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The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about. Thank You For Dropping In Since 1976, I am fortunate to earn a living in enjoyable redwood sign carving.
It’s a coptic hand-bound wooden book,  70 lbs cream linen texture paper used for the inside pages, and natural handmade paper for liner paper. We didn’t want just a plain bag,  we stenciled an oak tree to match their outdoor urban theme, their initials and wedding date on the bag.

The reason we used liner paper is to protect the front page get dirty from the burn wood covers. No matter how many times we tried to clean the wood, we couldn’t totally get off the burn wood stain, so having liner papers are necessary.
Making this book is a long and tedious process, but it’s feel good to see the final product!
The front page; we letterpress printed their names and wedding date, and embossed the flowers pattern on the corners.

We like the emboss effect on the paper corners, it’s not only visually interesting, and also feel good to touching it.

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custom made wooden blinds nz

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