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BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR ORDER PLEASE CLICK THE RED TAB ON THE LEFT SIDE OF YOUR SCREEN AND FILL OUT AN APPLICATION! Exposed nails are ring shank & galvanized for maximum strength, which means no rust spots. Choose high quality 30-Year Metal Roof or 30-year architectural shingle roof – Same Price.
This feature gives our buildings the hame strength as 16 inch on center walls, but increases the seal of our buildings.
The 8′-wide model features a single door, the larger models include double wood doors.

Let the Professionals At Simpco Help!We can help you pick out the perfect building to suit your needs and get the best options available to you. It combines the best features of the lofted barn and cabin, but offers 3 windows and a wrap around porch. See your dealer for details)Treated Buildings are finished with a water resistant stain at no extra charge.Wall studs are 24 inch on center, and DOUBLED under siding seams. Standard features include a single wood door in the 8′-wide, and a double wood door in larger models. Standard features include a single door in the 8′-wide, and a double door in larger models.

The standard extra high walls make it an ideal solution for a small office, a family getaway, or playhouse. The 8′ wide model features a single metal door, the larger models include a double metal door.

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derksen portable buildings waco tx

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