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We read on a regular basis about large, successful data storage companies such as EMC, NetApp, Compellent, Xiotech, 3PAR and Isilon Systems and the storage divisions of IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Hitachi Data Systems, Oracle and Fujitsu.
Chris Preimesberger was named Editor-in-Chief of Features & Analysis at eWEEK in November 2011.
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There's such an outbreak of the nasty, hard to eliminate critters that I'd be wary of renting space in a truck where my things would easily be in close enough proximity to pick them up. I figure I could pre-treat a cube, or have it done by an exterminator before I loaded my stuff.
We don't have a lot of furniture - mainly boxes so I'm not sure we'd be able to pack it tightly to the roof.
Check out the pic on page two---we loaded up with the heavy stuff on the bottom and used as much 'filler' stuff as we could.
I didn't mind the wait all that much but I wish I had paid whatever it would have cost for a full service moving company.
I am considering getting one of those Relocubes where you have a cube that you pack yourself, lock it with your lock, and it gets delivered from your driveway to your new driveway. They seem a little small to me---but if you don't have a lot of stuff, well, then maybe it'll work for you. What I plan on doing is before we move, I plan on getting everything together we want to ship and see what size we need. Our Florida home is already fully furnished, etc, so nothing I'd move down there that would be in the cube is anything I'd need right away.

Our stuff had been moved on the truck multiple times and each move meant more damaged stuff. I read that when u originally posted it but could not verify the following information untill I recieved my trailer in Vegas. I was told by BOTH the driver AND the office that once you pack the truck it NEVER EVER gets moved from either it's place on the truck or to a different truck .
Again-I swear I don't wrok for this company--but I really gotta tell you how pleased my wife and I are. Previously he served eWEEK as Senior Writer, covering a range of IT sectors that include data center systems, cloud computing, storage, virtualization, green IT, e-discovery and IT governance. Enjoy this exclusive slideshows treat!MOUNTAIN VIEW: John Hayes, cleareyed and wild-haired, stood before his silent creation. Many of them started out small and were managed well enough to survive in a cutthroat international storage market.
Big as a slim refrigerator, it held 16 petabytes of data, roughly equal to 16 billion thick books. Was thinking of putting a flat board across the top to minimize bouncing around but don't know how you'd keep it in place. In this slide show, eWEEK has compiled a list of up-and-coming independent storage companies that have the potential to grow up and be an EMC or NetApp someday—if they don't get acquired first. His diverse resume also includes: sportswriter for the Los Angeles Daily News, covering NCAA and NBA basketball, television critic for the Palo Alto Times Tribune, and Sports Information Director at Stanford University. He has served as a correspondent for The Associated Press, covering Stanford and NCAA tournament basketball, since 1983.

He has covered a number of major events, including the 1984 Democratic National Convention, a Presidential press conference at the White House in 1993, the Emmy Awards (three times), two Rose Bowls, the Fiesta Bowl, several NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments, a Formula One Grand Prix auto race, a heavyweight boxing championship bout (Ali vs. It is so much information that Big Blue is staking its future on so-called machine learning and artificial intelligence, two kinds of pattern-finding software built to cope with all that information. A 1975 graduate of Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif., Chris has won more than a dozen regional and national awards for his work. In 10 years, a big sanitation company with sensors on its Dumpsters to manage pickups could have tens of petabytes." Pure is hardly alone in working on new ways to handle the world's immense data deluge. Mercedes AMG Petronas, the racing arm of the Daimler car company, is an early customer of the new Pure blades. The company went public in October, and since then its stock has fallen one-third from the highs reached soon after. The new flash blade product line will not be important for revenue this year, but the company's chief executive, Scott Dietzen, is hoping it will calm disappointed investors.
His old bosses at the karaoke company, backed by venture capitalists, were looking at a way to use flash, and needed a good coder.

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