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Using some Parallax processing power Joe was able to monitor his garage doors to make sure it wasn’t forgotten in the open position.
The following instructions for converting your garage door to a high lift system are written for only the confident mechanic. Most residential garage doors use less than 54" of high lift to fit in garages with ceilings that are 12' high or less.
For example, if you are converting from extension springs to high lift track and torsion springs, you will also need additional hardware including the shaft, end bearing plates and the center support bracket.
If you have a Clopay or Ideal EZ-Set torsion spring system you will need to convert to standard torsion hardware, which includes end bearing plates and the spring anchor bracket (or brackets if you have a coupled shaft on a wider door). A third type of door system needing additional parts is the Wayne Dalton Torquemaster torsion spring assembly. 2.1 In order to fabricate a custom high lift track assembly and to determine the cable length and springs needed, you will need to provide us with the information in this and the following steps.
2.3 Measure the distance from the floor to the ceiling at both ends of that garage door opening. 2.4 Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the straight portion of the horizontal track. You'll also want to consider the wind of the spring if you have only one, and conversion from one to two springs if that becomes necessary. 3.2 Second, assume that the cone is going to slip or explode as you unwind and wind the spring.
4.1 If you already had an operator on your garage door, dismount it and remove it from the garage door.
4.6 Remove the end bearing plate on the other side of the garage door from the horizontal track and the garage door header.
4.11 You will want to keep the spring anchor bracket since you can reuse it for your new torsion springs on your high lift garage door.
4.15 Remove the bushing that was inside the stationary cone if it did not already come out. 4.21 The nail here will keep the top section of the garage door from falling over when we remove the horizontal track. 4.23 Remove the bolts that secure the horizontal track to the flag bracket just above the top of the vertical track. 4.30Remove the bolt that connects the horizontal track to the flag bracket above the garage door.
5.2 Extend this line up the whole length of the flag bracket, using the inside edge of the flag bracket as a straightedge. 5.11 Using a stud finder, look about an inch to the outside of the line you drew before for studs.
5.13 Place the high lift track extension over the roller and line it up with the line you drew previously. 5.14 Mark the slots of the high lift track where you will secure the high lift extension to the wall. 6.1 Secure the bottom portion of the high lift track to the top of the vertical track as shown. 6.2 If you are securing the high lift track to a surface with drywall, you will want to have extra long 3-inch lag screws. 6.6 If necessary, drill a hole for a second track bolt to connect the vertical track to the high lift conversion kit. 7.1 From the back end of your horizontal track, measure the distance of your high lift conversion (that is, how much higher your garage door will open). 7.7 Since the top of the high lift track is farther from the jamb than the top of the vertical track was, the horizontal track angle will need to be extended to reach the vertical high lift angle.
7.10Connect the horizontal track to the top slot of the high lift plate with a track bolt, but do not tighten the bolt. 7.13 If the track is not level, adjust the position of the bolt that connects the horizontal track angle to the angle extension.
7.15 Depending on your garage door, the high lift conversion track may overlap with the horizontal track. 7.16 If there is an overlap, remove your piece of high lift conversion track from the high lift plates. 7.17 Reinstall the high lift track, checking to make sure that the pieces of track do not overlap.
7.21 If you cannot bring the end bearing plate closer to the wall without overlapping with the high lift angle iron, you will need toremove the end bearing plate and trim part of the high lift angle. 7.25 Place your new high lift cable drum over the race of the bearing to make sure that there will be enough room without the cable drum rubbing against the ceiling. 9.2 Slide the new torsion spring on the shaft with the stationary cone going to the bearing. 10.1 Insert the bolts in the stationary cones of the new torsion spring, and insert the bolts in the slots on the spring anchor bracket. 10.2 Forcing the cones by tightening the bolts may break a cone if it is catching on a bearing. 10.3 If you cannot get the stationary cones to finger-tighten against the center bracket, we recommend installing washers between the winding cone that houses the bearing and the spring bracket. 10.9 If you are installing a jackshaft garage door opener like this one, you may need to do so now. 10.11 Finger tighten the set screws on the cable drum until the drum will not turn on the shaft. 10.13 A frequent problem for do-it-yourselfers and inexperienced garage door repairmen is getting the end of the cable to properly seat in the slot of the cable drum. 10.14 Bending the cable will help you avoid problems with the tip at the end of the cable catching on the end bearing plate and causing the cable to come off and the garage door to jam, cock, or fall.
10.15 After inserting the cable in the cable drum, twist the shaft to wrap the cable around the cable drum. 10.16 While pulling on the cable drum to keep the cable taut, vise grip the shaft so it cannot turn. 10.19 If that happens, twist down on the cable drum and slide the cable back in the grooves. 10.20 While pulling down on the cable drum to keep the cable taut, finger tighten the set screws. 12.4 Another option for stopping the roller at the end of the track is to put a piece of angle iron as a plug as shown in this picture.
