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In simple words, a CNC is a machine which is controlled by a computer, and used to fabricate 3D objects. This page will describe the process of building a CNC machine, from the design stage, the required materials and the process itself. After seeing the movie, you must have understood how useful that kind of machine is for printing electronic circuit boards or manufacturing robot parts.
This page describes the building process, beginning with the design, the required parts list, the needed electronics, how to connect everything to the computer and how to operate the machine. While choosing the motors one should take into account the physical size of the machine, the weight each axis will carry. I built an opto-isolated 3 Axis CNC Controller which supports home and limit switches for all the axes. In order to support automatic homing of the machine, and have better safety, I installed home and limit switched for all the axes. A video demonstrating the CNC machine milling a printed circuit board (PCB) using PCB Isolation routing. In order to *really* test the machine, I tried to engrave the following scheme of a horse – which is 2mm x 2mm only! Eagle,Is it really necessary to use Eagle or do you know another way to mill pcb’s or another software more easy to learn.
Regarding SMT PCBs – Is the resolution of this rather wonderful machine capable of routing SMT type devices like a SOIC or a QFP? Professional MT-9060 X-Y Stages complete kit comes with: a laser head, mounts, and reduction gear for building a CO2 laser machine. Mactron scopes of supply include: Co2 Laser Tube, co2 laser power supply,Laser Focus Lens, Laser Reflector Mirror, Industrial Water Cooler Unit, Laser Control System, Laser Cutting Head and other accessories etc.

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Another important criteria is the precision of the motors – the number of degrees it spins at each step. It works out very well – there is no vibration even when the Dremel is spinning in 33,000 rpm!
The machine is working at it’s lowest speed in this example, in reality it can be configured to run much faster.
I guess the table might have similar weight as the motor, if the motor is too out, the inside edge of the Y table may lift (or try to lift), that may decrease the accuarcy. I mean, you have the aluminum U channels sliding against each other as well as against the plexiglass.

Ideal for making a Pro shop commercial laser machine and an excellent candidate for DIY hobbyist. We only sell Fine Costumes Products!We are ready to provide you first-class Products and Service!
Since EMC is running on a special version of linux – Real Time Linux, it is also very reliable and never misses a step. Its performance was medium – a coupling was achieved, but I could notice some jitter.
I would not use these two bearings, if the screw rod is not parallel to the rail, it could push the table away from the rail, therefore may reduce the accuracy (Correct me if I am wrong). Would affixing bearings to the U channels some how, to make the axis slide on the bearings work? Such as picture,video and documents.We will replace you a new one or refund you full money!
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Just a side note, out first product ran on an Apple II, two years before IBM came in with their piece of crap PC. If anybody is intersted in using the Lirtex CNC controller and would like some help with either retrofitting a machine tool or a special design of a CNC machine, I am in the Denver CO phone book.
I have over 20 years of experience designing some of the most sophisticated CNC robotics in the world.

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diy xy table

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