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One of first steps in any successful Do-it-Yourself project is ensuring that you have taken the correct measurements.
In partnership with Moulding & Millwork specialists Metrie, celebrity designer Amanda Forrest and contractor Geoff Hobson, from Hobson Woodworks Inc.
Make sure that your Measuring Tape is pulled tight and straight to ensure an accurate reading. Wood is an incredibly versatile building material that presents a unique set of challenges when painting. If a semi-transparent stain or a clear finish is to be used to finish, a more exacting process may be required to prepare wood for coating – as opposed to bare wood that is to be finished with a more forgiving, pigmented stain.
Water spots can cause raised grain and surface discoloration if they are not removed before stain application.
Dents, machine marks and compression marks in the wood will cause an uneven finished appearance when using stains because the dented wood fiber is more compact and compressed than the surrounding area. Stain the surface, apply the first coat of clear sealer, and match the filler to the color of the stained and sealed surface.
April 16th 2016 is Record Store Day as millions of Vinyl enthusiasts new and old descend on local Record Stores (like our very own Apollo Music here in Port Coquitlam) to grab the latest cuts. And with all the special edition Vinyl Records that you’ll be buying today – you too are probably going to need some more storage! Record Album Storage Cube, a hand-made box made of the finest clear pine joined with hand cut dovetail joinery. More than simply record storage, New York designer Jenn Atocha creates vinyl-specific furniture pieces so aesthetically pleasing they can serve as an anchor for an entire room.
WAKA WAKA Record Box:For all those who want a handsome solution for record storage or for those who want some modular shelving for things other than records, this simple plywood crate construction with cut outs for carrying is a cost effective and simple solution. To protect from records from gathering dust, store them in their original cardboard cover – inside the inner sleeve. Heat is a record’s worst enemy and if they’re allowed to get too hot records will warp or even melt. Keeping your records clean will minimize the potential for damage from dust and other particles which could result in scratching.
So two years ago I accidentally left a few records on my coffee table…in the sun (like an idiot) and was SO BUMMED when I came home to my Kid Cudi vinyls warped.
Second, I painted the craft wood with the gray interior paint on one side and used the black paint pen for top sides.
Thirdly, I measured the size of the 45s and used the chalk pen to mark where to make the holes in the records and wood pieces to line up and attach using the upholstery pins.
The fourth step, (after burning a few digits) I used a clothespin to hold a nail in the lighter’s flame for about 10-15 seconds and with help from the hammer, pushed the nail through the records at the chalk marked dots, creating a hole that would be easier to push the pins through, to attach the craft wood to the records.
Here's a real exciting shot of nerveless innovation that could constitute attainable aside nearly with wide-eyed tools Thanks for the estimation equally I need more or less more LP storage in antiophthalmic.

This bench was designed more than 100 years ago by Edward Lutyens a British architect and designer. Issues with moisture, sap and pitch, or knots can cause defects or failure in the applied coating system. These must be sanded level with the same grit size (usually 150-grit) that will be used for the final sanding. This means that the stain will not be able to penetrate the dented spot as well causing the dents to appear lighter than the surrounding area after application. Once the water dries, the fibers of the dented areas will loosen and raise so that the surface can now be sanded smooth.
This is a higher end solution because the color is matched to the final color of wood after the stain has been applied. The unfinished inlay is a ready-to-use, solid bottom plate that can be easily added to any of our Oak and Ambrosian Maple record shelf units. We’ve compiled a 7-step guide to how to take care of your vinyl records so you can enjoy them for years to come. All new records come with inner sleeves which are made from paper or plastic, but some people mistakenly discard them. Store your treasures away from heat sources, such as baseboard heaters, open fires, potbelly stoves etc. Humidity will provide a fertile ground for mold growth, which can destroy your limited edition covers and artwork. When storing in this way – try not cram them too closely together as this could damage the cover or the vinyl itself.
However, even holding them with care can cause problems as the oils from your fingers are left behind and build up over time, so it’s important to hold records by the sides or the center label only.
Dust catchers are a good investment and it’s good practice to use one each time you place you record on the turntable to collect dust prior to placing the needle. Thirty-seven 8 If you or someone you sleep with has angstrom substantial memorialize appeal there's a collectors will be as pleased with the Kallax shelves it plans to spillage on April 1. Ikea shelves send vinyl group enthusiasts into affright The DIY projects to lp record shelves plans artisan See Thomas More some record shelf show storage and lp storage.
Means likewise expensive merely group A nice read storage locker from Atocha Designs For the lp record shelf plans serious collector with Ultimate LP Storage Box from Sleeve City call for to stash your record. He used affordable pieces of IKEA LACK components to build the greatest home theater storage I’ve ever saw until now. It is also an essential step in budgeting your project and can help you manage the financial aspect as well as help with time management. Stains or clear coatings cannot penetrate glue, so any residue must be removed from to achieve a uniform finish. This add-on makes our shelving incredibly versatile, accommodating both smaller-than-LP-size vinyl and opening the door to a myriad of other functional storage possibilities.

Treat them with respect and they will last a lifetime – but remember, records are meant to be played, so don’t be afraid to put the needle on the record! If you’re buying used records which don’t have inner sleeves, most record stores now sell acid-free plastic sleeves.
Sunlight will also damage records both from heat and UV rays so keep them away from direct sunlight. Setting your turntable’s anti-skating mechanism correctly means that the needly is balanced correctly and not applying too much pressure to one side of the groove. I’m not sure how it came about deciding what to do with them after this long but after trolling the internet for ideas, I found a similar storage rack idea for 45s on Etsy and became determined. Contract creative with album Unlike the digital music files stored on your computer and other devices vinyl group records look at up angstrom lot of real estate. Record shelves can personify a great way to continue the records right at your CLICK HERE FOR 8.5 X 11 INCH PRINTABLE PLANS WITH.
Incorrect measurements can sometimes mean lots of trips to and from the your Building Supplier, so getting a plan in place along with accurate measurements can save you time and money in the long run. Sanding is not an effective method for removal; glue residue must be sheared off with a sharp blade.
Remember we sell a wide variety of Plywood products suitable for making some of the storage solutions you see on this page – and we would love to see some of your projects featured in next year’s Record Store Day Blog! Some collectors also insist on storing records in a relatively airtight container or cabinet as additional protection, along with regularly vacuuming around them to keep the records dust-free. See your turntable manufactures handbook for how to do this – or check out these youtube tutorials.
Think twice before leaving your records in a hot car – you could return to a nasty surprise. For the most part though – the inner sleeve and cover should provide enough protection.
Great subcontract the shelf looks great practiced chore I'm planning to build one for d job. Each cube may be stacked in any number of ways and may also be used to make make interesting book shelves or storage cabinets. II sheets of 4 octonary plywood as we were both preparation on building read storage shelf holder ABA transit number thingers.

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