each other with a decorative groove between the laps. Our reputation with quality exterior structures precedes us, and we feel our success is highlighted by the workmanship of our products. Our work is wide-ranging and we serve not just the Lancaster area, but throughout all of The United States.
Our structures have been featured in a variety of shows including the Philadelphia Flower Show.
One of our experienced project managers will work with you to create a professional outdoor environment tailored to fit your budget.
Our expertise also includes custom design and build outdoor-use costruction services such as gazebos, handicap ramps, firepit benches, and hut tub huts, for example. A few other benefits with fiberglass doors are that they do not twist, warp, or rot out at the bottom and will create a better seal for a building.
Allow fresh, natural sunlight and air to cascade through our durable, well-built and long-lasting windows. Treating lumber to give it a much longer shelf life is done by forcing liquid chemicals inside the wood to protect it from natural decay.

Most competitor buildings will include 24” OC walls and trusses, but while this isn’t exactly a shaky structure still doesn’t make it quite as strong as we can guarantee with 16” OC. Expertly crafted, OSB Roof Sheeting the provides advanced strength and durability that you’d expect from Dakota Storage Buildings. This groove increases strength, and adds a visually appealing reveal line that creates a deeper shadow line.
Even in moderate climate, incorrect ventilation can lead to structural deficiencies and deterioration of key building components. There are different reasons, but one of them is because this type of flooring is engineered to resist large amounts of moisture and exposure and so performs super in wet conditions. Our products are truly built to last, and whether you are looking to add an accessory to your exterior space right here in Lancaster, or you seek a custom structure in your area, we are your source!
We are known for our array of products, including our famous Amish sheds, and we are dedicated to producing the finest exterior structure that money can buy. As exampled in the image to the left, you can navigate through all of the photos by moving your mouse to the upper right hand corner of the large photo to display menu to move back, forwards or close. We do have a building design that varies with 24” OC trusses, but have found specifically engineered scissor trusses that has the same amount of great support and strength as the 16” OC. It has a 4” panel exposure and comes with any choice of color, as well as being included on any standard installation. All Dakota Storage Buildings include two vents (ridge vents on Premium) to promote increased ventilation. The best part is that if this flooring does get wet, once it dries out it will not warp but stay level and flat.
Placement of the vents varies depending on the building model, but most are installed in the gables of the shed or garage.

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custom built sheds hampton roads ymca

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