Contact the following companies for residential and industrial garage doors, openers and repairs in your local area. I started this project because I wanted to conceal the garage door opener from plain sight while at the same time not having to worry about replacing the battery forever. If your garage door remote only has 1 button, or you only use one button then go with the basic configuration diagram. 6B3.Connect a black wire from 85 on the relay to the black wire of LM317T voltage regulator or connect it directly to ground. Of course there are other ways to do this mod, but if you do decide to wire it differently, just don’t put constant power on the LM317T voltage converter.

One possible way to create extra space in your tiny garage is to install a vehicle lift like the SuperLifts SR-7H shown above. On one hand, this just seems so wrong: converting a perfectly good garage — or workshop! The Now That’s Nifty blog reports on photo tarpaulins from the German company Style Your Garage.
If you don’t want to do your garage door, the company also has similar products for standard doors and windows. What’s the word in Toolmonger land regarding the pros and cons of insulating garage doors?
The ShelterLogic Garage Screen installs across your open garage bay door to allow breezes and more light into your garage. The Garage Screen is available in widths for both single and double garage doors, roughly $80 and $120 respectively. Rust-Oleum’s Epoxyshield products include a garage floor coating that comes in gray or tan semi-gloss finish.
Shawn { just my two cents, never owned a B&S but I do own a Craftsman mower with a Honda engine.
Garage door cable drums are found on the ends of the torsion shaft and look like metal wheels or hubs.
Torque Force 400-96 cable drums are four inches in diameter and are most commonly used for residential garage doors up to eight feet high.
Make your door extremely quiet by upgrading to Torque Force 400-144 garage door cable drums. Their wider grooves hold thicker cables and allow for more separation between the cables.
If you have any questions about choosing the right garage door cable drum, or you need help understanding the proper way to replace your drums, call us at 1-866-813-7899. Once you've figured out where the old button switch is, trace the contacts to figure out where to solder on the new switch wires. If you've done it correctly, you can press the new switch and it will light up the LED on the opener. After struggling with that for a bit, I found it to be much easier to thread the harness through the opening, and plugging the switch in this way.
Now just slip everything back, mount the garage door opener and the battery to the inside wall of the center console with some double sided tape, and button everything back up. Using a Parallax Pink module the system is able to produce a Web page so that the door status can be checked from anywhere. As you can see the track extension is pitched on the left to prevent the door from binding on the header as the door opens and closes. On these garage doors, the entire torsion assembly will need to be replaced with a new shaft, spring anchor bracket, and end bearing plates. The directions below hopefully will help guide you in safely converting your door to a high lift system, but there are no guarantees.
This can be done by placing a level at the junction of the horizontal and vertical track, holding it level, and measuring the distance between the bottom of the the horizontal track and the level as shown. Sometimes the door gets stuck on the track and shaking the door will give you the proper weight. In these instructions we replaced a single spring with another single spring that had the same wind. If you are converting to two springs, or if you already have two springs, we recommend reviewing our instructions for replacing garage door springs. If you do not use the right tools and follow safe procedures, you could lose fingers, limbs or even your life. If you have a drawbar opener on your garage door, remove it before converting to high lift hardware. Since high lift garage doors need to be held open by the torsion springs even after the door has been opened, you need new torsion springs. The shaft should sit on the angle connecting the horizontal shaft to the flag bracket as shown.
If you do not have a slotted spring anchor bracket, you do not need to remove it from the shaft for the high lift conversion.
Start by removing the bolts that connect the horizontal track to the flag bracket just above the vertical track. This will give you a general idea of where you will want to secure the new sections of the high lift track. You will need these instructions for cutting your tracks, but for assembling them we recommend our watching our Garage Door High Lift Track Assembly YouTube video. In this picture I am using a special angle iron cutter, but you can use a hack saw instead.
If you do not have a slotted spring anchor bracket, wait to do the next few steps until you have the rest of the hardware on the shaft. If it is not level, it can cause the stationary cone of the torsion spring to crack or cause the bearing to cut into the shaft.
If the shaft is bulging, distorted, or has paint on it, you may need to file the shaft to install the bushing. If you are installing a pair of springs, slide the second spring onto the shaft on the other side of the bearing. Note that this cable drum is painted black since it is on the right side of the garage door.
Winding garage door springs with cracked cones can cause the springs to spin loose and the bars to fly. This is a common problem with torsion springs on older Windsor garage doors because their steel bearings are often wider and they extend beyond the stationary cone. The closer the drums are to the top of the door, the more cable there will be to wrap on the drums. If you lose count of how many turns your have on the torsion spring as you wind it, you can count the number of times the white paint strip wraps around the spring. If you are installing an opener, you can go ahead and follow the manufacturer's instructions to set it up. Probably more often than not they are professional people – engineers, doctors, lawyers – who need extra space for their Porsches or Lamborghinis.
Your garage door opener has more than one button, and you would like the other buttons to remain functional.
If your alarm system has an extra channel, you can integrate this mod to your alarm system and use your key fob to open your garage door. Prices are $225 for the single-door garage versions, and $439 and up for the double-door and triple-door garage versions. The picture above shows the beginning of an installation using a reflective foil kit, one of the apparently three main DIY approaches (the other two being foam panels and fiberglass rolls).
I never thought twice about these until Sean installed one and I realized how incredibly convenient they are.
