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The Storm shed is designed for high wind areas and complies with W60 cyclonic conditions and so will obtain council approvals in tropical cyclone areas like Darwin, Cairns, Broome and high wind areas in other parts of Australia. You are currently seeing Australia’s only garden shed that is rated to Region D Category 2 cyclonic conditions. All those that know and experience those fierce cyclonic storms can now rest in the knowledge that, with their purchase of the all new StormSHED, their garden shed won’t end up in someone else’s backyard. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Spacesaver Garden Shed is designed for maximum strength and manufactured from low maintenance ribbed steel sheeting. ABSCO sheds are engineered to withstand non-cyclonic conditions, come with pre-punched holes for fast assembly and safety edges as standard.
The delivery company will pickup your order and take it to the closest Depot to your location (see listed below of Free Shipping Depots below). If you are outside this range, we can still deliver for $89 as long as within 100km from our depots below (around 70 throughout Australia). When your shed arrives, they will call you on your given phone number to arrange delivery to your house. Absco windows are made up of two clear Perspex panels that slide along the moulded plastic frame. The flooring kits are modular to allow for multiple kits to be joined together to provide the required base size for your shed.
Capable of holding 250Kg, this 5 tier shelf can accomodate all heavy-duty items that need storing. Capable of holding over 1 tonne, this rack can accomodate all heavy-duty items that need storing.
Aussie Outdoor offers the Dunnrite range of cyclonic rated buildings, developed and proven in far North Queensland to stand up to tough conditions.
Incorporating high strength components designed to exceed engineering specifications for cyclonic areas, Aussie Outdoor offers some of the strongest sheds on the market.

Aussie Outdoor cyclonic rated sheds come in kit form with all components and accessories included. You can choose to assemble your industrial shed and save, or contact your local Aussie Outdoor distributor to help you organise a team of experienced builders to construct your building. South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), New South Wales (NSW),Queensland (QLD), Victoria, Northern Territory (NT), and Tasmania. The Storm Shed range features innovation and superior high-strength ribbed cyclone framing, making it the highest rated storm garden shed on the Australian market.
Are "made to order" and can take up to 3 weeks to complete delivery but usually arrive earlier. We offer home delivery and free delivery to depots, allowing you to pick up from any one of over 60 locations Australia wide.
Once you've decided which product you'd like to purchase, simply select "Depot delivery" from the "Delivery" drop down menu above, then select the depot you'd like to have your order delivered to, that's it! If you live within 50km's of your capital city's CBD, for a small charge you can have your order delivered directly to your home. If you live more than 50km's from your capital city's CBD and would like home delivery, please feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to arrange a delivery quote for you.
StormSHED implements EasySHED’s renowned 5 Step Assembly with only one extra step to elevate it to an aggressive, cyclone challenger! Gone is the days of having to engineer your garden shed to make it safe, it now comes directly to you door in the most compact, user friendly DIY kit available on the Australian market! All ABSCO garden sheds are covered by a 30 year warranty and their exclusive patented SNAP-TiTE® fast assembly system makes them extremely easy to assemble. If you’re not available, you can let them know where you would like them to leave your shed. Pre-measured, pre-cut and pre-treated giving long term protection from insect and fungal attack, lifting the shed up off the ground. The shelving is adjustable and has the option of connecting multiple rack units to custom space requirements.

For those living in tropical areas such as Darwin and Cairns, this is the ideal garden shed solution for you. Once your order has been delivered to the depot of your choice you will be contacted and advised that your item has arrived and is available for pick up. Once your item has been delivered to the depot in your area, you will be contacted to arrange the final dropoff at your home address.
Use for Storage, Pump Shed, Plant Shed, Tool Shed, Chemical Shed, Generator Shed, Switch Room, Supply Shed, Pool Shed, Safety Equipment Shed, any purpose that needs to survive a severe storm. This extra step simply involves attaching the innovative high-strength ribbed cyclone frame to the inside of your StormSHED which immediately brings it up to the required storm rating.
You can select a different colour for the roof and the walls, giving you greater ability to match your shed to it’s surroundings or local environment. All those that know and experience those ferce cyclonic storms can now rest in the knowledge that, with their purchase of the all new StormSHED, their garden shed won’t end up in someone else’s backyard. The window sits in the space on top of the cut down wall sheet, at the top of the wall panel. It is recommended that window be fitted in the wall panels of the shed that have a roof section overhanging them.
No garden shed on the market to date can legally sold in Darwin and some other areas of tropical Northern Australia.
Even local building authorities are placing more demands on sellers to only sell compliant building products. This range of sheds will obtain council approvals in tropical cyclone areas like Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, Darwin, Cairns, Broome and high wind areas in other parts of Australia.

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