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A kitchen with a lavatory at one end a€“ it would be hard to imagine a more unsanitary place to live.This unappealing arrangement is what planning officers found when they investigated outbuildings that they suspected fell foul of planning laws. The Council's action in Cambridge comes at a time of growing controversy over the use of garden sheds to house low-paid immigrants in areas where property commands high prices.The city has a large student population but East Angliaa€™s agriculture and food processing sectors have proved a strong magnet for thousands of Eastern European immigrants.
Yesterday a chef from the Czech Republic said he has lived in another concrete outbuilding since May and said he was a€?very happya€™ there.
Landlord Tony Waite clashed with his local authority when he built a back garden chalet bungalow with three bedrooms, a lounge, a kitchen and a bathroom on the site of an old garage. But when council bosses told him they intended to take enforcement action, he removed the kitchen and placed it in a nearby outbuilding, which was already equipped with a toilet. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Three underground tombs, along with a wealth of ancient artefacts, have been discovered near the city of Soli in Cyprus. Jarek Sluka, 32, who moved to Britain eight years ago, said: a€?When I come back from work ita€™s nice to be able to rest here. He claimed this showed that the new buildinga€™s residents used facilities in the main house and it was therefore not separate accommodation.
Among them was this intricateA wreath in the shape of an ivy plantWhile two of the tombs were found untouched, the third was empty, and archaeologists believe this may due to looting.'All these finds indicate to a high level of wealth and power,' Dr Hazar Kaba, an archaeologist from Ankara University in Turkey, told The Huffington Post in an email. Also it was not just the numbers that surprised us but also the quality, variation, and wide geographic import range of each find.'One of the tombs contained the remains of a man, woman, and young girl.
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This shed was also attached to the back fence line on the angle, so it could be driven into from the back rd.
Mr Waite, who has two tenants in the outhouse and two in the bungalow, claimed the toilet was installed for people working on the site and the kitchen was not properly fitted.a€?The kitchen was temporary and was moved into the shed holding the toilet so the tenants didna€™t have to all use the kitchen in the main house,a€™ he said. The discovery, in Hounslow, west London, led borough leaders to believe there may be 20,000 sheds rented out to 50,000 immigrants.

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discovery shed online streaming 365

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