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Click here to learn more about the special features and different types of custom hidden doors we can create. The hidden door show in this photo is a double-door unit custom sized for the opening in the room. For a free, no-obligation quote on any custom woodworking project, please call us at 972-221-9987 or send an email with your request through our contact page. A & H Custom Woodworking is located in Glendale, CA walking distance from Glendale Home Depot. Let us create custom furniture tailored to your personal taste, and designed to fit in the space available. Dallas-based Fiorenza custom furniture can be tailored to your specific needs and shipped anywhere. We began the project by building three torsion boxes, the base, the top, and the vertical side piece, and connecting those three pieces with 8 dominos at each butt joint.
We began by laminated the inside vertical face, followed by the outside vertical face, then the top surface and the lower surface. We attached the cabinet box from the inside, using a right angle drill to negotiate the tight space and drive home the screws. We attached the toe kick, which was also stained black, to the underside using pocket screws. The final product, after two coats of sanding sealer and a coat of conversion varnish, came out perfectly. The two drawer fronts were milled from one board of Walnut, so that the grain was continuous from left to right. Jackie, We can customize this TV stand in any number of ways, either with open shelving instead of drawers, or with castors instead of a fixed base.
As a weekend woodworker who only occaisionally gets into the shed I appreciated the time you have taken to create this post.
Custom Desks Commercial, DesksDavid Stine specializes in custom desks handcrafted with sustainably harvested hardwoods, like walnut, cherry, oak, and sycamore.

Madison Executive Desk DesksThe Madison Executive Desk is a stunning piece in our wood slab furniture collection.
Partners’ Desk DesksThe Partners’ Desk is a beautiful piece of custom solid wood furniture.
Walnut Slab Desks DesksOur extraordinary custom walnut slab desks feature single board tops of highly figured sustainably harvested walnut. Cherry Slab Desk DesksThis cherry slab desk features an extraordinary single board top of sustainably harvested live-edge Illinois cherry. Walnut Console Desk Available Now, Consoles, DesksThis beautiful Walnut Console also makes a great desk or slim dining table. Dwell Desk DesksThis extraordinary walnut slab desk made its debut at the Dwell on Design Show in Los Angeles. Towson Desk DesksThis striking live-edge desk features a single slab top of sustainably harvested spalted Sycamore. Block Island Desk DesksDavid Stine handcrafts many pieces of eco-friendly office furniture.
Budington Reception Desk DesksThe Budington Reception Desk is one of David Stine’s pieces of sustainable office furniture. Lowder Desk DesksDavid Stine specializes in crafting wood furniture, handmade from sustainably harvested wood. Providence Desk DesksThe Providence Desk is an exquisite example of David Stine’s unique wood furniture. A home office with custom cabinets and moldings can make a meaningful statement about the type of business you own, as well as add form and functionality to help improve your day to day operations. Whether you need a secret door to hide valuables behind or just want to camouflage the opening between two rooms, we can create a custom hidden door that fits your needs and personal taste.
The finished piece features adjustable shelves for a variety of books, and the paint is custom matched for the room. Like a new born baby, this cantilevered glue-up would collapse under its own weight, so at all times we had to make sure we had a support of some kind holding the top piece up.

We used a butt joint to join the three torsion boxes, but as you can see in the picture, we used miter joints on the 4 corners on both faces and at the 4 corners on the ends. We veneer all of our projects using a vacuum bag, but in this instance, that was pretty much out of the question.
As mentioned in the beginning of this entry, the cabinet box was stained using a thinned out black stain concentrate. We didn’t want to use any push-to-open ball-bearing slides because they require a decent sized gap between the back of the drawer front and the front of the box, which would have looked quite unsightly. Click the image to view a larger photo, or select any of the thumbnail images below to see more examples of secret doors. Customer satisfaction has been our number one priority for all these years therefore we are still the number one custom woodworking location in Glendale, CA. A month or so later we delivered another end table, two coffee tables, a small office sitting table, and the project you see below, a TV stand.  Each of the pieces were unique from each other and from anything else we have ever built.
We had to clamp the veneer flat, but we still had to support the overhanging upper portion the entire time. The thinned out black stain gave a rich, dark color to the walnut without muddying the grain. The solution we decided upon was to route a finger pull into the bottom edge of each drawer front.
The clients were also an an integral part of the design process, refining each piece until the perfect shape and size was achieved. This was accomplished by having a person hold the upper portion while the veneer on the lower portion was being applied and clamped. Once that process was completed, a support was inserted to hold up the top while the veneer dried.

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