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This review was submitted by a Canadian Tire employee who has purchased this product for personal use. Having a very solid and absolutely square platform is a must, but I guess that is true for any shed.
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Because the roof support was already put together it took only minutes to secure the walls and no further danger of the walls collapsing. High-value orders require a physical street address, otherwise insurance costs will be added to the shipping total. Beyond that, it was all a really easy.There were just 2 of us and half the time there was really only work to do for one person. We are unable to ship factory direct items to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or APO or FPO addresses.
We assembled the shed in the order of the manual, and didn't have problems, but you get to a point when the walls are up, but lacking enough support until the roof is attached.

We had a bit of wind, and the occasional gusts caused the walls to sway and even pop out of their vertical beams, but able to pop back in place.
If the roof supports are assembled when the walls are finished, the roof can be attached immediately and lessen the chance of damage to the walls. As for the materials, everything is engineered to perfection, no misalignment of holes or need to make any adjustments.
There were 3 of us working, 2 doing assembly of pieces, and a third who actually assembled the finished shed.
Since you need to start at one place and continue step by step to the end, it really only requires one person to put the assembled pieces together as the instructions indicate. We spent about 5 hours not counting building a base, previously constructed as a wood platform.
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Having a raised wooden base also allowed us to anchor each corner by screwing the frame in to the base to keep it from being moved by the wind.

Still have to seal the edges of the shed and base on the outside to reduce chance of water seepage. If your base is flat and level, you shouldn't have any issues other than giving enough time to assemble, and use a cordless drill, there's lots of screws, hundreds in fact.
If not already familiar, ask someone in the trades about lining up big hole to little hole, if you put big to big, your screws will fall through, as was probably the case with another reviewer. I give this product 5 stars based on ease of assembly and excellent instructions as well as looks and space.
Here's hoping it withstands the winter, but it seems well built, so not anticipating problems and will keep an eye on snow accumulation on the roof to avoid potential problems.

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