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I don't know about you, but my craft supplies tend to find themselves shoved into boxes and bins without any rhyme or reason.
If I may suggest, without seeing the set up of your room, arrange your dinning room things on the main wall that everyone sees as they enter your home. Need help storing artificial flowers.  I have them in clear tubs now, but beginning to take over! I created these little bags with scrap fabric and embroidery hoops and work brilliantly for wrangling small items!
Capree Kimball is a design nerd and a dog-loving optimist with a penchant for collecting tin robots and gobbling up gravy-smothered biscuits.
When it comes to organizing, it’s easy for me to maintain systems that are already in place.
If you aren't lucky enough to have an entire room dedicated to crafting, consider utilizing closet space!
Old coffee or oatmeal cans make excellent wall cubbies -- cover them in decorative paper for a clean look! Make the most of the space you have by using over-the-door shoe organizers as craft supply pouches (great in the kitchen too, as shown here)!
A wall-mounted craft and wrapping paper station is a great solution for small spaces or closets.
Embroidery floss and thread looks great (and stays tangle-free) wrapped around inexpensive clothespins. I took a hanger from the dry cleaner (the wire ones with the cardboard tubing on the bottom) and pulled the wire out of one side of the tubing, slid the ribbon spools on the tube, put the wire back into the tube and hung it on the towel bar on the inside of a closet door. Lucky for you, we've found 50 great storage and organizing projects that you can complete in very little time.The best thing is that these are really cheap to make. It worked great for quick cutting (and measuring even lengths of multiple ribbon!) and eliminated 90% of my clutter! You may even be able to put them together from things that you already have around the house, which would make them totally free and that’s our favorite type of DIY project. Look for a thrft store desk or large table or maybe you could find used kitchen cabinates & put a counter top on them.
Currently there is a round dinning table, an antique buffet, and a sewing table in this room. Whether your little boy has too many Matchbox cars to count or your little girl has more Barbie dolls than you know what to do with, we've got organization projects for everything.

If you have ALOT of stuff, try taping one of the items on they outside of the container so you don't have to open them up. From books to baby dolls and stuffed animals to video games, there is a storage and organizing project in this collection that is sure to help you to get those kids’ rooms tidy once and for all. Find it at fisrt glance.  Remember all those beannie babies that everyone had to collect?  Well, the clear boxes that you used to display them are great for anywhere that you don't want to waste time finding things. You may find several projects that you can complete in a weekend and really get those toys put away out of sight and many of these projects are so easy that the kids can help. Sometimes you can find a large 5 shelf unit for around $30 at the large home improvement store. Let’s get started and get those playrooms and bedrooms organized.Toy PlantersSometimes you just have to really use your imagination to come up with storage and organizing solutions.
Instead of putting them on the wall to hold greenery and flowers, how about you put them on the wall to hold toys? If you are in the market for a clean and tidy desk like me, check out these 18 DIY desk organizers by clicking through the slideshow. Which one is your favorite? As well as its embarrassing when people come over and they see the dinning room as soon as they walk in.
This is the cutest idea and those planters are really inexpensive if you get them at flea markets, thrift stores, or yard sales. You just paint them in a colorful color (for the kids’ rooms) and then hang them on the wall. If anything leaks out of anything, it's easier to clean one small display box than it is to clean the whole shelf.  I like to buy the clear containers used for eggs. You build it to look like a little house or garage so girls will use it like a dollhouse and boys can use it to play with their cars and trucks. Plus, it holds all those toys so they’ll have everything that they need for playtime and when they’re finished, they just put everything back into their little play box and put it away. If you use square container's of any kind will give you extra space then using something round or oblong. You simply build the boxes from the plywood and then cover them with fabric which you may have on hand or if not, you can get from discount racks or yard sales for just a couple of bucks per yard. Let the kids help you to pick out fabric and colors and then they’ll be glad to keep their toys organized in them.
If your little one is a huge Lego fan, he’ll absolutely love this wooden toy box that looks just like a Lego.

If you need a new toy box and you don’t really want to drop down a hundred bucks to get a good sized one, you can build this one for less than $50.
We love them and you’ll love this APA toy box that you can make for just a fraction of what it would cost to buy. You can get the box for about $15 and then turn it into a great toy box that has a chalkboard top.
The box actually holds quite a bit for a $15 box and your little one will love helping you to customize it for their room.
It’s a really easy project and one that will cost very little compared to buying something like it.
The barn is great for little ones that love horses and farm type stuff or you could do this in any color you wanted. The point it, it’s a cheap toy box to build and it holds loads of stuff so it’s perfect for getting those toys organized. If you aren’t a huge fan of buying storage boxes or totes that fit under the bed, you can just build it yourself. This roll out storage chest can be built in just a couple of hours and it’s made from a single sheet of plywood, which you can get for around $10 or less. Plastic bins are so cheap and when you add the chalkboard paint to the front, the kids will love writing down what goes into each bin. You can do this with one of those plastic bin dressers or just take the drawers and keep them under the bed. They’ll slide out pretty easily when they want something out of them and then push right back into place when they’re finished playing.DIY Instructions and Project Credit – RandrworkshopRain Gutter BookshelvesOh the joys of upcycling!
If you have a few old rain gutters that you don’t need (if not, you can buy them pretty cheap) you can use them to create great bookshelves for keeping books and stuffed animals organized. Line an entire wall with them and give your kids loads of space for keeping things organized.

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