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Whether you call them custom sheds, garden sheds, wooden sheds, or storage sheds, New England homeowners know that a durable, well-built shed is an important feature on their properties.
Our sheds are known for their quality materials, lasting durability, and precise workmanship. Nantucket Sheds are carried by many garden centers, nurseries, landscaping centers, and home improvement stores throughout New England. Once you have selected the right shed for your property, our expert builders will deliver the pre-cut, wooden 'kit' to your address and construct the shed on site. Each custom shed can be built in various sizes and additional options are available for each shed design. These exceptionally durable fiber glass-based 3-tab shingles with a high tear strength rating are the perfect choice for our wooden sheds.

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Here at Mega Sheds North Wales we specailise in manufacturing custom built garden buildings for may uses. At Custom Garden Sheds, we would like all our customers to know that we now do Shed Roof Repairs.
Are you looking for something that adds value to your property such as a upmarket stylish garage or may be something more? If your thinking of recladding that old weather board house, give us a call for a free measure and quote all cladding is cut to length and easy to install. Our custom sheds are perfect for storing garden supplies, yard tools, lawn & yard equipment, and other goods.

You can contact our 21 shed dealers in Massachusetts, including Cape Cod and Nantucket, or in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.
We offer many different shed sizes, shed styles, and additional options that may be added to your custom shed.

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custom garden sheds toronto nsw

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