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Data Domain Management solutions provide summary dashboards that include vital information for all systems.
Simplify deployment and operational management through easy-to-use configuration wizards, administration, monitoring, and resource utilization. EMC Data Domain Management solutions include EMC Data Domain System Manager and EMC Data Domain Management Center, enabling centralized management of EMC Data Domain systems.
The ability to move between high-level and detailed views greatly reduces the time needed to monitor and manage systems. All Data Domain systems ship with Data Domain System Manager, a Web-based, feature-rich management application.
Data Domain Management Center, an optional, virtual appliance-based solution, extends these capabilities by providing aggregate capacity, replication and performance management and reporting of multiple Data Domain systems.
Data Domain System Manager provides configuration wizards to simplify the steps required to deploy a system into production, dramatically reducing initial setup time.
Learn how to administer and monitor an EMC Avamar backup solution in single and multi-node environments. Learn how to leverage deduplication storage systems for next-generation backup, recovery, and archiving.
Learn key implementation and management tasks related to the Backup option of the Data Protection Advisor product.
Learn how to plan, architect, and deploy backup recovery solutions, including design practices for data archiving, and local and remote replication. EMC builds information infrastructures and virtual infrastructures to help people and businesses around the world unleash the power of their digital information. We are an Equal Employment Opportunity employer that values the strength diversity brings to the workplace. Choosing the right disks for your Exchange 2013 setup is a battle between cost and performance. Most email platforms depend on storage and the wrong storage options can wreak havoc on your organization.
Understanding common issues and how to avoid or fix them can improve mailbox server performance, among other tasks.
Chart to be inserted here giving comparables among these disk technologies per previous graf.
Select enterprise-class SATA disks for superior reliability characteristics, such as heat and vibration tolerance.

Exchange administrators and storage architects can generally find more enterprise-class SAS disks available with higher reliability and tolerance to physical stress than commodity SATA disks -- though this also means SAS disks can be more costly per GB than SATA equivalents. Windows systems administrators can check out this guide to see what enhancements are coming in Microsoft Windows Server 2016.
The release of Microsoft's latest server OS gives organizations a chance to rethink their IT infrastructure. An Adobe zero-day update received top billing as Microsoft released its April Patch Tuesday fixes. Desktop administrators need to know that the rules of endpoint management have changed: It's not all about PCs anymore. With recent improvements in solid-state drive technology, it's time to consider SSD devices for SQL Server storage uses. Microsoft put aside its rocky relationship with open source and will release SQL Server on Linux in mid-2017.
SQL Server 2014 includes the buffer pool extension feature, which can speed up query performance. In the ever growing digital world we are replacing traditional physical ways of storing media and information with all digital solutions with 24 hour global access and minimal physical space.
CDW has been offering IT products and solutions directly to business and governments for close to 40 years now and they have the experience, products, software and solutions to get your business requires a lot of travel and the need for access anywhere and everywhere.
The Storage Area Management (SAM) system from Tyco Electronics' enterprise networks business reduces the bulkiness of cabling and connectors in data center storage area networks by more than 80 percent, the company says, enabling high-density deployment without cabinet or infrastructure upgrades.The SAM system is now generally available and was unveiled at Brocade's Building Networks, Building Connections conference held in September.
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Summary dashboards provide vital information for all systems and present a high-level overview, with the ability to quickly drill down into system-specific views.
Both Data Domain System Manager and Data Domain Management Center also provide role-based access control to restrict management access and functionality to authorized users. Data Domain System Manager provides management and monitoring of all aspects of Data Domain systems from a single interface including file system, access protocols, data management, and integrated system control.
EMC offerings in backup and recovery, enterprise content management, unified storage, big data, enterprise storage, data federation, archiving, security, and deduplication help customers move to and build IT trust in their next generation of information management and enable them to offer IT-as-a-Service as part of their journey to cloud computing.
IT professionals can optimize an Exchange 2013 hardware infrastructure by selecting underlying disk technologies that provide a balance between storage cost, capacity and performance. Exchange 2013 mailbox storage supports SATA disks, but use of huge disks with SATA technology can pose a higher risk of data loss and exceptionally long rebuild times for RAID group members.

Cost continues to decline, but SSDs remain a high cost per GB compared to other disk types.
If you reside outside of the United States, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in the United States. From gadgets to gaming I get it all and love giving my opinions, reviews and analysis on all things tech. Choices include Serial ATA (SATA), Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS), Fibre Channel (FC) and solid state drive (SSD) devices. These factors are often more accommodating to RAID groups where performance -- which is further enhanced through the use of multiple spindles -- is more important for busy Exchange traffic than raw capacity.
While SSDs are supported by Exchange 2013, their performance is often not justified by the cost-to-capacity tradeoff. This is where data storage virtualization comes into place allowing you to group several physical storage drives into one central virtual drive. It also reduces floor space by requiring no additional front vertical, side or horizontal cable-management devices. You’ll want to manage all of this with storage management software which will be the top level piece that will control your data storage. Additionally, it combats cable-mass and slack management via its linecard-optimized hydra assemblies, Tyco Electronics explains. You will need archiving software too for files that don’t need immediate access and also for version control. The company adds that these characteristics of the SAM system provide users with easy port access, unobstructed linecard maintenance and simplified scalability. With giving access to many users to your SAN you will run into duplication information but there is data de-duplication software that an help prevent duplication and save vital and expensive storage space.
The system includes pre-labeled ports and color-coded as well as keyed trunk connections to speed up deployment and reduce connection errors.

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