One solution some folks turn to is an epoxy coating for the garage floor, which protects against stains, is (relatively) easy to clean, and reflects more light for those under-engine jobs. Cable drums help the garage door remain balanced and level as cables wrap around the drums.

With a weight capacity of 375 pounds, they can be used on heavier garage doors up to 12 feet high.
This prevents any rubbing, as well as the noise that is commonly heard during the last two feet of opening. There you will find many How To videos that will guide you step by step through your next DIY garage door project. Subract the space you will need above your garage door for lights, an opener, or other objects. If you provide your spring dimensions, door height and cable drum information, we will determine the weight of the door.
Digital scales tend to be less accurate because they usually do not change the displayed weight after it makes the initial calculation. To avoid injury clutch the bars firmly on the ends furthest away from the cones and stand securely on a sturdy ladder, not on chairs or cans turned upside down. Keep your hands away from the cones so that if and when the winding bar slips out of the cone and your hand jerks up, the cone doesn't rip your flesh or wrap your clothes and body parts into the spring.
NOTE: Even if you are installing two springs for your high lift torsion assembly, you will not need a second bushing. If you cannot find a stud, you may need to remove drywall and add studs to provide material for securing the high lift hardware.
This will keep the portion of high lift track from sliding down too low when you go to secure the angle iron to the wall. Ideally, the horizontal track will be supported at about six inches from the end of the track. Therefore, you want to mount the diagonal piece of angle on the outside of the horizontal track.
The right wind spring goes on the left side of the door and has red paint on the winding cone, and the left wind spring goes on the right side of the door and has black paint on the winding cone. Finger tighten nuts on bolts until the stationary cone is flush against the center bearing plate.
Since most high lift garage doors do not have a lot of space on the sides, you may also have trouble installing the opener.
For example, the cable on a door with 54 inches of high lift will wrap only half way around the outer groove of the drum. For instructions on winding a single torsion spring, go to step 65 of our Single Torsion Spring Replacement tutorial. By the time they order the hardware from us, they have already ordered – or have located – the lift needed to raise their car into that empty space where their opener once was. On the other hand, when you read about the circumstances of its owner, Michelle de la Vega, and how she acted as a general contractor and went to welding school to learn how to build furniture and architectural fixtures, you start thinking that this is kinda neat. Its reviews on Amazon were generally favorable, although many panned the installation instructions. It installs with a Velcro-like tabs, and tie-up storage allows the garage door to open and close with it installed. Also, it needs to be applied and aired out when the air temperature is around 65-80 degrees F, so now’s a good time for a lot of people to do this project.
Residential and light commercial garage doors use drums with a four-inch diameter, while heavier doors use five-inch drums. A drum can sometimes slip, causing one side to be higher than the other so the door won’t seal on the ground. However, because the Torque Force 400-144 drum is wider, it provides more surface area for gripping the torsion bar and reduces the risk of a slip.
Because the Torque Force 400-144 and Torque Force 400-96 are both four inches in diameter, there will be no change to your spring configuration or size. The drum is cast aluminum alloy 4" in diameter and 13" in circumference around the flat portion. This method will work only if you are certain of the dimensions and that the door worked fine with the existing spring or springs. You will need to check the area above your header for studs or pads for mounting the spring anchor bracket, as well as the track angle that supports the track extension.
The winding cone with red paint on it is normally installed on the left side of the center support bracket, and the spring with black paint on the winding cone is installed on the right side of the bracket. I've had many of the older cones spin loose from my bars, the last one generating an $1800 emergency room bill. If the new torsion spring is left wind, the right side of this shaft will go on the right side of the garage door. Note: If you install two springs, you need only one bushing or bearing if you have only one spring anchor bracket.
The cable tip should fit completely inside the drum, with the rounded part facing out so the tip can't scrape the end bearing plate. On a door with only seven inches of high lift, each cable will wrap around all the tapered grooves except for the last seven inches of each. If you are installing two springs, see section 10 of our Torsion Spring Replacement tutorial.
They should haveinformation written on them on the inside of the drum (as pictured) or on the rim of the drum (the part that has black and white paint on it in the picture). If your cones are like any of these, or if they have more than 2" of play, leave the job of installing torsion springs to a professional. A ruler and a file may also be needed, and a socket wrench and sockets would shorten the time required. Since every high lift conversion project is different, you will probably have to make slight adjustments to your kit. On the other hand, if the new torsion spring is right wind, the right side of this shaft will go on the left side of the garage door.
Squirt a stream of motor oil across the tops of the springs and rub the oil into the coils. It has all the usual stuff like architectural plan reviews, air conditioning and dehumidification systems, audio and video distribution — doesn’t your garage have CAT6 hookups and a video server rack?
The cable unwraps off the back of the drum between the drum and the wall and travels down beside the door, inside the track brackets and behind the roller stems as shown. If you have any doubts about your ability to perform the work safely, we recommend you hire a professional.
If you install a bushing or bearing in both stationary cones, you run the risk of breaking one of your cones.
If you are unsure of these distances, you can wait to cut the track until after you are done with the high lift conversion. The link below is the first of several pages showing some incredible garages, cars, and equipment.

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