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Im training my shed hunting dog to find whitetail deer sheds and once I plant one and he brings it back he just stays there waiting for me to throw it. Keaton Heath, 14, of Pittsfield, heads out in to the woods at this time of year to hunt for antlers shed by deer or moose.
While waiting for shed season to get here, I've done a lot of different things - worked hard in my teaching job, built a few projects, and have even bought some big antlers.
I wanted to get out and see what sheds were in a brand new area that I'd never walked before. Hey guys, with the request of several great guys,I’m writing this story about Shed Hunting. Hi, I am Gregory Beckman, as the main owner of Military Hunting and Fishing let me tell you a little bit more about myself.
Thank you for joining our site, and I look forward to interacting and sharing stories of our hunting adventures. This year the Big Top's Friday Cabaret with Slightly Fat Features bringing their variety show of comedy and cabaret with a two hour show.
He is also an expert in the technology, desktop programming, web programming and database theory. Finding a shed laying on the ground is an amazing feeling, a sense of accomplishment that's hard to put into words.
I practice this all the time,sometimes I even take a shed with me on them short walks with my daughter out in the woods just back of the house.

Traveling the world I have had the chance to experience the wonders of nature in many different places, meeting many different people and tasting wild game that the normal person would not get to experience.
Comedian Justin Moorhouse fills the Saturday night slot, with visual comedian Steve Best , Mrs Barbara Nice with a brand new show, hospital radio DJ Ivan Brackenbury , spirit medium Ian D Montfort , and comedy magician Steve Price all also confirmed. I will cover the entire field edge and then I will walk X crosses back and forth every 20 to 30 yards throughout the entire field. I have been an active duty member for seven years and counting, traveling the world, and defending my country! Although these experiences have kept me away from home, it has instilled a deep passion of hunting and fishing in my blood. On Sunday in The Dock Stage Deer Shed's cinema takes over with the Machines theme featuring 'WALL.
However, as the sport of deer hunting has grown over the years, and deer populations are thriving, more hunters are being driven by an opportunity to bring home a buck they can put in the record books.
Most of the winters are pretty rough here in buffalo, so sheds are usually found in the fields. My experiences have shaped the way that I see the world and my memories will stick with me for a lifetime.
Early on Saturday and Sunday morning the Lodge Stage hosts a selection of storyteller with The Flanagan collective presenting 'The. Man caves across the country are featuring big bucks on their walls as trophies of the sport they love.

After finding my first set of sheds over 20 years ago, it never gets old and I soak in everything that nature has to offer. Any field that leaves standing corn in it for the winter is a great place to look for sheds. Lets face it guys,we are the common every day guy and are not TV hunters looking for sheds in a fenced in deer farms. Serious hunters go as far as managing parcels of land with the specific goal of growing big bucks, with big antlers.
I will watch my areas several times a week to see what bucks are where, I cannot stress how important scouting is.
Once the season closes, many hunters keep trail cameras out, and wait to see when the bucks on their property have. I do this to try and bury the antler so I get used to just spotting a tip or part of the antler.
As a buck eats they will often shake their heads, hence if his antlers are getting soft enough, there is a good chance they will pop off.

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