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Designed to fit 55 CDs or 24 DVDs (or a combination of both), our quality CD and DVD storage box protects with double walled strength.
Packexe Limited, Marsh Green Road North, Marsh Barton, Exeter, EX2 8NY, Registered in England No. Keep your latest must-see list of movies organized and stored in eco-friendly style with a Bamboo DVD Storage Box. Constructed entirely with durable, environmentally friendly bamboo, one of the planets most renewable and sustainable resources. Designed to store and organize standard size DVD, Blue Ray and video game cases, and can also accommodate VHS tapes. A great storage solution for your pile of must-see films, the kids video games, or a collection of treasure family videos. Also makes a handy all-purpose storage box for clothing and accessories in a closet, or candles and other decorative home accents in any living space.
Even though general-purpose storage bins are straightforward to arrive by, sometimes a lot more specific storage wants need a more thorough research.
CD storage containers are designed to hold compact discs, both by yourself or in their instances.
Instead than storage, a wine storage box is usually meant a lot more for shipping, or in the situation of scaled-down containers, for giving wine as a gift.
Whilst cardboard storage boxes with lids might suffice for the vacation storage needs of most, significant vacation decorators might locate a Xmas ornament storage box to be extremely useful.

An on-line search is often the fastest way to find boxes for your particular storage wants, as well as providing the widest selection of layout options. This Faux Leather Stacking DVD Storage Shelf is an excellent CD or DVD storage solution that offers style, versatility, and convenience to help you create the most organized, space-efficient DVD storage system possible.
Provides a versatile DVD storage system that can be custom tailored to fit your DVD collection and available storage space. This lightweight, attractive, and naturally beautiful DVD holder is constructed from renewable, sustainable environmentally-friendly bamboo. Acid-free hanging pockets hold 2 discs each and include quick-find labels for easy organization. Guide to making the most of shelving space in your home, our top tips on shelving ideas for every room.
If you are searching to retailer or ship one thing fragile, delicate, or uniquely-shaped these boxes might be exactly what you want.
They are typically paper-primarily based, and need to be clearly marked as acid-free, to shield the photos above a extended period of time. Given that the bottles are heavy and rather fragile, boxes for shipping are sturdy and consist of inserts, frequently cardboard, to keep the wine bottles from shifting or hitting each and every other throughout transit.
These containers are created to preserve the ornaments from banging into each and every other and quite possibly chipping or even breaking by keeping each and every ornament separate in its own compartment. However, a restricted variety may possibly be located in retail shops as nicely, especially shops specializing in the item needing storage.

Featuring a rugged faux leather exterior with a deep chocolate brown finish and complimentary caramel colored stitching, this stacking DVD storage shelf includes integrated handles for comfortable, convenient carrying, and the open front panel allows you to read the titles of our DVD's effortlessly.
The boxes are available in a assortment of dimensions, colours and designs, to suit a assortment of photograph-storage wants.
There is a option of supplies with CD storage, with boxes becoming accessible in metal as well as the much more typical plastic or cardboard. These frequently go past just bins into small storage systems, consisting of cardboard drawers or plastic layers that snap collectively.
I like the fact that they can be labeled on the front in case you have different movies for children, adults, sports, etc.
So keep your TV show or movie collection stored in one convenient location with this Bamboo DVD Storage Tray. DVD storage containers are comparable to individuals for CDs, other than of training course they are produced to maintain the bigger DVDs. Two boxes retail for $8 so this is an affordable solution even if it is not the permanent one that you have in mind.

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