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These small, well-designed little backyard houses are actually much better looking and more detail oriented than a basic box, without forsaking the modern, prefab style.
The smallest design is the MatchBox, a studio that packs a kitchen, living room and bath into 400 square feet. What I really liked about these designs (besides the sleek, cool look) was the space allocated for a mechanical area within the house, which is sometimes lacking in other small house designs. Essential – half bath, open floor plan, garage-style door – with basic finishes, this works for a retreat, office, studio, or future living quarters.  Easy to upgrade to full finish package over time or do it yourself. Complete – full kitchen, full bath, built-ins, one level – this is the complete finish package, move-in ready. Luxe – upgraded kitchen cabinets, countertops, bath tile package, and diamond polished concrete floors. Backyard Box also offers a larger design called the BigBox, and they can also create a CustomBox for your backyard or lot.
Founder Sloan Ritchie launched Backyard Box in response to the cultural shifts taking place today where consumers find themselves in need of a little extra space for a home office or studio, aging parents or boomerang kids, income via a new rental property, or a mix of these over time. Sloan has been at the forefront of green and sustainable building in the Seattle area for several years, building some of Seattle’s first LEED certified homes. All Backyard Boxes are designed and built to Passive House standards, the most advanced energy efficiency practices anywhere in the world. Pricing includes everything except foundation and utility hookups, as that will vary depending on your lot. Expanded distribution now includes the West Region: Washington, Oregon, California, British Columbia, Nevada, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Very nice place though, in all seriousness, but its more or less an actual house itself (for those accustomed to small-space living).
Blowing a third or so of your square footage on a hallway lined with doors (and therefore unusable for anything but passage) in a home this small is crazy.

Thank Ghu I’m not the only one to see the faults in this design, Brillo you are so right, front door. Put the door where the hallway between bathroom mechanical room is and you would gain enough space to put in a washer & dryer. You have a very limited amount of room in which to walk around in, place furniture, store things, and just generally live. Nice but you could probably get 90% of the effect at 50% of the price by having a modular builder build a single module home.
I like the big windows for solar but its too pricey for me and flat roof out of the question for in my location.
Underfloor heating is actually wonderfully efficient, and geothermal even more so, although the up-front cost is much higher. Also, the extended roof lines, building height, window placement and other design elements are all critical to passive solar design that is the main design element this architect is prioritizing so that he or she can use fewer resources in the day to day operations of the house. This would be an excellent design to add a solarium to the south side that forces hot air through duct work around the house to heat in the Winter and cool in the Summer. Backyard Box, a company based in Seattle, designs and builds small prefab houses that can be used in many ways: as a rental income property, guest house, home office, mother-in-law apartment or a tiny house. All the Box homes are eco-friendly, and every Backyard Box incorporates sustainable features, such as pre-wiring for solar power, super-insulated walls and windows, non-toxic paints, and rain screen siding.
Having developed his own backyard into a single family home, Sloan saw an incredible opportunity to help other local homeowners make the most of their home investment and living choices. He and his experienced design team are dedicated to pushing the envelope in sustainability and energy efficiency, environmentally appropriate material selection, and innovative development practices – at affordable prices.
He is a Certified Passive House Consultant, member of the US Green Building Council, Cascadia Chapter GBC, Built-Green, Solar Washington, Passive House Northwest, and the NW Eco-Building Guild. They did it after WW2 and there are subdivisions filled with these small homes all over the USA.

A larger design is the SandBox, a one story backyard cottage with kitchen, living room, bathroom and one bedroom. Backyard Box homes reflect a personal commitment and passion for sustainable, quality living.
He is currently serving as the President of the Central Puget Sound (Seattle) Chapter of the NW Eco-Building Guild. The base models come complete with high-end durability and sustainable features including rain screen siding, solar PV pre-wiring, standing seam metal roof, and the most energy efficient designs in the world. When IR furnaces where lauched (Remember end table sized) the need for a small hot water heater could be placed in the kitchen, next to the stacked washer dryer.
Unless this design draws power from the sun it can only be viewed as a rich man’s folley. They can be left natural to weather gracefully to a dove grey, Sealed to hold its patina and give it a glow or painted to dress up even further.
It is 600 square feet and is designed for simple and minimalist living on one level, and will fit on most city lots at just 17 by 37 feet.
Each of these houses are custom architect-designed and you can choose from three finish levels.
And the inexperienced architects try at small, like in the 70’s when American car manufacters got the message and tried small cars.

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