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Unlike a lot of top 20 steel storage sheds lists out there, this one has been put together after hours of research.
WhatShed is respected for its independent, in-depth reviews of garden buildings available in the UK.
In the steel storage sheds industry, Biohort is a firm leader, known for its range of superior quality models.
What’s really impressed us at WhatShed however, is that this model comes with a long list of unique, stand-out features. The Biohort model is hard to follow, but this Trimetals Titan 108 Metal Shed does a pretty good job! To increase airflow and reduce condensation, the manufacturer has also included clever integrated roof ventilation.
At number three we have the exceptional quality Billyoh Clifton 10’ Fronted Premium Hot Dipped Galvanized Metal Shed.
If you’re looking for metal storage sheds that are guaranteed to last for many years, offer a stylish look and give you a large level of interior space then this is one to consider. One of the strongest designed steel storage sheds on the list, the Asgard Gladiator Secure Metal Shed is available exclusively from Taylors Garden Buildings.
It also comes in a choice of colours and as mentioned it offers a long list of customisation options. Trimetals is a definite leader in the steel storage sheds industry when it comes to quality and affordability. The third Trimetals Titan shed to be feature on our top 20 steel storage sheds list, the 680 metal shed is also supplied with a 25-year guarantee.
Complete with a key operated lock, the shed also features a cammed locking bar for additional security.
Fire resistant and benefitting from superior weatherproof benefits, the shed also offers reassurance even in harsh British weather. Built by top manufacturer Rowlinson, the Woodvale 8×6 Apex Metal Shed is a stylish addition to any garden.
When we took into account its style, tall height, unique wood like appearance and excellent low cost, we couldn’t not include this model on our top 20 steel storage sheds list. If you’re looking for more compact steel storage sheds, this little 6×8 Store More Emerald Parkdale Apex Metal Shed is perfect. It comes with all of the benefits you’d expect from great quality steel storage sheds such as ventilated gables, a high tensile steel construction and sliding doors. There are a range of Shed Baron sheds to choose from and this Grandale model is one of the most popular.
If price, convenience and longevity are your main concerns, this Yardmaster 86SL Shiplap Metal Shed is the right choice.
If security is important in your area, the internally fitted sliding doors will prove to be a massive benefit. This 6×4 Shed Baron Grandale Low Pent Metal Shed is great for gardens with serious height restrictions.
Compared to its competitors, the Beeston 8’ fronted model also benefits from more internal space. We didn’t think it was possible for steel storage sheds to look as elegant as this Yardmaster Glencoe model.
The convenient sliding doors are padlock compatible, so you can add strong security if you need to.
It’s also one of the few steel storage sheds within this price bracket to feature a 12-year guarantee and a free anchor kit. Rowlinson have some pretty awesome models to choose from, but this simple metal apex shed is great for those looking for a no frills storage space.
Double locking compatible doors and a green and white painted finish also help to add value to this low cost shed. What stands out with this shed, despite its unique lean to design, is the customisation options on offer. One for those who have limited storage requirements, this easy build Premium Titanium metal shed is a tough little storage solution. Don’t let its compact size fool you; this is a very strong, weather and fire resistant building. The final Billyoh model to make it onto the list is this highly affordable, premium quality Sutton Pent Roof Metal Shed. Yardmaster is one of the most well-known manufacturers of steel storage sheds and this is one of its most affordable models.
With such a large selection of steel storage sheds available in the UK, defining which one was the very best was no simple task. With the new innovations in technology steel buildings are no longer used just for big skyscrapers. This 5 x 4 Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed is the ideal compact storage unit for your gardening equipment, bikes and tools. Store all away your items securely in this high quality and maintenance free 6 x 4 Yardmaster Metal Pent Shed. This small storage garden building provides the ideal place to store lawnmowers, tools and gardening equipment away securely.
This tongue and groove storage unit is the perfect place to hide all of your garden bits and bobs. This 5' x 3' Overlap Mower Store is is the ideal place to store your lawn mower or other garden accessories. This strong and robust garden storage building is the ideal place to store all your gardening equipment.
This Low Pent Metal Shed is ideal for smaller gardens, storing all your gardening equipment away safely and securely.
