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Submit an online quote here, or call us during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 7am-5pm) to discuss your project. Arbor Wood Products pole barn roof kits are available in a number of sizes, which are listed below. The pole barn roof kit includes all the material to build the barn style shown above, in the specific size that you order. All non-enclosed kits are designed with 6 x 6 pressure treated posts with at least 20% of the exposed post length in the ground.
All non-enclosed kits are designed with 6×6 pressure treated posts with at least 20% of the exposed post length in the ground.
If you are thinking about building a pole barn on your own then good planning goes a long way toward saving time and money.

Through this project I have created three things that I think will help folks take on a project like this with confidence. I also created another model where I labeled each board in the building that cross-references to the materials list. A permanent staircase or a set of pull down attic stairs can be added to access the storage area.
We have standard widths and lengths of kits prefigured for both price and material, but we can customize a roof kit in width, length or ceiling height, to accommodate your particular need.
You will have the option to choose your metal color from the many colors available on the chart included on the web site. All pole barn roof kits will have pressure treated 2 x 6 wind braces and pressure treated 2 x10 or 2 x12 beam material, depending on the barn width.

Beams are notched into the posts and secured by carriage bolts to give the maximum strength possible.
We also provide 29 ga painted metal and the matching screws, with a minimum of a 25 year guarantee for the roof and gable ends.

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diy pole barn roof angles

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