This Plastic Wheelie Bin Cover is designed to store and hide two standard size wheelie bins. This 8 x 4 Yardmaster Pent Metal Shed provides plenty of space for you to store all your items away securely. This 6 x 4 Apex Metal Shed is the perfect low maintenance and hard wearing garden building. This 8’ x 4’ Pent Metal Shed provides a secure and spacious area to store your garden items. This maintenance free, robust metal storage building is the ideal place to secure all your gardening equipment and tools. The Walton's Space Saver is a superb metal garden shed designed to fit unobtrusively into the corner of your garden.
This Lotus Apex Metal Shed offers superb outdoor storage and is perfect for gardens, caravan parks and allotments! This spacious apex metal shed provides a safe and secure space for all your gardening equipment. This maintenance free, robust garden storage building is ideal for smaller gardens, providing a secure space for all your gardening equipment.
This Lean-To Metal Shed from Lotus is the ideal space to store all your belongings without taking over your outdoor space.
The StoreMore Emerald Parkdale Apex Sheds are a range of metal shed buildings that have been specially designed to fit into small spaces and gardens.
This 10 x 4 metal shed from Yardmaster is made from durable, high quality materials that is rust resistant. This strong and robust 8 x 4 Lotus Pent Metal Shed is ideal for gardens, allotments and caravan parks. The 5' x 2' 7" Walton's Space Saver Titanium Easy Build Metal Garden Shed is a very tough metal shed built from Ultra Stong Blue Scope Steel.
The Walton’s 5’ x 2’ 7” Space Saver Titanium Easy Build Metal Shed is a brilliantly designed garden building made from Ultra Tough Bluescope Steel panels which provides them more strength and stability. The 5’ x 2’ 7” Space Saver Titanium Easy Build Metal Shed has a reversed pent roof which gives you more head room and the option to store taller items as well. The Absco Anchor Kit includes nuts, bolts, steel angles and dynabolts which are needed to securely lock the metal sheds to the ground (preferably concrete).
Please note: It is highly recommended that you assemble these garden buildings on a firm, level base (preferably concrete) to ensure maximum durability. For full instructions on how to build a metal shed please see Shedspot channel for more details.
You have that automobile or cars sitting out there in the hot summer season sunshine or that might be coated with snow in the wintertime and you want you had a garage. Next, it’s generally simpler to get a nearby development allow because the package you select might have currently been pre-accepted and can quickly pass inspection from your nearby code authority.
Third, when you pick a prefabricated garage kit, it will almost certainly be shipped correct to your doorway by the manufacturer. Prefabricated garages are also really desirable simply because experts design and style them.
Companies that have been developing them for many years manufacture prefabricated garages and their garages are tough, reliable and extended-long lasting. If you have at any time constructed large-scale model plane or automobile, you must be able to build your prefabricated garage in about a weekend. An important factor to keep in brain just before you acquire a prefabricated garage package is that, in numerous circumstances, you will want to develop the basis. While Universal Builders strives in every way to give the most complete up-to-date barn building information available, Universal Builders will not be liable for incomplete or incorrect information, construction quality, or building safety issues.
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The 9' 10" x 5' Walton's Space Saver Pale Eucalyptus Easy Build Metal Garden Shed is built to offer you greater storage capacity and greater sturdiness.
The Walton’s 9’ 10" x 5' Space Saver Pale Eucalyptus Easy Build Metal Shed is a spacious garden building constructed from Ultra Strong Bluescope Steel for maximum durability and coated with a pale eucalyptus colourbond finish to further increase durability and stability. You can store larger, taller items because the 9’ 10" x 5' Space Saver Pale Eucalyptus Easy Build Metal Shed has a reversed pent roof which also aids in deflecting water away from the sheds. The following Manufacturers' video showing how to erect a building is for illustration only.
Known for their incredible strength and zero maintenance benefits, there’s a wide choice available on the UK market. We’ve compared the top 10 retailers across the country offering steel storage sheds online.
Therefore, we understand exactly what makes steel storage sheds stand out from the average.
This Avantgarde Metal Shed is no exception and is well deserved of the number one position on our top 20 steel storage sheds list. You’ll find there are a lot of different Trimetal steel storage sheds out there, but this is definitely one of the more noteworthy models. The double doors are fitted with a cammed locking bar; a rare feature that you won’t find anywhere else.
Now what’s interesting about this high quality model is that not only is it one of the best metal storage sheds we could find, but it’s also one of the most affordable.
All Billyoh metal storage sheds are designed with a modern style in mind, but this one is particularly attractive compared to the majority of metal storage sheds out there. It’s actually very similar to the Titan 108, only this model comes at a more affordable price tag and a slightly smaller size. The manufacturer has added an intelligent vent system built into the roof which far surpasses that of most steel storage sheds on the market. With an eye catching two-tone design, this great sturdy shed provides a wooden look, whilst offering all of the great benefits of steel storage sheds.
This sliding feature is unique to metal models, though not all steel storage sheds come with them. Not everyone has the luxury of a large, spacious garden and the choice of smaller steel storage sheds is somewhat limited.
It also comes with features you wouldn’t expect to find on a shed of this price range such as pad-lockable doors and a taller than average height. This is largely down to its extremely low price and the range of great features that come with it.
If you’ve spent any time looking at steel storage sheds, you’ll know not many of them come with a floor included. Fully galvanised and painted inside and out, this attractive shed comes with high quality Shiplap style cladding. They are a lot more difficult to break into and the addition of drilled holes allows you to attach a padlock to keep the shed protected against potential thieves.
All pent sheds are designed to be installed against and in front of buildings or underneath low hanging objects. So it’s both more practical and comfortable compared to most steel storage sheds of the same size. With its gorgeous deep brown two-tone colouration, this exquisite building is going to enhance the look of any garden.
It also benefits from taller than average height making it another great model for those seeking extra headroom. It’s these exclusive features that helped to earn this shed a spot on our top 20 steel storage sheds list. Whilst it does offer a very simplistic budget-friendly design, it is built from incredibly tough steel. You’ll notice we’ve largely included 8×6 models because they tend to be the most popular.
This lean to metal shed from the popular Shed Baron Grandale range is perfect for those with very limited space. It comes with shelf, flooring and window options, helping you create a model that fully suits your needs. This benefits you in a number of ways, with the main one being its easy installation benefits. It offers plenty of space to store a variety of gardening equipment and tools and its pent design makes it great for installing against or in front of fences, walls and buildings. You’d think we’d have covered all of the unique features steel storage sheds could possibly come with by now but this great little shed offers something no other shed on the list does – a corrugated roof. With wide, ribbed panel construction, this large shed is constructed with 100% galvanized steel. So if budget is an issue but you really need a large shed, look no further than this model with its great 10-year guarantee.
So we congratulate the Biohort Avantegarde Metal Shed which deservedly won the top spot on the list. The size of this shed allows ample space and the pent roof means it will fit into a smaller garden. This bin cover will hide unsightly bins from view in your garden while also protecting them from getting knocked over by strong winds. This metal shed is designed to be hard wearing and durable and is ideal for storing larger items like lawn mowers and BBQ’s. The sheds are fire retardant and weather proof because of Ultra Tough Bluescope Steel that we’ve used. The Anchor Kit option will automatically change to the right size matching your garden building.
An Anchor Kit is available which includes all the required tools needed for safe and secure assembly of these sheds. But, darn it, building a garage indicates hiring a contractor, maybe waiting around weeks for him to show up, and spending a pile of income. In truth, it is stated that if you can operate a energy drill, use a crescent wrench to tighten bolts, operate a tape measure and are inclined to some basic construction techniques, you can assemble your very own prefabricated garage package. First and foremost, prefabricated garage kits expense significantly less than having a garage customized-built from scratch. Nonetheless, you will still want to go by means of the procedure of acquiring a building allow.
This removes the want to figure out what supplies you will want and where to get the truck you will want to bring every thing home from your local creating provides store. These kits arrive with complete plans and guidelines for assembling the garage that have been time-analyzed and are straightforward to adhere to.
Although you could produce a excellent-searching garage your self, you would most probably have to hire an architect to attract up the necessary ideas, which would include a lot to the expense of developing that garage. They also generally arrive total with identify brand hardware and fasteners and generous warranties.
In truth, you must be in a position to do this relatively easily, particularly if you have a helper.
This means you will need to possibly pour the needed concrete or employ a person to do it for you. TIP: Share your portal page with friends and when they sign-up and purchase a deal, you earn money!
The metal sheds are built from Ultra Tough Blue Scope Steel which makes them very durable and long living. These metal sheds’ panels come pre assembled and are very easy to build because they boast the Snap>Tite assembly system which allows you to simply lock the panels to the frame. To offer you comfortable access to the shed, we have installed extra wide hinged doors that also maximise the area surrounding the building and reduces rusting. Whilst the information may be accurate it is recommended that 'Personal Protective Equipment' is used e.g Gloves, Eye Protection. If you’re having trouble deciding which one best fits your needs, our top 20 steel storage sheds list can help. Offering plenty of space to store everything from mowers to garden tools and machinery, this spacious high quality shed has plenty of benefits. Overall this is one of our favourite Trimetal steel storage sheds and it’s really guaranteed to last. It is advertised as also being one of the best sheds for valuable storage due to its exceptional security features. We’ve already highlighted one of the Apex models earlier, but this pent variation is excellent for those with height restricted gardens or for those who simply prefer pent design buildings. It’s the best choice for the average homeowner looking to buy a strong, secure, superb quality shed.
It’s certainly not something we’ve come across on other steel storage sheds at this price level. So it’s the security and intelligent, premium features included with this building that help to set it apart from the crowd. Its galvanised steel construction ensures you receive a 10-year guarantee, giving you reassurance you’re getting great value for money. They don’t just make it easier to transport storage in and out of the building, but they also offer excellent space-saving benefits too. It’s a simple shed with impressive durability and one of the best value steel storage sheds you’ll come across.
It is one of the longest lasting sheds on the market, offering not just a weather resistant design, but also a rodent and insect proof design too. If you’re a fan of Shiplap wooden sheds but you want the maintenance free and durable benefits of steel, then this is the perfect solution.
It comes with great grooved panels which don’t just make it stand out from other models, but they also provide extra protection.

Benefitting from stylish, thick Shiplap style cladding, it offers a wooden effect whilst providing the exceptional zero maintenance, strong benefits of galvanised steel.
The thing that really drew our attention to this shed as well as its elegant design, was the fact it comes with a free anchor kit. Add to this its super-low price and you have one of the best steel storage sheds on the market. Steel sheds are typically designed with privacy in mind which means they are sold without windows. The anchor kit is especially useful as it ensures the shed stays exactly where it is no matter how stormy the UK weather becomes. Offering a rot and fire resistant design, you can be sure this is going to really last no matter what gets thrown at it. However, this 10×8 model is great for those with a large garden who have a lot of storage requirements. Capable of fitting into a narrow section of the garden, its lean to design lets you install it right up against another building or fence. It also proves that even if you’re working with a tight budget, you can still benefit from some pretty impressive features.
Not only will you find it easier to fit the panels together, but you’ll also find it quicker than average steel storage sheds too. This one is great for the smaller garden and its Snaptite assembly is one of its biggest advantages.
A stylish silver finish gives this a stylish look, ensuring it fits in with modern garden decor. No matter what type of garden building you’re searching for, WhatShed provides detailed, in-depth reviews that can really help you to make the best choice.
You won’t face any issues when assembling these metal sheds because they come with Snap>tite assembly system which is one of the easiest ways to assemble a shed as it includes only locking shed panels to the frame. With the ten year anti rust guarantee, you can surely store anything and use the shed for years to come. These kits have been offered to several people, which has amortized their design and style expenses. In comparison, if you have been to build your garage from scratch-even if you have a set of programs-you will have to assemble all the components your self and could devote hrs figuring out what components you will require and then getting all the lumber, hardware and fasteners required to construct the garage. Nevertheless, if you have some building abilities and would like to preserve money and problem, it could be a significantly far better remedy than trying to build that garage from ideas or by hiring a contractor. These buildings come with free Absco Anchor Kit and be chosen  from the Customisation page. Whether you need something secure, large enough to store bulky heavy machinery, or whether style is your main concern; we’ve included something to suit everyone on this list. So not only do we guarantee that these sheds will be the very best available, but they are also very easy to purchase too. Well besides cost and quality, we also considered size, security and any distinguishing features that made a shed truly stand out. Because not only does it offer an outstanding long-lasting design, but it also comes with some fairly unique, impressive features as standard.
These create a light, spacious feel whilst offering more security than standard shed windows. For example, not many metal storage sheds come with rear and front vents, allowing a huge level of air to circulate throughout the interior.
This is also one of the few steel storage sheds that features a floor, though it is still recommended you build it on top of a solid, even surface. They also ensure you have maximum space to enter and exit the shed, sliding all the way to either end.
Absolutely nothing is going to damage this shed and with its crack and fade resistant design, it’s guaranteed to look like new for years.
If you need something lower than the average steel storage sheds available on the market, this model is exactly what you’re looking for.
Constructed from one of the leading manufacturers in the steel storage sheds industry, you’ll also find this shed offers a much better quality than most.
This extra isn’t something you typically get with steel storage sheds and it helps to ensure wherever you install it, the shed stays put.
A 20-year rust perforation guarantee highlights just how strong and durable this shed really is. A 10-year warranty, sliding lockable double doors, integrated ventilation and simple assembly are all supplied as standard with this stylish, durable shed. Its lightweight feel doesn’t reflect its quality however – it’s a deceptively strong and long lasting building. It basically means when it comes to installing the shed, the panels will simply slot together with ease. There are also a few additional extras available that can help you get the most from this shed if you’re willing to spend a little more. It is the most affordable and best quality model out of all of the steel storage sheds of this size. The door of this metal shed is lockable and equipped with extra wide hinged doors so that you may lock away your possessions when you’re not around. Plus, the companies powering kits have discovered techniques to streamline their manufacturing and material costs and are prepared to go the savings on to you. Firstly, the fact you can choose from three different colour finishes is a fantastic benefit. An integrated gas powered operating mechanism ensures once the doors are closed, they stay closed. The building as a whole is very secure and the doors can also be padlocked to keep your storage safe all year round. Its windowless design means everything stored inside is kept private and inside the shed you are faced with a generous amount of storage space. As it is one of the smaller sheds to be featured on the list, it’s also incredibly simple to install.
This is one of the best all-round impressive steel storage sheds you can buy and at such a low cost it’s a fantastic investment. So if you have a lot of taller equipment or if you’re taller than average and looking for steel storage sheds that are going to be comfortable for you to walk around in, this is the shed you need.
Its entire construction is hot dipped galvanised steel and for peace of mind you get a brilliant 20-year warranty.
The manufacturer has addressed this issue by adding two large translucent panels into the shed’s roof. If you’re looking for a stylish, high quality shed that won’t break the bank, this is a brilliant choice. Like most steel storage sheds it doesn’t come with a floor so it’s excellent for heavyweight storage.
Painted on the outside and inside, its high quality finish ensures it looks super-stylish in the garden. So if you want your money to go further and you need something that won’t take up much space, this Shed Baron model is the one we’d recommend. This doesn’t just eliminate the hassle of installing steel storage sheds, it also really speeds up the process, ensuring you can use your new shed in no time.
This is a great option for those looking to declutter the garden and is small enough to fit into any available space. It comes in dark metallic grey, dark green or metallic silver; making it suitable for any garden. Two integrated gutters and a substantial amount of tool storage and shelving included with the shed complete its exceptional value for money. So whether it is faced with harsh storms, heavy downpours or if there’s an unexpected wildfire (or arson attack), you can be sure your storage is going to remain completely unaffected. All in all, it’s a great shed that would look particularly good installed next to a fence or even your home.
Front and rear ventilated gables, very large double doors and a superb 15-year guarantee all make this shed a very worthwhile purchase.
So you’re left with a naturally light interior, whilst still benefitting from excellent privacy. You’ll find very few lean to steel storage sheds on the market but this superior model is the best available.
So in terms of what you get for the money you spend, this one beats all of its competitors hands down.
Sliding doors open up to reveal a very generous entry space, enabling you to get all kinds of furniture and equipment in and out with ease. These buildings come with free Absco Anchoring Kit for securely fastening the metal shed to the ground. As its great convenient sliding doors can also be padlocked, you’ll also benefit from fantastic security. That’s why we’ve chosen it as the best of the best steel storage sheds currently on the market. Out of all of the steel storage sheds we’ve reviewed and compared, this one is yet to be beaten in terms of strength and security.
So if you have a lot of expensive equipment, machinery and tools, this model is definitely the one you need.

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